Adorama Green Monday sale (850+ options)

ADorama has launched their Green Monday sale with over 850 items participating, which you can organize by manufacturer, price-range, product type and such as they are too many for most people to browse through page by page. But no one is stopping you from doing so – a big monitor helps in such a case 🙂

YMMV $5 off orders of $5+ coupon sent by eBay

This offer is apparently back for December 2018. This is YMMV. Check your eBay emails/messages – there is one offer running around that is a $5 off coupon [orders of $5.01+] running until 12/31/18. The coupon code is TAKEFIVE but will only work if your eBay account is eligible/invited for the coupon… Restrictions and limitations apply as usual…

For ideas on what to buy, check the latest eBay Deals and the latest Trending Deals

NewEgg Winter Wonderland sale

Marketing departments typically ran out of names and cutesy things to name their various and never-ending sales during the never-ending holiday shopping season. The latest NewEgg sale is called Winter Wishes but that’s not a good enough name, so I’m helping them out, let’s just call it a “Winter Wonderland” sale :)… As usual, some offers require a promo code, which you can use as long as you are willing to sign-up for NewEgg’s email e-newsletters – in other words, give them your email address ~ which you’d have to use anyway if you were planning to make a purchase [eg create an account] at NewEgg…

Sat: 20% off Film Gear and Equipment w/KEH coupon [1600+ options]

Saturday is upon us and today’s KEH Camera promotion is this: use coupon code SIXTH12A to get 20% off on 1600+ Film Gear and Film Equipment. Over 1600 options are available… The usual exclusions apply (no Leica, no “Like New” or “NEW” condition products are eligible for the coupon). AS usual, you can test the coupon without logging in or creating an account. Their shopping cart is the ultimate decider on what qualifies for the coupon as it is the shopping cart the one that will give you the coupon.

Up to 60% off Used Purchases at BL

This is a sale without a coupon running until 12/14/18. Borrow Lenses is having a clearance sale on their USED camera gear that is up to 60% off. The price you see is the price you pay. These are gear you purchase for conventional ownership. This promotion is not for camera gear rentals.

Friday: KEH coupon for 10% off Used Gear of EX or EX+ condition

Friday is upon us and for this day, in the eastern time zone, the KEH Camera offer is a 10% off discount on used gear in EX or EX+ Grade using coupon code FIFTH12A in their shopping cart. “EX” being Excellent. Free 365-day warranty included automatically on purchases made until the end of the year. Free shipping on orders of $49+. Leica products excluded.

Thursday 20% off UGLY Gear at KEH Camera

It pays to be ugly on Thursday at KEH Camera. Coupon code FOURTH12A gets you 20% off on used camera gear in UGLY Grade. The short for this is “UG”. This offer ends Thursday at 11:59pm ET.

NOTE that products in “Ugly” condition do NOT get a warranty from KEH. Products from “BGN” (Bargain) up to “LN” (Like New) get a 180-day warranty normally, BUT purchases made until the end of 2018 in the “BGN” to “LN” range get a 365-day warranty instead of 180-day. This happens automatically on the KEH backend based on the purchase date, there is no coupon to enter for this promotion.

PS: you can typically tell the ranking of conditions by the prices. For example, “LN” is priced higher than “BGN” which itself is priced higher than AS IS.

Wedn (KEH Camera): free shipping without minimum w/coupon

KEH Camera is running a “12 Days of Deals” promotion, and for Wednesday 12/5/18, coupon code THIRD12A gets you free ground shipping on ALL purchases, no minimum purchase required. Excludes Leica products and anything in NEW or “Like New” condition. Best suited if you are buying small things (chargers, adapters, lens accessories, etc) since KEH Camera typically requires a $49+ order for free shipping.

EU/Germany: 10 euro credit with 25+ euro purchase as NEW Amazon app user

Amazon Germany is currently running a new promotion until February 28 in 2019. IF you are a NEW USER of the Amazon app (first time to sign into an Amazon app using your particular Amazon account), AND you make a 25+ euro purchase, then you will receive a 10 euro promotional store credit in your Amazon account. I’m not 100% certain based on the computer-translation but it looks like the 10 promotional credit will be applied to the first 25+ euro eligible purchase you make after activating the offer. Only products sold and shipped by Amazon itself, in new condition are eligible. Books of all kinds and digital content appear to be excluded.

