Pre-order new $50 7-inch Amazon tablet (buy 5, get 1 FREE with coupon), $100 4K Fire TV, and more [all come with microSD slots]

If you are part of the Amazon ecosystem, they just announced a bunch of new products which you can find nicely organized on their home page. Of bang for the buck interest, their new 7-inch 8GB Fire Tablet with Special Offers goes for $50. But you can get it for less. If you buy six of them, and enter coupon code FIRE6PACK in the shopping cart, you only pay for five of them ($250 instead of $300 – comes out to $42.67 per tablet). Beer is not the only thing sold in six packs 😉

UPDATE/NOTE: the $50 tablet only has a 90 day warranty. You can buy additional extended warranty for $10 (one year) or slightly $more$ for additional years.

Of photography interest, the new Fire TV with Alexa now supports 4K and has 2GB RAM, 8GB on-board and takes microSD cards (up to 128GB). [also available in a gamer’s bundle with controller for $140].

The other of photography potentially interesting item is their largest screen tablet yet, a 10-inch Fire HD (16GB on-board, microSD slot (up to 128GB), 1280 x 800, Special Offers) for $230.

Yes, a big victory for microSD fans today. All Amazon’s new tablets (7-inch, 8-inch, 10-inch, Kids Edition) and their new 4K Fire TV take microSD cards (up to 128GB). Now if they could only convince stubborn Google 🙂

(SOLD OUT) Pre-order Skylake Win10 ASUS Desktop for $430: i5-6400, 8GB, 1TB, DVD-RW, HD 530 Integrated, etc

UPDATE 9/18/15: the Skylake i5 ASUS M32CD Desktop is no longer orderable and the Amazon Product page has no estimate on if/when this will come back…

Meanwhile, the other one mentioned in this post, the i3-4170 model remains available for pre-order for $355.

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27-inch ASUS PB278Q IPS Monitor (2560×1440, many inputs) for $400

Monitor action now, of the ASUS variety, and thankfully no mail-in rebate needed. It is the 27-inch ASUS PB278Q IPS computer monitor, with a 2560×1440 resolution, many inputs (HDMI, DVI-D, DisplayPort, VGA), 100% (sRGB), various adjustments (image and physical), and a boatload of cables included in the package. The connections are on the left side, not behind the monitor (you can see them in all their glory in picture #6 in the main gallery over there). It averages 4.3 out of 5 based on 875 customer reviews and has nearly 400 questions answered over there. Limit four per customer.

Oops, I forgot the price and link. It goes for $400 at Amazon by Amazon itself 🙂

In-stock again: 32GB Motorola Nexus 6 for $350 (unlocked, no contract)

If you don’t want to wait for the Google New Nexus event in late September, the 32GB Nexus 6 is back in-stock for $350 with free shipping at Amazon by Amazon itself with a limit of three per customer. No contract, no carrier restrictions, this is Pure Nexus Android. The only phone so far (as far as I recall) eligible for Google’s Project Fi phone service.

Speaking of pure Android, the Nexus 9 tablet was on sale for $239~ (16GB) or $287~ (32GB) directly from HTC but as of the time of writing, all four combinations (two colors each) are out of stock.

Not out of stock at the HTC website is their RE action camera going for $100, available in four colors.

Speaking of HTC, you can get their flagship M9 phone for $487 with a $100 Google Play credit included. This is available as Unlocked, or as a Developer model, or in one of the four carrier various (Red, Blue, Yellow, Magenta networks). Each phone is available in different colors as well. Of photographer interest, it has a microSD slot, so you can take more pictures without having to micromanage limited on-board storage.

