Canon G9X with Pixma PRO 100 printer and paper and 2% rewards for $399 + S&H (after $350 MIR)

Price checking is under way now for the final installment in our November 2017 Camera Price Charts series. We are now price-checking Serious Fixed Lens Cameras with RAW!

The Canon G9X compact with RAW goes for $399 in new condition at authorized Canon dealers. But if you also want to get the Pixma PRO 100 printer and don’t object to mail-in rebates and prepaid AMEX gift cards…

… then to B&H Photo we go where you can get either the black or brown color scheme of the G9X along with the Pixma PRO 100 printer and the 50pk Canon SG-201 printer for $399 plus shipping (around $10) after a $350 mail-in rebate (prepaid AMEX gift card). You also get 2% promotional rewards (I believe that’s on the pre-rebate amount, so it’s 2% on either $750 or $400).