To see the details, how to do this, and to see whether your account is eligible for this offer, check the Promotional page while being logged on to your account. YMMV on who’s eligible… The offer is not restricted to Prime members… Your Amazon account must have been created prior to Nov-15 in 2018 [presumably to prevent Slickdeals-style tricks of creating dozens of accounts?]…

25% off one item at REI Outlet with coupon

Hello REI commune/hippies! Until 12/2/18, coupon code 25OUTLET gets you 25% off a single item at the REI Outlet store, formerly the REI Garage. Six degrees of separation from photography, especially the outdoors kind. Terms/conditions/restrictions as usual apply.

YMMV $5 off coupon sent by eBay

This is YMMV. Check your eBay emails/messages – there is one offer running around that is a $5 off coupon running until 11/30/18. The coupons sent in the emails are unique codes per customer, they are not general-use coupons, so you must needs look for yours in your messages/emails… Restrictions and limitations apply as usual…

For ideas on what to buy, check the latest eBay Deals and the latest Trending Deals

YMMV: 8% to 10% eBay Bonus Bucks on $25+

If you are participating in the eBay Bucks [reward program], check your emails or eBay Messages. You may have been invited for a new bonus bucks promotion that gets you 8% back in eBay Bucks with a $25+ minimum purchase amount required… If you use the official eBay app, you get 10% instead of 8%… Terms and conditions and exclusions apply as usual…

You must first activate the offer using the links in the eBay email/message before you can earn the bonus. Promotion ends 11/28/18 at 11:59pm pacific time…

For ideas on what to buy, check the latest eBay Deals and the latest Trending Deals

Nat Geo store Cyber sale continues until Tuesday nite

The National Geographic store Cyber Monday sale has been extended until Tuesday night. No coupon code to enter ~ the price you see is the price you pay.

Adorama Cyber Monday deals in progress

Adorama is running their Cyber Monday deals with lots of products participating, with jumping off points for further listings in each of the sections at the aforelinked page…

KEH Cyber Monday coupon $50 off $300+ OR $100 off $600+ OR $200 off $1000+

The KEH Camera Cyber Monday promotion is only good for Monday in the eastern time zone! Using coupon code CYBER11A you can get a discount depending on your order total:

+ orders over $1000, get $200 OFF
+ orders over $600, get $100 OFF
+ orders over $300, get $50 OFF

Since this is a fixed amount and not a percentage, you can optimize the savings by staying close to the three threshold amounts.

Optionally they offer 6-month financing through AFFIRM.

As always, there are exceptions and restrictions. Leica products are NOT eligible. Products in NEW condition are NOT eligible [for obvious reasons]. Items in “Like New” condition are also NOT eligible…

Free shipping on orders of $49+ as usual…

B&H launches Cyber Monday sales

B&H Photo has launched their Cyber Monday sales, which you can browse in ever-scrolling fashion or jump into the categories which further offer options for sub-categories.

Best Buy Cyber Monday Early Access sale for Rewards members

IF you are a member of the Best Buy rewards program, you can get early access to their Cyber Monday specials. The offers are behind a login wall, and an account participating in their free-to-join Rewards program… I don’t have my login with me so I can’t check…

NewEGG launches Cyber Monday sale

You can no longer trust retailer promotions to be able to tell the day of the week. According to NewEgg, today [Sunday] is actually Monday,, because they have launched their Cyber Monday deals with the usual assortment of techie things… If you are fond of refurbished items, there’s also a sale at the certified refurbished NewEGG Outlet

25% off USED purchases Borrow Lenses w/coupon

For a limited time, coupon code BLACKFRIDAY18 gets you 25% off on USED camera gear purchases [not rentals] at Borrow Lenses. A total of 333 options are available as of the time of writing. Most of these are rental gear that are sold back to customers for various reasons. Sale ends 11/30/18 [or earlier for any items that sell out]…

Top 100 Adorama Black Friday deals

If you don’t want to go through long listings, Adorama has put together their Top 100 Black Friday deals page in an easy to browse down-scrolling page… On the other hand if you prefer to check as many offers as possible, they also have a page with all their BF 2018 deals, over 3500 of them. Of course you don’t have to go through them all, you can use the left-hand side of their website to filter them by brands or product categories of interest…

Black Friday Woot-OFF has began!

The promised Black Friday Woot-OFF has began at the Clearance/Sellout sub-Woot. The official run time of this BF Woot-off is 8am to 10pm central time. The usual terms apply, items change/rotate and you pay a flat shipping fee for everything you buy during the calendar day. If you are a Prime member, and login with your Prime Amazon account, you get free shipping on most things.