TIP: on the HTC website, you have to select all the options (storage, colors, etc) before they show the price and stock status.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 (i3, 4GB, 64GB) with Corel Aftershot Pro 2 and Paintshop Pro X7 and other extras for $700

For a limited time only, Adorama is offering bundles of the 12″ Microsoft Surface Pro 3 (Intel i3, 4GB RAM, 64GB storage, 2160 x 1440, full size USB 3.0 port, etc) for $700 (was $650 as Monday daily deal) with free shipping that automatically include these three free accessories:

  • Corel Creativity Software kit that includes Aftershot Pro 2 and Paintshop Pro X7
  • Wacom CS150K Bamboo stylus for mobile devices (not digitizer tech)
  • Microsoft Scuplt Bluetooth mouse

This bundle is available in two options:

Important Notes

  • Microsoft is likely to reveal the Surface 4 tablets in early October
  • other PC makers are planning Surface-like devices
  • for retouching/artists/creatives, note that the Surface 3 uses N-Trig technology, while the Surface 2 used Wacom’s. Check reviews and forums for more on the trade-offs of the two technologies and implementations

3 years of BlueHost Plus shared hosting service for $216 [prepaid in advance]

If you are looking for (shared) web hosting service, BlueHost is having a sale, which includes their Plus plan (unlimited websites) for $216 total when you prepay for three years (36 months). This comes out to $6/month but you don’t pay monthly. You prepay for the whole duration ($216 upfront) when you sign up. Once the 3yr promotion ends, you will pay the then-current rate (currently it is $10/month).

They also have the “Starter” plan for $126 total for 36 months (averages to $3.50 monthly) that only allows one website and has more limitations. It allows up to five sub-domains, so if you want to experiment/test things (new themes, new gallery plug-ins, etc) before you put them on the main site, you can use the sub-domains.

TIP: it is a good idea to keep your domain name at a different company from your webhosting company (even though this plan includes one free domain). This gives you more flexibility and choices.

NOTE: in recent months, things have taken an interesting twist in the world of budget web hosting. The Endurance International Group has purchased a lot of separate hosting companies, including Bluehost, Hostgator, Typepad, iPage, Fatcow and many more.

21.5″ Dell S2240M Monitor (1080p, VGA, DVI-D, IPS) for $100 {limit 4}

If you are looking for a smaller utilitarian computer monitor, the 21.5″ Dell S2240M Monitor (1920 x 1080, VGA, DVI-D, IPS, no HDMI) is currently on sale for $100 with free shipping with a limit of four per customer at Amazon by Amazon herself. It averages 4.6 out of 5 with 570+ customer reviews.

In-stock again: 64GB Nexus 6 (unlocked) for $400

If you are a fan of Pure Nexus Android and don’t want to wait to see what Google will reveal on September 29 (rumored two new LG and Huawei Nexus phones), the 64GB version of the unlocked no-contract Nexus 6, in either color, is back in-stock at Amazon by Amazon herself with a limit of three per color per customer. This is the first phone eligible for Google’s meta-MVNO Project Fi phone plan that refunds you unused data on a monthly basis.

Nexus 6 for $350 (32GB) or $400 (64GB) – Unlocked, GSM, No Contract, Project Fi eligible

Fire up your laptops and tablets and desktops! The Apple Extravaganza announcement starts at 1pm Eastern today, Wednesday 9/9/15. Expected is a 13-inch iPad Pro with maybe a pressure-sensitive screen which could be welcome news for digital creatives.

If you are not of the Apple persuasion, there’s a Pure Android sale for you. The 6-inch Motorola Nexus 6, Unlocked, No Contract, Pure Nexus-Android, with USA warranty is on sale for $350 in the 32GB version and $400 in the 64GB version. Limit three of each per customer. It ships in 9-11 days. The 6-inch AMOLED 2560 x 1440 screen is a fun way to showcase pictures to the average consumer. It is currently the only phone eligible for Google’s Project Fi service. Keep in mind, Google is planning to reveal new Nexus phones at the end of the month.

