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Pre-order the new 6.8-inch Kindle Paperwhite starting at $140 (w/Ads, 8GB) OR Signature Edition for $190 (no Ads, 32GB, wireless charging, auto-adjusting light sensors)

Hooray-hooray e-reader fans! As rumor-leaked, Amazon has finally decided to increase the screen-size of the Paperwhite Kindle e-reader!

The new waterproof 6.8-inch Kindle Paperwhite e-reader is available for pre-ordering with an October 27 (2021) release date estimate. This is also known as the 11th generation Kindle.

The price of the 8GB base-model Paperwhite with Sponsored Ads is $140, and Without Ads is $160.

Unlike the past, this time around Amazon is adding more features and a different name to the 32GB model. IT is the Paperwhite Signature Edition and it goes for $190 (without Ads option only). So that’s only $30 more than the without-Ads base-model Paperwhite and you get three more benefits see paragraph below:

In addition to 32GB instead of 8GB, the Signature edition offers wireless charging AND auto-adjusting light sensors. These three features are NOT available on the 8GB base model. So 32GB is no longer just for manga and long complicated ebooks and PDFs and large libraries of ebooks/docs 🙂

Amazon also offers bundles with various accessories (cork case, fabric case, leather case) that include a wireless charging dock (for the 32GB Signature edition – NICE!). Needless to say these cost more but not a lot more. For example, the Leather bundle is only $230 (so it’s +$40 for the Leather accessories bundle)…

You can see most of the available bundles at the Kindle Bundle Best Sellers list…

For a limited time, the two adult Paperwhite models come with a 4-month FREE Kindle Unlimited subscription. A great way to read a LOT of ebooks (especially if you like to binge-read). Just post a couple of alerts in your calendar to cancel if you don’t want it to auto-renew. Or if you forget, pester the customer service to undo it 🙂

There’s also a Kids edition that is based on the base 8GB Paperwhite for $160 that includes enough freebies that some adults may choose to buy it? (free access to select Kindle Kids ebooks, 2-year worry-free guarantee). Three color options, one is black, the other two are kidz-stylez 😉

The now previous generation 8GB 6-inch Paperwhite (with Ads) has dropped to $80. I doubt the new 6.8″ Paperwhite is gonna get anywhere this close in price, somebody has to pay for the R&D that went into the new 6.8″ display and e-reader innards and wireless charging and such 😉

There’s also a 20% off Trade-In promotion. You get 20% off on this new purchase, PLUS a gift card for the value of your old Kindle. The system finds the Kindles linked to your account and automatically makes offers on them. For example, I got a $5 gift card ofer for one of the prehistoric Kindle with Keyboard devices. So the benefit is not the $5 I would get on the value of the old Kindle, but the 20% off discount I would get on the purchase price of the all new device!

PS: if you have any old unused Kindles hanging around, and want to get the 20% Trade-In discount, you may want to revitalize them (charge, link to your account, etc), to become eligible for the 20% off trade-in discount. Having said that, I don’t know if their system has any measures in place to prevent making upgrade offers on newly-registered devices. Unfortunately I don’t have any extra unregistered Kindles lying around to test it.

PS2: please feel free to send me the new 6.8″ Paperwhite Signature edition if you don’t want it 😉

Monday: ONA, Luxli, Mefoto, SpyderX Color Control Kit, 5pk 64GB Sandisk microSD, Kind Bars, VideoMaker, Nikon Aculons, Etc

Monday 10/18/21 is here at the B&H Photo daily deals and it is a 7+1 day (seven all-day deals and one flash deal). Good until Monday night football (okay, Monday 11:59pm ET to be more precise):

+ DataColor SpyderX Color Control Kit for $270
+ Light is King and Color is Queen
+ Prince Joffrey is high ISO 😉

+ MeFoto RoadTrip Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod Kit for $180 in two color options

+ ONA The Rockaway Leather Camera Bag for $169
+ in addition to be more facionable (TM Needless Markup? or Walletstrom?), they kinda camouflage the fact that they are camera bags?