The only things that don’t get free shipping are items that are shipped outside the Woot/Amazon ecosystem, such as Shirts and Gourment. But even so, some of the Shirts/Gourmet items may have free shipping on their own on occasion.

Best Buy launches Black Friday offerings

Against all odds mayhaps Best Buy managed to survive the internet commerce, in spite and despite of themselves mayhaps 🙂

Which brings us to the numerous Best Buy Black Friday offers. Their B&M stores are open until 1am local time on Friday (from the Thursday opening), and open properly on Black Friday actual between 8am and 10pm local time. Some local/regional stores may have different schedules so check before going if you are not certain.

You can keep scrolling on their ever-scrolling BF page to see various offers, or you can use the various jump-off points to go to the categories of interest, por examplos the Cameras and Camcorders page

Friday (Prime members): Spend $25+ at Woot, Get $10 off Future

This is a benefit for Prime members only at the Woot website for Friday, aka Black Friday. This Prime-only promotion is a two-step:

+ Step #1: spend $25+ in a single order (excluding Shirts and Gourmet) during Black Friday on Woot
+ Step #2: if so, you will receive a coupon via email that gets you $10 off a purchase of $25+ at Woot between 11/26 and 12/1
+ Prime members only

Black Friday at Amazon Germany: Canon and Sony cameras, Action Cams, Surface PRO, Galaxy S8, S7, Huawei P20, Etc

Amazon Germany has launched their own Black Friday specials, and they are using a slightly different approach than the Amazon USA mothership. For example, the Germany Gold Box will have new offers every five minutes. If you prefer a different view of the offers, this is their other Gold Box view.

Of the new-deals-every-five-minutes I know nothing Jon Snow, but among the daily deals running all day Friday:

+ Canon APS-C camera sale with EOS 2000D with lens for $298, along with offers for the 200D, 77D, and the 80D

+ Sony cameras and lenses including the RX10 III for 999, a6300 with 16-50 for 588, 55-210 APS-C OSS for $199, 16-70/4 OSS Zeiss for 719, 50/1.8 for 159, 28/2 for 339 and more

+ Action Cameras from Sony, Parrot, Ricoh, GoPRO, Nikon Mission and a couple of good old camcorders thrown in for good measure
+ and some budget brand action cams

+ Microsoft Surface with PRO (12.3″, i5, 8GB, 128GB, W10 PRO) with Type Cover for 799

+ Samsung Galaxy smartphone sale including Galaxy S8 for 359, and Galaxy S7 for 259
+ Huaweii smartphone sale including P20 bundle for 399 euro
+ Honor smartphone sale including Honor 10 for 279, Honor 9 Lite for 129 euro
+ Sony XZ2 Compact for $430, XZ2 for 445

+ Samsung and Seagate storage including 128GB Samsung EVO select microSDXC for 30 euro, 32GB for 9, etc; also various Seagate and Samsung SSDs, and Seagate hard drives

+ also samsung UHD TVs, 50% off select laptops , various tech items, computer monitors and even whisky

+ Anker Power Banks – lots of options, from 17 to 45 euro; I have one of their previous generation non-QC models and they are pretty solid

+ Amazon Basics sale including 127cm tripod for 13 euro, DSLR backpack for 20 euro, orange general purpose backpack for 10, camera hiking backpack for 56, professional tripod for 55, and mo(i)re…

KEH Camera Black Friday coupon: 15% off cameras/lenses, 35% off accessories [most things]

KEH Camera has just launched their Black Friday coupon promotion! Coupon code BLFR11A gets you 15% off site-wide and 35% off accessories. If you are not certain whether something qualifies as an accessory (35% off) or camera/lens (15% off), their shopping cart is (obviously) the ultimate decider…

As always, there are exceptions and restrictions. Leica products are NOT eligible. Products in NEW condition are NOT eligible [for obvious reasons]. Items in “Like New” condition are also NOT eligible…

This promotion is running until 11/25/18, it’s a three-day coupon promotion so there’s plenty of time to plan and ponder and such. Unless something’s available in small quantities and may disappear quickly. So planning ahead can pay off in terms of savings and also in terms of finding what you want/need in-stock…

Free shipping on orders of $49+ as usual…

Monoprice Black Friday includes 28″ Monitor for $200

The Monoprice website has launched their BF 2018 specials as well including a couple of house-brand MP-series computer monitors with free standard US shipping included:

+ Monoprice MP 28in 4K UHD Monitor for $200

+ Monoprice MP 32in QHD Monitor for $250

Don’t forget they are also running their two-parter promotion, spend $100+ by 12/2, get a coupon for $25 off $50+ to spend on 12/5 through 12/31/18. Restrictions and limitations apply – check their website for details.