(ENDED) Tue only: Viewsonic 1080p monitors: 24″ for $127.50 or 28″ for $187

This daily deal offer ended…

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In-stock again: 28-inch Monoprice 12156 CrystalPro LED 4K Monitor for $400

Back in-stock at the Monoprice website is the 28-inch CrystalPro LED 4K Monitor, product number 12156, for $400 with free standard shipping. It has 3840 x 2160 resolution, with 60Hz only through the DisplayPort (recommended 1.2 or later cables). It has 2x HDMI/MHL, 1x Dual-Link DVI-D, 2x DisplayPort inputs. The last picture in the gallery over there shows them:


(OUT OF STOCK) One Year of Prime + 32GB Fire Phone (Unlocked GSM) for $130 [limit 5; Prime years are STACKABLE]

UPDATE 8/27/15 at 12:03am ET: As of this update, the Fire Phone (32GB, GSM, Unlocked, No Contract) is out of stock and cannot be ordered. I don’t know if it will return, they don’t have the usual “email me” link… You can use this link to check for updates, but I will also monitor the situation… Previous updates from when it was in-stock after the jump…

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15.4″ Apple MacBook Pro (mid 2014, MGXC2LL/A) with Extras for $1750

UPDATE 8/26/15: The same laptop is offered for $1750 with a free LG external DVD burner and a free Microsoft Bluetooth mouse at Adorama… The same laptop bundled with a three year Apple Care extended warranty is offered for $1950 after a $50 mail-in rebate. Offers ends by 11:59pm ET on 8/27/15… To purchase Apple products at Adorama, one must needs be part of the Adorama VIP program which is free to join…

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(ENDED) Wedn: One Year Prime + unlocked 32GB Fire Phone (no contract; GSM) + Case for $170

This daily deal expired…

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(ENDED) Flash Sale: 50% off refurbished Dell Monitors and Computers

This daily deal expired…

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Pre-order Google OnHub surprise Wifi Router for $200

And while we are on the topic of concierge services, Google had a surprise today too. They teamed up with TP-Link to provide a new $200 OnHub Wifi hardware cylinder that promises a more user-friendly Wifi setup and experience with timely updates and security features. IT only has one Ethernet port of its own but a simple Ethernet Switch can give you more ports. It also comes with a companion app. Because Google needs ALL your data, not just most of it 🙂 It is available for pre-order for $200 at Google and Amazon et al with an end of August release estimate.

Pre-order Sandisk SSD Upgrade Service for $40 (hardware tools + video support) [SSD not included!]

You don’t see this type of an offer every day 🙂 If you want to upgrade your computer(s) with SSDs but need some hand-holding, Sandisk is launching a new service that offers virtual hand-holding (not a physical in-person service but live video support plus hardware). This service is coming soon and you can pre-order it for $40 through This is a combination hardware and supportware. You will receive an actual kit in the mail that has the necessary tools (cable, screwdriver, software) along with information on how to contact the live customer support team (Mon-Fri, 8am to 7pm pacific time).

NOTE: an SSD is NOT included. You have to purchase that on your own. This service only supports their own SSDs, more specifically, SSD Plus, Ultra II SSD and Extreme Pro.

(ENDED) Tuesday: 19 computers on sale ($800 Surface 3 Pro, Windows, ChromeOS)

These daily deals expired…

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11.6″ Apple MacBook Air MF067LL/A for $1000 with two freebies (options include 1TB HDD and Corel Software bundle (Aftershot Pro, PSP)

Adorama is offering the 11.6″ Apple Macbook Air (MF067LL/A) for $1000 with free shipping. This is an Intel i7 1.7GHz Dual-Core, 8GB, RAM 512GB Flash Storage, etc. You get two free accessories from a choice of five. The five choices include a Corel Software Bundle (AfterShot Pro 2, Paintshop Pro X7, etc – count as one freebie choice) or 1TB WD MyPassport HDD or LG External DVD burner. There is also a separate $50 mail-in rebate offer if you purchase this with Apple Care (details over there).