+ O’Ben Magnetic Mount Kit with Mini Ball Head for $14
+ as Irish as O’Bama

+ 5-pack of 64GB Sandisk Ultra UHS-I microSDXC cards with one 4-in-1 USB 2.0 Card Reader for $42
+ that’s how low 64GB has fallen (to be sold in multi-packs), YET Apple still has iPhones and iPads that start at 32GB 🙂

+ Angler Collapsible Background II and Impact Multiboom Kit (Black/White, 5 x 7 feets {yes, it’s the new-plural of feet}) for $100

+ Luxli Cello 10″ RGBAW LED Light for $179

+ flash deal: PortaBrace Rain & Dust Cover for Blackmagic Pocket Cinema/Cinema 4K Camera for $59

To be kind, to be true, to be nutritional? The Monday Meh daily deal is a 48-pack of Kind bars for $24 plus shipping. Because you have to eat something when you are photographing out and about in the wilderness with the bears and Grizzly Adams…

Meanwhile at the current iteration of the Adorama daily deals [change Monday 10am ET] you can have:

+ FotoPro X-Go Max 4-Section Carbon Fiber Tripod with Built-In Monopod, FPH-62Q Ball Head for $199

+ Glow Super Collapsible Background – 8 x 16′ (Chroma Blue) for $50

Forgot about Dre, and also forgot about the DisocuntMAGS weekend sale (typically ends Monday night) and this time around the theme is “Bodacious 80s” [whatever that means]. This time there’s one camera-n-photo title, “Videomaker” for $8 for a 1-year non-auto-renewing subscription delivered to US addresses by snail and turtle mail…

It’s the return of the Nikon Aculon binoculars at the Monday Best Buy dailies, as usual, three options (two different models) for $40 each…

IF you want to get the official Google-blessed Android 12 on a Pixel phone at a low price, at the “Electronics” Woot daily deal for Monday you can have the “grade A refurbished” Google Pixel 3 XL (64GB, fully unlocked, locked bootloader, security updates ending right now) for $140 plus shipping… Meanwhile the “Computers” sub-Woot has a Feast of Lenovo 2-in-1 laptops ($300 to $900)…

IF you are interested in Microsoft’s 365 Personal subscription (12-months, auto-renewing), you can get it for $74 for a limited time, bundled with a $15 Amazon gift card at Amazon USA. Note that the listing is a bit confused, the product description mentions a $50 gift card instead of a $15 but everything else mentions a $15. You will get a $15 gift card. When you add it to the shopping cart, it says that the gift card will actually be a paper gift certificate. This is a new listing (only 12 global ratings of which only two written reviews), which may explain the listing kerfuffles.

Speaking of Amazon, if you don’t want to buy the new next-generation 6.8-inch Paperwhite for $140 {see the next newer post for this}, the current Paperwhite version (8GB, with Sponsored Ads) is on sale again for $80. There’s also a 20% off Trade-In promotion. You get 20% off on this new purchase, PLUS a gift card for the value of your old Kindle…

Sunday: The Return of the Neewer Photo and Lighting Sale ($22 to $300)

To the Sunday Amazon USA Gold BOX we geaux now where we have the return of another variant of the Neewer Photo and Lighting sale with prices ranging from $22 to $230 and two pages of product offerings.

