Singles Day 2020 is Here at Chinese Retailers

Singles Day 2020 is here, November 11, and with it there’s plenty of sales in-progress at Chinese websites (that ship world-wide and have English versions of their websites) including:

+ GearBest, the one I placed most orders with, and has a more organized, less chaotic website
+ Top Tech Feast sale; just not a “Feast for Crows” 🙂
+ $5 off an $80+ PayPal order

+ Alibaba

+ Alibaba’s more western-facing AliExpress
+ that red thing with white inside you may see in product listing search-results, that’s 11 11 written in white on a red background, noting that a product is participating in 11-11 sales; it took me a few minutes to realize I must admit 🙂

+ DH Gate

+ Bang Good, it is indeed a retail website, do not let the name scare you 😉

+ Geek Buying because the geeks will not only inherit the earth but will also buy it 😉

+ Light In The Box

+ Deal Extreme (as of the time of writing it appears to be down per Cloudfare)

+ if you have any other favorites that you found good deals, please feel free to post them in the comments or use the online contact form

As usual, a number of the websites have “lightning type of deals”, and those require some luck because the world market for these websites is decidedly over 1 billion shoppers…

PS: since the names are so close, let’s also make Singles Day a Shingles Awareness Day!

PS2: since the names are exactly the same, we must needs also make today a 45rpm Singles Day appreciation day! The good old and new days of vinyl!