Annotated screenshot crop on how to quickly see the five free accessory options (if you are not familiar with the Adorama pages):


(SOLD OUT) Thur: 128GB Samsung Galaxy S6 Unlocked for $600

In a Galaxy not so far away, this daily deal sold out before the expiration time… For more B&H action, check their Featured Deals pages

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Tech & Computer Offers at B&H: 2TB WD for $90, MacPros, etc

We march on, in this post we round up some of the tech and computer B&H Photo Photo-Shop-World-2015 specials. Here we geaux:

+ 2TB WD My Passport Drive for Mac for $90 (1TB for $80) – use coupon code PSWBH15 for discount

+ HP Mobile Workstations (8 options starting at $1240)

+ Apple Mac Pro Desktop Computer (Six-Core, Late 2013) (MD878LL/A) with choice of freebie for $3700

+ Apple Mac Pro Desktop Computer (Twelve-Core, Late 2013) (Z0P8-MD87816) with choice of freebie for $8700

+ Apple 27″ iMac with Retina 5K Display (Late 2014) (MF886LL/A) for $2100

+ Apple 13.3″ MacBook Pro Notebook Computer with Retina Display (Mid 2014) (MGXD2LL/A) with choice of freebies for $1500

+ Apple 13.3″ MacBook Air Notebook Computer (Early 2014) (MF068LL/A) for $1250

+ 128GB Apple iPad Air (Sprint, Space Gray) for $450 {no contract}
+ 64GB Apple iPad Air (T-Mobile, Space Gray) for $400 {no contract}
+ keep in mind, new iPhones/iPads are coming in the Fall

+ Samsung T24D310NH 23.6″ VA LED Monitor for $129
+ NOTE: 1366 x 768 but all kinds of inputs: 2x HDMI, 1x RF-in, 1x USB, 1x Component in (Y/Pb/Pr), 1x Composite in (AV))

24-inch HP DreamColor LP2480zx Professional for $900

The 24-inch HP DreamColor LP2480zx Professional backlit computer monitor is currently on sale for $900 with free shipping at B&H Photo. This if you are interested in Professional monitors, otherwise, obviously you can get a 24-inch 1080p monitor for a lot less. Specs of this one include 100% Adobe RGB & sRGB Color Coverage, 7 Color Space Presets, 10-bit Look Up Table, etc.

27-inch LG 27MP57HT-P IPS monitor for $150 after $50 MIR

If you are looking for a 27-inch 1920 x 1080 IPS monitor and you are not afraid of mail-in rebates, Adorama is offering this 27-inch LG Electronics 27MP57HT-P IPS LED computer monitor for $150 after a $50 mail-in rebate (prepaid gift card, not check). This is a sRGB 72%, with 250 cd/ m2, two HDMI inputs, one VGA, etc. LG’s ScreenSplit software (Win, Mac) split the screen in different ways, including a 4-way split. The rebate form is available in PDF format and can only used at Adorama. Rebate period is 8/3 to 8/10 in 2015.

(ENDED) Ends Tue 3am ET: Computer Accessories sale: SSD, HDD, Flash Drives, etc

This daily deal expired…
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(SOLD OUT) Ends by Sun 1am ET: refurbished 13.3″ Toshiba Chromebook 2 (CB35-B3340) for $185

As speculated, this sold out during the day (and got replaced by a Windows laptop) before the full 24 hours elapsed…

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(ENDED) B&H Apple specials expire 7/31/15

This limited time offer expired… For more of their offers, check their Featured Sales page
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(ENDED) Wedn: 13.3″ Apple MacBook Pro (MGXD2LL/A) for $1500

This daily offer expired… For more B&H action, check their Featured Deals page.

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12″ Apple Macbook & Corel Creativity Suite (incl. Aftershot Pro 2) & 3yr AppleCare for $1325 after $100 MIR

In order to purchase Apple products online at Adorama, you must needs be a member of the free to join Adorama VIP program. Which brings us to this Apple MacBook bundle at Adorama. For $1325 after a $100 mail-in rebate (see rebate details, form only good for Adorama purchases), you get the 12″ Apple MacBook MK4M2LL/A (8GB RAM, 256GB PCIe Flash, Core M 1.1GHz), along with a 3 year Apple Care extended protection plan, and the Corel Digital Organization Creativity Suite for Mac that includes the Aftershot Pro 2 software, FX Photo Studio Pro and Photo Zoom Pro software. Offer ends Expires 7/23/15 or earlier if sold out.