They also have a clearance and overstock sale in progress, and their dedicated Black Friday sales page…

Adorama launches CEO exclusive Black Friday Deals

Adorama has announced a CEO exclusive Black Friday deals, an email from the company’s CEO with handpicked deals including:

+ Canon 5D IV body bundle for $2799 after MIR
+ Nikon D3500 two-lens kit with extras for $497
+ Sony a6000 w/16-50 with extras for $448
+ Panasonic FZ1000 with lots of extras for $498

+ Vanguard ALTA PRO 2+ 264AT 4-Section Aluminum Tripod Gray W/Alta PH-32 Pan Head with freebie for $170
+ Flashpoint XPLOR 600 TTL Exclusive Kit for $749
+ Westcott 7′ Parabolic Umbrella 3 Pack Bundle for $199
+ 3Pod V3AH Aluminum Tripod with QR 2-Way Pan Head for $80

+ 2pk Lexar 64GB Professional UHS-II U3 SDXC for $50
+ Dell Inspiron 15.6″ 4K Gaming Notebook (i7-7700HQ, 16GB, 512GB SSD+1TB HDD, W10H) for $1200

Groupon launches Black Friday sales

Groupon too has launched their Black Friday sales including some action on the instant cameras and action camera fronts along with technology, goods, photo print offers [under LOCAL deals] and more! They also have their own deals of the day.

Heads Up: Black Friday Woot-OFF starts Friday 8am Central

Heads up! There will be a special Black Friday Woot-OFF at the Woot website starting at 8am central time on actual Black Friday and running until 10pm central time of that day. This per the Woot email teaser…

Black Friday deals live at B&H

B&H Photo has just launched their Black Friday deals. Check the various categories and sub-categories for products and subjects of interest. More details on these later today!

KEH Camera doubles warranty from 180 to 365 days until 12/31/18

I haven’t mentioned this yet this year, so it’s a good time to mention it 🙂 Good until 12/31/18, KEH Camera is doubling their warranty from their usual 180 days to 365 days. This is a pretty good warranty duration for a USED product, in many times matching a new condition product. And KEH is a reliable place for fixing cameras to boot.

Only products that were previously eligible for a 180-day warranty are getting the 365-day warranty. Products that are “AS IS” are/were not eligible for any warranty. Products in conditions between “BGN” (bargain) and “LN” (Like New”) ARE eligible for the warranty. Details at the Warranty page

This happens automatically. There is no coupon code to enter. You are simply eligible for it based on the date of your purchase…

I don’t remember when this promotion began for the 2018 holiday shopping season. If you made a purchase before today that happened during the 365-day warranty window, you automatically get the 365-day warranty.

NewEgg reloads their Black Friday sale

NewEGG has reloaded their on-going Black Friday sale with many more products added. You can use the various categories on the left hand side to zero-down on products of interest, or browse the good old fashioned way… Their camera section is rather anemic unless you are a fan of Fuji instant film cameras, there are plenty of those…

Target launches Black Friday doorbusters

We are less than 16 hours away from the actual Black Friday 2018 “arriving” at the East Coast [unless you are a time traveler or a Time Lord with a sonic screwdriver], and the retailers are rushing to out-launch each other. Target has launched now over 400 Black Friday doorbusters. YMMV as I can’t check them all. I wish I was multi-threaded with dozens of i7 octacores ^_^

These are their Camera and Photo offers page featuring digital and of course instant cameras…

20% off many things at Rakuten with coupon

For a limited time, coupon code BF20 get you 20% off near site-wide at the Rakuten website. Note that, as always, restrictions and exclusions apply to the use of the coupon. Check their website for details.