Too many items to list here individually but the sale includes ring lights, backgrounds, action-cam accessorapaloozas, 5-in-1 collapsible reflectors, bi-color LED lights, light boxes, 7-inch field camera monitor, tripods, teleprompters, C-stands, backdrops, wall mounters, monolights, T-stands, and a whole lot more…

Elsewhere at the Amazon USA Gold BOX they have GOOLOO battery and jump starters, Jabra earbuds, Sony A80J televizionz, Indiana Jones, self-care appliances, GyMaX treadmills and more…

Meanwhile the current Adorama daily deal [changes Sunday 10am ET] is a duo:

+ H&A Universal Tablet Stand Adapter for $15

+ H&A Tripod Microphone Stand for $12

Sunday: Tenba, Samsung, Kingston, Hoya NXT, TP-Link, Apple, Dell, microSDXC, Etc

Sun-DAY is here and we have a new six-pack of B&H Photo daily deals running until Sunday 10/17/21 at 11:59pm ET (or earlier if sold out):

+ Tenba Solstice Sling Bag (7L, Blue) for $45

+ 64GB Kingston Data Traveler 100 G3 USB 3.0 Flash Drive for $7.50

+ Samsung Class HDR 4K UHD Smart QLED TV, two options, with in-cart auto-coupon discount

+ Apexel Gorillas Tripod for Smartphones and DSLR Camera for $18

+ Hoya NXT Plus Circular Polarizer Filters, $50 to $80 (72mm to 82mm, three options)

+ refurbished 3-pack of TP-Link Deco M4 AC1200 Whole-Home Mesh Wi-Fi System for $100

Meanwhile the headliner of the Sunday Woot daily deals is an Apple MacBook and iMac sale, with prices ranging from $870 to $2000… In the other sub-Woots there’s Apple TV 4K and Dell Optiplex and Latitude among others…

Then off we go to the NewEGG dailies where you can have the 256GB Sandisk Ultra microSDXC for $27 after a 10% off promo code shown over there…

Manfrotto Shoulder, Lens Shade, Joby TelePod, Silicon Power microSD, Camrade, Phottix, Lowes GC, Computer Sale, Etc

Fri-YAY is here and as usual the B&H Photo daily deals last until Saturday at 11:59pm ET but orders are not accepted Fri PM to Sat PM {check their website for exact hours}:

+ Manfrotto Advanced II Shoulder Bag (Medium, Black) for $30

+ FLEX LENS SHADE for SLR Lenses for $18

+ JOBY TelePod PRO Kit for around $40 after automatic in-cart coupon

+ Silicon Power microSDXC cards, $15 to $58

+ Camrade wetSuit for Sony HXR-NX5R for $89

+ Auray RF-C17 Studio Isolation Filter for $70

+ flash deal: Phottix Juno Flash for $60

Meanwhile the Friday NewEGG daily deals are improving home improvement with a $100 Lowe’s email gift card offered for $90 (that’s a 10% discount, two per customer)…

Then at the Friday Amazon USA Gold Box there’s another PCs, Chromebooks and Computer Monitors sale there featuring LG, Acer, AOC, Spectre, Dell, Philips, Viewsonic, ASUS, Alienware, and more. A total of 26 options are on offer available until Friday at 11:59pm pacific time…

And at the Adorama daily deals [changes Saturday at 10am ET] is the Glow Collapsible Circular Wind Proof Reflector with Handles (42″) going for $20… They also offer the H&A 5″ 150W Portable PA System with Bluetooth for $130…

Rokinon 85mm f1.4 Autofocus for $499 to $589 [C/N/E/RF]

Hooray-Hooray, it’s a LENS DAY at the Adorama daily deals, this incarnation running until Friday 10/15/21 at 10am ET (or earlier if sold out):

+ Rokinon 85mm f1.4 auto focus lens for $499 in Canon EF or Nikon F, $529 in Sony E, $589 in Canon RF

+ Vivitar 58mm 3-Piece Solid Neutral Density Filter Kit with ND2, ND4 & ND8 Filter for $10

+ Yeelight YLDD04YL 2m LED Aurora Lightstrip Plus with Voice Control for $43

+ Reolink Argus 2 Full HD Wire-Free Outdoor/Indoor Battery/Solar Powered Wi-Fi Security Camera with 2-Way Audio for $64

Thursday: ONA, Fotodiox, Tenba, Induro, GVM, Hakuba, Edelkrone, Etc

Friday is happy hour day (and night, and overnight), which is why Thursday is more commonly referred to as Thirst-DAY 😉