(ENDED) Tue: Kowa Prominar PFC 3.5″ Spotting Scope for $1400

This daily deal expired… Speaking of B&H, these are their latest Featured Deals
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Monoprice 10594 Graphic Drawing Tablet for $40 w/free s&h

Back to the eBay Deals where the Monoprice eBay store is offering their new condition Monoprice 10594 Graphic Drawing Tablet, model 10594, 10 by 6.25 inches, for $40 with free shipping, with a limit of 50 per customer. Over 430 of these got sold the last 24 hours according to the eBay page.

Dell Monitor Bundle sale (ends 6/18 AM)

The Dell website is having a sale on computer monitor bundles, if you want to have two monitors side by side with the holding arm included, or one monitor with a compatible holding arm. Free shipping. Check computer and monitor specs to make sure compatible ports or ways of connecting them are available. Countless hours of A/B pixel-peeping are NOT included 😉 Offer ends 6/18/15 at 8am eastern.

Speaking of Dell, they have another 7 Days of Sales on computer and tech items.

(ENDED) Mon: 13.3″ Apple MacBook Air ( MF068LL/A) for $1250

This daily deal expired… The B&H Photo Deal of the Day for Monday 7/13/15 is the new condition 13.3″ Apple MacBook Air, model MF068LL/A, offered for $1250 with free expedited shipping. This is an i7 (Haswell), 8GB RAM, 512GB flash storage, 1440 x 900, USB 3.0, Thunderbolt, SDXC slot, Intel HD 5000, etc.

27-inch LG IPS 1920×1080 Monitor for $150 after $50 MIR

If you are not afraid of mail-in rebates, and are looking for a 27-inch monitor, Adorama is offering the 27-inch LG 27MP57HT-P computer monitor for $150 after a $50 mail-in rebate, delivered as a prepaid gift card. Here is the rebate PDF information. Rebate offer is only good for Adorama, and runs 7/10 to 7/19 in 2015. This is a 1920 x 1080 IPS monitor, with 2 HDMI and one VGA inputs, sRGB 72%, 250 cd/ m2, etc. (you can get DVI to HDMI cables for under $5).

IF you are looking for an Ultra Wide (21:9) IPS computer monitor, without mail-in rebates, Adorama is offering the 34-inch LG 34UM65-P computer monitor for $430 with free shipping as a closeout special. Offer ends by 7/13/15. This is sRGB 99%, 2560 x 1080, has DisplayPort, DVI-D, two HDMI inputs, etc.

27-inch NEC PA272W-BK LED Backlit Wide Gamut LCD Display for $1000 (and other B&H specials)

There’s some computer monitor action at B&H Photo as well, they are offering the 27-inch NEC PA272W-BK LED Backlit Wide Gamut LCD for $1000 with free shipping. This is 2560 x 1440, with 99.3% coverage of the AdobeRGB color space, DisplayPort, Mini DisplayPort, HDMI, and DVI-D Dual-Link inputs, 14-bit programmable lookup tables (LUTs), etc.

Speaking of screens, B&H is also offering the 64GB iPad Air with T-Mobile cellular (no contract) for $430 with free expedited shipping. T-Mobile offers free 200MB/month. Their plans start at $20/mo (1GB) or $10/mo if you attach it to a post-paid phone plan. They also offer a 10GB one-time bonus good until the end of 2015. After you eat up the 10GB block, you can start rolling over unused data. But you don’t have to decide that now since this is a no-contract device.

Speaking of Apple, B&H offers the 13.3″ MacBook Air (early 2014 model, MD760LL/B) for $820 with free shipping and free Parallels 10 on OEM CD-ROM.

Speaking of computers, B&H is offering the 4TB WD Elements External Desktop Hard Disk Drive for $110 with free shipping (USB 3/2).

Speaking of B&H, this is where they have their latest rolling featured special offers.

In-stock nao: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (unlocked GSM) for $820

Early adopters mobile temptation time. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, unlocked and without contract, with an f1.9 lens and optical image stabilization and 4K UHD video recording, model SM-G925F, with 64GB on-board storage and no microSD, is now in-stock and ready to ship for $820 at B&H Photo in black, and also in gold platinum.

