(ENDED) Panasonic G7 with 14-42 and $150 Gift Card for $600

UPDATE 4/3/17 PM: as of this re-check, this sale ended, the price is back up to $750…

This offer is back on again at Adorama! The new condition Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7 with 14-42mm is offered for $598 with free shipping AND a $150 Adorama Gift Card and $24~ in promotional Adorama rewards in the black G7 color scheme or the silver G7 color scheme. So assuming you’ll have no problem spending the $150 Adorama gift certificate on things you need/want, it’s like getting the G7 with 14-42mm for $450~.

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  1. S. W. Anderson says:

    I got this deal. I’ve had a hankering for the G7 for some time and went for it. The one I got came with a warranty/registration card for several central American countries, but not the U.S. The camera checks out fine, runs English as well as Spanish and has a U.S. AC adapter. Preliminary test shooting shows everything working fine. The $150 gift card brings the camera down to the price level of other gray market G7’s from dealers like 6th Ave. in recent months. But there is this advantage for some: Adorama’s includes the new version 14-42mm kit zoom while the other gray market models I’ve seen for around $459 were body only.

    On one hand, I’ll ding Adorama for not stating on the product page this was not a U.S. warranty G7. I felt confident it was a U.S. warranty deal because of that and because the lens was included. Three or four other dealers offering gray market models for about the same price do state up front that their offer is for a gray market body, without U.S. warranty. Then again, Adorama’s deal includes the lens, $150 gift card and free three-day shipping. On balance, I’m accepting that as fair enough. However, if the warranty status isn’t made clear by Adorama, I will ask first or keep looking from now on.

    • Interesting! Did you contact their customer service in case it was a mixup or others got the same thing? The product page for both the camera and the bundle say “Panasonic 1 Year Warranty”.

      • S. W. Anderson says:

        I have an Adorama questionnaire asking how satisfied I am with the transaction that I haven’t returned yet. I will mention this on that questionnaire and return it. The warranty/registration card is from Panasonic, all right. But it’s all Central America, not U.S. I expect if it gets out of whack in the short run, Adorama will stand behind it. I don’t look for that to happen.

        As for mixup, I don’t think so.