We start with a fresh set of 7+1 B&H Photo daily deals running until 10/14/21 at 11:59pm ET (or earlier if sold out; or if a flash deal):

+ ONA The Sevilla Leather Camera Strap for $29 in two color options
+ PRO TIP: if you have two copies of the same camera model and you want to be able to quickly tell them apart, use different color straps of the same kind (that way you have the same ergonomics and handling as you switch from one to the other)

+ FotoDioX Pro FlapJack LED Wand C-308AS Bi-Color Edge Light Kit for $140
+ this wand pre-qualifies you as entry-level magician ranking

+ EdelKrone StandONE All-Terrain Foldable Camera Stand for $99
+ it is not however all-wheel-drive 😉

+ HaKuBa Branner BR-5-SG 5-Section Tripod for $13

+ VorTex 1×22 SPARC SolAR Reflex Dot Sight (2 MOA Red Dot) for $200
+ not to be confused with the Lieica Red Dot

+ TenBa Air Case for 31″ EIZO Displays for $280
+ EIZO display NOT included

+ GVM Micro-Series BV-95 Li-Ion V-Mount 2-Battery with Dual Charger Kit for $419

+ flash deal: Induro GIT504L Grand Series 5 Stealth Carbon Fiber Tripod for $440
+ theme song once again: ZZ Top;s “Legs” but this time it is live in concert

Wedn: Woot-OFF In Progress!

Yellow flashing lights alert! Woot is having a Woot-OFF at their “Shirt” and also at their Clearance/Sellout sub-Woots. The usual terms and conditions apply. YMMV on what you may find at which prices. I have zero advance notice.

Meanwhile at the regular daily-deal sub-Woots, “Electronics” has yet another Samsung TV/monitor sale, while “Computers” has Logitech PC accessories…

Next up at the Adorama daily deals [changes Thursday 10am ET] we find:

+ Godox ES45 E-Sports LED Light Kit for $99

+ Nanoleaf Shapes Hexagons Smarter Kit with 7x Multicolor Hexagon Light Panels, 100 Lumens – With Nanoleaf Shapes Hexagons Expansion Pack, Nanoleaf Remote for Light Panel for $230

+ Eggtronic 63W 20,000mAh Universal Power Bank for USB-C for $40

We may be more than two months away from Christmas but that does’t need you can’t buy toys for the kids of all ages in all life. At least that appears to be the case at the Wednesday Best Buy dailies with various toy options. The headliner is free Best Buy gift cards ($10 to $30) with the purchase of select LEGO and Barbie and Disney toys. Sorry, no Hello Kitty offers 🙁

From toys for kids of all ages, we go to toys for adults, aka TOOLS! They are the headliner of the Amazon USA Gold BOX featuring Black-n-Decker and DeWalt and Irwin and Bostich and such.

The previously mentioned Instax Mini 11 offer for $60 continues…

Wedn: CamBee, BenQ, Gnarbox, Peak Design, MeFoto Walkabout, Etc

Don’t look at the calendar now but it’s yet another HUMP-DAY! And with it we have a new set of B&H Photo daily deals running until 10/13/21 at 11:59pm ET (or earlier if sold out):

+ Mefoto WalkAbout Aluminum Monopod for $25 in three color options so you can cosplay different Jedi schools each time 😉

+ CamBee VL30B 30W Video LED Light for $89

+ PeakDesign Everyday Sling for $80 in two color schemes
+ get them both? one for each camera system? 🙂

+ GnarBOX 128GB Portable Backup & Editing System for $199

+ BenQ PD2720U DesignVue Designer 27″ 16:9 HDR 4K IPS Monitor for $780
+ Thunderbolt 3, HDMI, DisplayPort, 3840 x 2160 @ 60 Hz Native Resolution, 1000:1 Static Contrast Ratio, etc