(ENDED) Fire Phone with 1yr Prime Membership for $160

This daily deal expired…
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11.6″ Apple MacBook Air (i7, 8GB, 512GB) with TWO extras for $1000 (choice of 1TB HDD, AfterShot Pro 2, DVD burner)

If you are interested in the MacBook Airs, Adorama is offering the new condition 11.6″ MacBook Air (MF067LLA1) for $1000 with free shipping. This has i7, 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD, 2014 model. You also get TWO free items from a choice of five. The five choices include a Corel Software bundle (that includes Aftershot Pro 2), an LG External DVD burner, a 1TB WD portable hard drive, a Microsoft Bluetooth mouse and a USB hub. Simply click the blue “Add to bundle” blue button on two of the five choices.

Note: to be allowed to buy Apple products online at Adorama, you must needs be a member of their VIP program which is FREE to join.


Pay $180, Get One Year Of Prime and Unlocked GSM Fire Phone

If you are looking to start a new Prime membership or extend your existing Prime membership by a year (12 months aka 365 days), the 32GB Unlocked GSM Fire Phone is back on sale again for $180. This is no contract, no carrier lock, you own the phone. If you value the Prime membership at its full price, you are essentially getting the phone for $80. Limit five per customer.

(ENDED) Motorola Moto G (Verizon, no contract) for $20

This daily deal expired…
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In-stock Nao: 5.5″ flagship ASUS ZenFone 2 for $300 (unlocked, 4G RAM)

If you are the early adopter type and are looking for a new budget-flagship unlocked Android smartphone without a contract and no commitments to a carrier, the 5.5 inch ASUS Zenfone 2 is now available as a North American product from ASUS, and it is in-stock and ready to ship for $300 at Amazon in either the silver color scheme or red color scheme. It has a 13mp f2 camera, 4GB of RAM (I think the first, or one of the first), 64-bit Intel Atom processor, 64GB storage, microSD (up to 64GB), 1920×1080 Gorilla Glass 3 IPS display, Android 5.0, dual SIM (of interest to traveling photographers), compatible with GSM networks (4G LTE), 60% charge in 39 minutes, etc.

UPDATE: it is also shipping from Groupon Goods which is celebrating this launch with an ASUS Technology Sale Event (over 50 items included).

NOTE: if you are searching at Amazon, there are a lot of international/imported models listed there as well.

If you are curious about it, B&H Photo will have a live-streaming panel talking about it on Tuesday 5/19/15 at 1pm eastern. In the meantime, there is a technical preview at Anandtech (with benchmarks and such) and a review with camera samples at Tom’s Guide.

95+ Visual Responsive WordPress Themes for $50 total (lifetime updates, unlimited sites)

While researching various WordPress themes for this blog, I found this offer at Stacksocial that looks very promising if you want to create visual blogs (eg photography or digital art or other creative endeavors). For $50, you get 95+ Premium Responsive WordPress themes with lifetime updates of the themes and use on unlimited blogs by Dessign LLC. They have a GPLv2 license. All sales are final. The regular price of this bundle is $100. Offer ends in about three days from today (unless it gets extended).

You can see them all at their ever-scrolling themes page. Each one has a “live demo” (look for the light blue button on the individual theme page) so you can see it on an actual blog.

PS: At this rate, I may be ready to start a WordPress Themes review blog 😉

Imported (Grey Market) Canon 5DMk3 w/24-105 for $2600

If you are a fan of grey areas, you may also be a fan of grey market (imported) camera gear 😉 Among the latest eBay Deals, eBay Seller “Get It Digital” (99.5%) is offering the new condition Canon 5D Mark III with 24-105mm f4L IS for $2600 with free shipping, with a limit of one per customer. This does NOT come with a Canon USA warranty. Instead, the seller GetItDigital offers a similar warranty of their own.

The 5DMk3 w/24-105 goes for $3100 at authorized Canon dealers, but they offer a variety of free accessories and promotional rewards, such as B&H Photo and Adorama and Amazonia.

As usual, the trade-off of $500 vs USA warranty and free accessories is up to each individual to make based on their own preferences and circumstances and such.