Ends Wedn 8pm ET: 15% off eBay App shopping cart w/coupon

Good until Wednesday at 11pm eastern, coupon code PICKFAST is a 15% off discount when you use the official eBay iOS or Android mobile apps. The maximum discount with this coupon is $100. Details, terms and conditions can be found at the promotional page

For ideas on what to buy, check the latest eBay Deals and the latest Trending Deals

Speaking of eBay, if you are looking for a budget Chromebook, the manufacturer refurbished “Class C” 11.6″ Acer C720 Chromebook is offered for $80 with free shipping by eBay seller AltaTac. This has 4GB RAM and 16GB on-board storage and Celeron powered. Check the listing for a description of what a “Grade C” is…

Monoprice early BF sale plus two-step $25 off $50+ coupon

Not to be left behind by the ever-earlier Black Friday launches, the Monoprice website too launched their own Black Friday sale with 270+ products featured in said sale.

But wait, there’s more, they also have a two-parter coupon promotion:

+ between 11/21 and 12/2 purchase $100+ in qualifying/eligible products
+ if YES, then you will receive a coupon for $25 off purchases of $50+ in qualifying/eligible products to be used between 12/5 and 12/31 in 2018
+ exclusions are listed individually and explained at the aforelinked page

Speaking of Monoprice, their brand new line of AtlasFLEX charging cables (USB-C, microUSB, Lightning) are now shipping and they have free US shipping for a limited time. They range from $4 to $8.

In parallel, Monoprice is running a Clearance + Overstock sale with nearly 500 products featured over there…

B&H Photo Black Friday Head Start sale

If you prefer to get your shopping early and be done before Thanksgiving, so you can have an old fashioned relaxing four day weekend, B&H Photo is running a Black Friday Holiday Head Start sale where you may find what you need and then tune out all this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Fat chance of that happening, but there is a growing trend these days of people trying to tune out the noise piecemeal and carve out “quiet” periods whenever possible…

Stacksocial Black Friday: 75% off Course Bundles, 40% off Digital; eg Windscribe PRO VPN Lifetime for $35 after coupon

I split the previous Stacksocial post because I got coupon-confused 🙂

Point #1: you need to login in order to test the coupons. You test the coupons by clicking on the tiny blue “Promo Code” on the right side of the shopping cart. You may have to squint to see it. Then enter the coupon codes and see what happens. Their shopping cart is the ultimate decider on what happens…

Stacksocial has gone into Black Friday mode with a trio of limited time coupons!

+ coupon BFSAVE75 is 75% off online course bundles

+ for apps and digital goods, coupon code BFSAVE40 gets you 40% off meaning for just $35~ you can get Windscribe PRO VPN lifetime subscription (which is $59 before coupon). Windscribe PRO supports unlimited devices…

+ for physical goods, coupon code BFSAVE20 gets you 20% off, eg some of the various featured items

+ NOTE: I can’t test every product and coupon combination, so that’s DIY for any items you are interested in

Groupon Pre Black Friday sale under way

The Black Friday madness is spreading across the internet stores with the Groupon Black Friday Preview sale currently in progress. You can browse through, or use their left hand side to filter by categories of interest…

Best Buy Early Access sale in progress

All apologies but I don’t have my Best Buy account on this laptop, and I cannot remember my password, so I can’t see what’s on sale. But if you are a member of the Best Buy Rewards programs [free to join], and you are logged on to your BB rewards account, they are currently running an Early Access sale. After that, the sale [or whatever is left] will open up to everybody else. Best Buy has been using this online strategy lately.

The more you spend in a year, the higher the reward level you reach, and the earlier you see the offers. If you are a pleb like me, you are at the entry-level reward level so you are the last to see the offers before the general population does.

REI Outlet sale until 11/22/18

Especially if you are of outdoor photography interest, there is a limited time sale of handpicked products running until 11/22/18 at the online REI Outlet store. The sale is online only, not at their B&M stores…

Round-up of various Manufacturer Instant Savings promotions (C/N/F/P/S/Si/Z/etc)

Sundays are usually [other things equal] the days when new manufacturer-initiated instant-savings promotions are rolling out. In this post, I’m rounding up the latest iteration of these sales using the nicely organized pages at Adorama:

+ Nikon Instant Savings featuring APS-C and full frame DSLRs, Lenses, bundles, and such

+ Sony Instant Savings including a free Joby Gorilla with select Alpha cameras, along with various full frame and APS-C Alpha mirrorless bundles, lens bundles, a handful of Cybershot bundles, two Sony digital paper systems, and assorted photo accessories (flashes, grips, etc)

+ Fuji Instant Savings starting with a couple of GFX (medium format) bundles and then followed by a variety of X-system APS-C camera bundles, lots of XF lenses, and the X100F selling for $1199 instead of its starting price of $1299

+ Panasonic Instant Savings featuring various M43rds mirrorless cameras and lenses, along with a few of their numerous superzoom options

+ Sigma Instant Savings: lots of lenses, a number of which are of the newer ART kind. Shiguma as the good old computer translations like to say 🙂

+ Zeiss Lens Instant Savings with a mix of mirrorless and DSLR lenses

+ GoPRO HERO 7 bundles featuring the Black and Silver models; remember, with GoPRO a different color is a different model; not just a different color!