+ Apexel 4K HD Mobile Phone 5-in-1 Camera Lens Kit for $37
+ because your accessories hill wants to become a mountain? 😉

Meanwhile the current iteration of the Adorama daily deals [changes Wedn 10am ET] include:

+ FotoPro X-Go Mini Carbon Fiber Tripod Kit, Includes Ball Head and Quick Release Plate for $99

+ On-Stage MS7701B Euro-Boom Microphone Stand for $25

Tuesday: PC Accessories sale includes Ryzen 7-5800X for $395

We have a new variant at the Amazon USA Gold Box, a new variant of the Computer Accessories sale featuring two pages of offers running until 10/12/21 at 11:59pm pacifica time (or earlier if sold out).

The sale includes many Intel i-processors and even a Ryzen, the 7-5800X (8 core, 16 threads) unlocked desktop offered for $395. Other offers include RAM, power supplies, motherboards, fatherboards, sisterboards, brotherboards, and a case to boot [pun intended]…

Tuesday: GlideCAM, Induro, Seagate, 5pk Sandisk 128GB microSDXC, Etc

Tuesday is here, aka Toons-DAY aka Tunes-DAY [or iTunes-DAY for Apple fans] and it’s a 7+1 day for the B&H Photo daily dealz running until Tuesday 10/12/21 at 11:59pm ET (or earlier if sold out, or if flash deals):

+ 5pk of 128GB Sandisk Ultra microSDXC with SD adapters each, plus a USB 2.0 flash drive card reader, all together now for $75
+ that’s $15 per 128GB card, assuming the USB TWO point ZERO flash reader has $0 value 🙂

+ GlideCAM HD-PRO Handheld Stabilizer for $349
+ or you can hold out for the future version, 8K-PRO 😉

+ Mini Max Portable & Collapsible Stool Kit for $30
+ no, not the gastroenterological kind 😉

+ 1TB Seagate OneTouch external HDD for $50
+ did I mention it’s a beautiful cyan-blue color and it’s USB 3.2 Gen 1?

+ refurbished 2-pack of TP-Link Deco W2400 AC1200 Wireless Dual-Band 100/10 Mb/s Mesh Wi-Fi System for $55
+ now you can instantly talk to Bill and Melinda Gates from all rooms in your home 😉

+ Polsen Cardioid Lavalier Microphone with TA4F Connector for Shure Transmitters for $10
+ fun fact: although the name Shure may sound [pun intended] like a German company with the likes of Sennheiser and Beyerdynamic and formerly-Austrian AKG, it’s actually from Illinois

+ SenAL SMH-1200 Enhanced Studio Monitor Headphones for $60 in three color options

+ flash deal: Induro GIT404XL Grand Series 4 Stealth Carbon Fiber Tripod for $430
+ theme song: ZZ Top “Legs”

If you are fond of alt-lighting, among the Tuesday Best Buy dailies there’s a 2-pack of LiFX Color E26 edison-screw light bulbs for $45…

The headliner of the Tuesday Woot dailies is yet another variant of the “Amazon devices sale” which includes some of the Alexa models with a display (think digital picture frame usage). No Kindle e-readers this time…

Meanwhile under “Computers” there’s a refurbished scatch-and-dent Apple Macbook sale ranging from $260 to $850. If dig at the bottom of the pile, you may even find a PowerPC model 😉

Last thing from Woot, starting at 1pm central time today they’ll have a “WTF pricing” offer on a 24-pack of Monoprice AA single-use alkaline batteries. The price increases as time goes by. The earlier you buy it after it goes live, the lower you pay. Look for it at the WTF pricing sale when its time comes…

Monday: Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera for $60 [also: WD/Sandisk sale, ASUS CX1, etc]

Oh my, a camera in the daily deals! The new condition Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera is on sale for $60 with free US shipping, sold and shipped by Amazon itself. This is available in five different color options…