Speaking of eBay, the current pole position deal of the day over there is the 13.3″ Apple Macbook Pro MF840LL/A (8GB, 256GB) for $1300 with free shipping with a limit of two per customer, offered by eBay seller “digjungle” (99.3%).

Speaking of speaking of eBay, NewEgg’s ebay store is offering the new condition 3TB SAMSUNG D3 Station (USB 3.0, 3.5″ Desktop External Hard Drive, model STSHX-D301TDB Bl) for $80 with free shipping, with a limit of five per customer. [this was appended to a post yesterday that expired/buried]

(ENDED) Thursday: Computer Accessories sale

This daily promotion expired…
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(ENDED) Wedn: HTC One M8 (no contract) for $300

These daily deals expire…
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One Year of Amazon Prime + 32GB Unlocked Fire Phone for $190

It is back in-stock and ready to ship. The unlocked no-contract 32GB Amazon Fire Phone with One Year of Amazon Prime service is going for $190 at Amazon by Amazon itself (limit five per customer). The One Year of Prime is good for new members, but also good for existing members – it extends an existing Prime membership by 12 months. You can optionally use the phone on any GSM network but this is a no-contract phone, you can also just use it as a Wifi-only device.

55% off Hostgator hosting with coupon

If you are looking for a shared web hosting service for your website or blog, Hostgator (which we use for the current iteration of the main blog, and previously used for the “camera reviews stream”) has a 55% off standard price sale when you use coupon REDCROSS15 until Wednesday May 6 at 11:59pm central. Coupon name is such because they are sponsoring the Red Cross Tour du Rouge Houston to New Orleans benefit.

IMPORTANT: The discount applies to the first payment you make. If you purchase a month to month plan, you get a discount on the first month and nothing more. If you purchase a prepaid plan (up to three years in length), your first payment is the total amount covering the whole period, and the 55% off is on the total amount. So if you are going month to month, this is a very small discount. On the other hand, if you are planning on a longer term plan, it’s a good discount.

Speaking of web related matters, Stacksocial’s Pay What You Want WordPress Theme Bundle gets you 15 WordPress themes if you meet or beat the average price of $7.84, and includes some photography-friendly themes. Here are the live-demo pages of those: Photex and Elevation and Magma and Novelti.

15.6″ Toshiba C55-C5240 laptop for $450

Among the buzzworthy deals at Amazon at the moment, this 15.6″ Toshiba C55-C5240 laptop is going for $450 with free shipping and no purchase quantity limits. It has 8GB RAM, 1TB 5400rpm hard drive, 5th Generation Intel Core i5-5200U 2.2 GHz, runs Windows 8.1 (and will get Windows 10 free), 7 hour battery life estimate, sadly 1366×768 resolution, Mobile Intel HD graphics, 4.8 lbs, DVD burner, SD card reader, one USB 3.0 and two 2.0, HDMI, Ethernet, Bluetooth, Wifi, etc. No touchscreen as far as I can tell.

Google Chromecast for $25

Google’s little Chromecast gadget is on sale again, you can get it for $25 at Delivery options include Store PickUp (if in-stock) or Free Ship-to-Store or Free shipping if you are a Rewards member.

PS: I don’t know if the $25 price is also available if you buy at brick and mortar (alternately you can buy from the website in-store using their kiosk or using your phone).

Photex WordPress photography theme for $8~ (15 WP themes total)

If you are interested in getting a photography-centric WordPress Theme, more specifically the Photex from Theme Kingdom (here is a live demo website running it), you can get it for around $8 as part of this 15 theme WordPress bundle at Stacksocial. To get the Photex and the other 14 you must meet or beat the average price, which, as of the time of writing is $7.94. These include a commercial license and no restrictions in use. 10% of proceeds to go charity. Over 6500 of them got sold so far. Offer ends in about 4 days from today.

One Year of Prime + Unlocked Fire Phone (GSM) for $190

The sale is back, the unlocked 32GB Fire Phone (GSM) is back on sale for $190 with free shipping by Amazon herself and it includes one year of Amazon Prime membership which can be appended to existing Prime memberships or for new members. No contract. Limit five per customer.