+ Lexar Instant Savings featuring the various iterations of SD along with some Compactflash and some CFast

+ MSI Gaming Laptops ranging from $999 to $1699

+ LG Instant Savings featuring various computer monitors and one of their Gram lightweight laptops [
+ PS: they weigh more than one gram 🙂

+ Canon Instant Savings featuring a large variety of Full Frame and APS-C DSLRs and mirrorless cameras, assorted lenses of said systems, Powershots (G-series, superzooms, Ixus/Elves), a couple of printers and such…

Adorama Black Friday Preview Sale (2800+ items)

Adorama is currently running their Black Friday Preview sale featuring over 2800 products which you can filter further down using the left hand side of their website (eg by brand or product type or price-range and so on).

A new feature for the 2018 BF/CM season, Adorama has a Same Price Guarantee sale through Cyber Monday. For products featured on this sale, with the red “Same Price Guarantee” appearing in their individual pages or the search results, you’ll pay the same price whether you buy now or on BF/CM. Annotated screenshot below:

YMMV: 10% eBay Bonus Bucks on $50+

If you are participating in the eBay Bucks [reward program], check your emails or eBay Messages. You may have been invited for a new bonus bucks promotion that gets you 10% back in eBay Bucks with a $50+ minimum purchase amount required… Terms and conditions and exclusions apply as usual…

You must first activate the offer using the links in the eBay email/message before you can earn the bonus. Promotion ends 11/20/18 at 11:59pm pacific time…

For ideas on what to buy, check the latest eBay Deals and the latest Trending Deals

NewEgg launches “Black Friday Starts Now” sale

NewEgg has launched their Black Friday Starts NOW sale, featuring their usual assortment of technology, computers, accessories and the like…

NewEGG pre-Black-Friday sales

If you are a fan of the way of the NewEgg, they are currently running another limited time Pre-Black-Friday sale on their website featuring their usual assortment of computer-y and tech-y products…

But that’s not all, they are also running a couple of email e-newsletter promo code style promotions:

+ the Weekend Special, and

+ another pre-Black-Friday sale with a ticking clock on the page even

Saturday at KEH Camera: 25% off Featured, 15% off Many Others [updated]

UPDATE: this promotion has been expanded to run until Saturday at 11:59pm eastern time!

Wake up and smell the KEH roses! Good until Friday at 11/16/18 at 11:59pm eastern time, KEH Camera has a new pre-Black-Friday coupon! Coupon code PBF11A gets you 25% off 550+ featured products. The same coupon also gets you 15% off many other items sold at the KEH website with some exceptions: no Leica, no “NEW” and no “Like New” grade gear. If in doubt, add item(s) of interest to the shopping cart and type in the coupon code and see what happens…

NewEgg Black Friday Preview Sale

NewEGG has launched a Black Friday Countdown sale with some of the offers requiring promo codes for email subscribers [it’s easy to do this, just sign up for their email subscription – with the same email that you use to checkout at the NewEgg website] and you can take advantage of the promotions.

The offers include a 1-year Student and Teacher subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud (the whole thing, not just the Photography plan) for $180 after promo code. Limit one per customer… There’s also a 16GB microSD for $4… Lots of computer and tech products as expected…

Adorama launches “Same Price Guarantee” thru Cyber Monday

IF you are the Early Bird type of a shopper, Adorama has launched a Same Price Guarantee sale on over 2500 items, that, per the verbiage over there, you will pay the same price through Cyber Monday. The same price guarantee is offered by Adorama…

YMMV: 8% eBay Bonus Bucks

If you are participating in the eBay Bucks [reward program], check your emails or eBay Messages. You may have been invited for a new bonus bucks promotion that gets you 8% back in eBay Bucks without a minimum purchase amount required… Terms and conditions and exclusions apply as usual…

You must first activate the offer using the links in the eBay email/message before you can earn the bonus. Promotion ends 11/15/18 at 11:59pm pacific time…

For ideas on what to buy, check the latest eBay Deals and the latest Trending Deals