A bit of a chicken and the egg situation because Amazon has price-matched some of the previously mentioned B&H Photo WD and Sandisk storage sales… The Amazon variant of the sale features 29 products with prices ranging from $24 to $560 including the 256GB Extreme PRO SDXC for $48, the 128GB Extreme PRO CompactFlash for $88, various microSDXC cards, external SSDs and HDDs, WD RED PRO, flash drives, and more…

But that’s not all, there’s even more action at the Amazon USA Gold Box as follows:

+ Fire 7 Kids tablet for $60
+ Fire 10 PRO Kids tablet for $140
+ yes, there are regular kids and PRO kids
+ is your kid a PRO kid? 😉

+ Fire 7 tablet for $40
+ Fire 8 tablet for $60

+ ASUS Chromebook CX1 for $160
+ two per customer
+ 4GB RAM, 32GB on-board
+ Celery N3350 processor
+ spill-resistant keyboard
+ Military grade standard MIL- STD 810H US
+ 2.65 lb
+ 11.6″ NanoEdge 1366 x 768
+ one USB-A and two USB-C ports
+ microSD slot
+ 12-month Google One trial
+ averages 4.3 out of 5 on 186 customer ratings as of the time of writing
+ up to 20% off Breville coffee makers

+ 15% off Casper Sleep Element mattress

+ also Bissel mops, Braun hair removals, Vitamix, Norelco, Cuisinart, hot pots, and more…

Monday: WD, ONA, Zoom, Sandisk, Manfrotto, PortaBrace, Samsung, Kodak, Etc

Storage is a big theme at the Monday 10/11/21 B&H Photo daily deals as follows:

+ Sandisk memory cards and flash drives, 13 options, $20 to $140
+ options include SDXC (Ultra, Extreme PRO), and microSDXC and Compactflash Extreme PRO and flash drives

+ Sandisk external SSDs, 7 options, from 500GB to 4TB, from $110 to $560

+ WD hard drives, 8 options, from $64 to $550

+ PortaBrace Large Wheeled Case for Grip Equipment (Black) for $214

+ Zoom H1n 2-Input / 2-Track Portable Handy Recorder with Onboard X/Y Microphone (Red) for $80

+ Manfrotto 504X Fluid Video Head & MVTTWINGC Carbon Fiber Tripod with Ground Spreader for $700 after a whooping smoking $420 off (ha!) in-cart coupon

+ flash deal: ONA The Leather Clifton Camera and Everyday Backpack (Antique Cognac) for $299
+ actual Cognac NOT included

Then at the Monday Meh daily deal we find the Vankyo 410 Leisure Projector (720p native, 1080p supported) offered for $49 plus shipping (or free S&H for paying Meh-meh-meh-mehmbers)…

WD is also one of the Best Buy dailies where the 8TB external Easystore USB 3.0 hard drive is offered for $160…

If you are a fan of all things Samsung, their factory refurbished monitors are the theme of the “Computers” Woot daily deal, with prices ranging from $250 to $850…

And now off to the Adorama daily deals (change Tuesday 10am ET) where you have two offerings:

+ 10-inch Kodak Touch Screen Digital Photo Frame Wi-Fi Enabled with HD Photo Display for $100 in two color options

+ Arlo Pro 3 Indoor/Outdoor Wire-Free 2K HDR Security Camera System for $349

Thursday: Lowepro, AF Calibration Aid, GVM OnC Light, Steadicam AIR25, Nisi 77mm kit, Philips Hue, Etc

And just like that, Thirst-DAY is upon us. It feels like it was yesterday when I was making this non-joke joke once again 😉

We start with the B&H Photo dalies running until 10/7/21 at 11:59pm ET (or earlier IFF sold-out):

+ Lowepro Volta 25 Compact Camera Pouch for $5

+ DataColor SpyderLensCal Autofocus Calibration Aid for $39

+ GVM On-Camera RGB LED Video Light with Bluetooth App Control and Power Supply for $89

+ SteadiCAM AIR 25 Monopod for $179

+ NiSi 77mm Close-Up NC Lens Kit II with 67 and 72mm Step-Up Rings for $99

+ AverMedia ExtremeCap UVC HDMI to USB 3.1 Gen 1 Converter for $80

Meanwhile at the Thursday W00t dailies we find a Philips Hue lighting sale as the headliner ($15 to $280)…

Tamron 45mm f1.8 Di VC USD SP with FREE Tamron TAP-IN Console for $389 [C/N]

Hooray-Hooray, it’s a LENS DAY at the Adorama daily deals. Running until Thursday at 10am ET, you can have the new condition Tamron 45mm f1.8 Di VC USD SP with the Tamron TAP-IN console included for FREE, for $389 in your choice of Canon EF or Nikon F…

There’s two more daily deals as well:

+ Insta360 Nano Spherical 360deg. Video Camera for iPhone 6/6 Plus/6s/6s Plus/7/7 Plus for $59

+ QVS Premium World Travel Power Adapter with Surge Protection & 2.1A Dual-USB Charger for $13

Wedn: ONA, Mefoto, Delkin xQD, Impact Monolight, UCloudLink, FeelWorld, Etc

And just like that, Hump Day is here and with it we have a new set of B&H Photo daileez good until 10/6/21 at 11:59pm ET (or earlier if sold out):

+ 120GB Delkin Premium XQD memory card for $150
+ yes, 120, not 128

+ ONA Rockaway Canvas Camera Bag for $129

+ Mefoto GlobeTrotter Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod Kit for $230

+ Impact 180Ws Monolight Starter Flash with LED Modeling Light for $60

+ FeelWorld F570 5.7″ IPS 4K HDMI On-Camera Monitor for $139
+ the brand name sounds like a Depeche Mode homage?

+ UCloudLink GLocalMe U3 Global MiFi 4G LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot for $95, U3X for $130

The headliner of the Wednesday Woot daileez (yes, this is Alternative Spelling Month {I just made it up [I think]}) is a “Tech Favorites” sale. Whose favorites? I don’t know but it includes AC Delco single-use batteries, Apple TV, QLED TV, Pixel 3/3XL ($170 to $200; cheapest way to get official Android 12), Qi pad, etc…

I always wondered if there was any such contraption, and just like that, through the Power of Intention, it appears in the NewEGG daileez, it’s a dedicated car trash bag thing for $8. It even has storage pockets…

Fossil “real” (non-smart) watches and wireless earphones are among the Wednesday offerings at the Jeff Bezos Space Empire on Earth store (aka Amazon USA Gold Box), now captained by the OG …Captain Kirk 😉

Glow Fabric Grid for 12×12′ Portable Butterfly Light Modifier for $190

ADorama is back with a new daily deal running until Wednesday at 10am ET (or earlier if sold out). It is the new condition Glow Fabric Grid for 12×12′ Portable Butterfly Light Modifier offered for $190 with free US shipping…

Meanwhile the Tuesday Best Buy dailies have gone into Halloween mode with an 8-foot skeleton and inflatable critters and such…

Lots of tech/electronics at the Tuesday Amazon USA Gold Box including:

+ two Lenovo Chromebooks from $210 to $300

+ Acer Computer Gear Sale featuring 18 options including laptops, monitors, Chromebox, 4-in-1 Backpack bundle, and USB dock and more. Prices range from $90 to $1000…

+ Fire HD 8 tablet (2020 model, 32GB RAM, 8″) for $60

Tuesday: Tamrac straps, Phottix flash triggers, LumeCube bundle, TeraDek wireless lens control kit, GlideCam, Etc

The best thing about Tuesday is that it is not Monday 😉 We start with a new set of B&H Photo dailiez running until 10/5/21 at 11:59pm ET (or earlierz IFF sold out):

+ Tamrac Quick Release Suede Microfiber Shoulder Strap (Black) for $10
+ if we have “bag the bags”, do we also need “strap the straps”? 😉

+ Phottix Odin Flash Triggers, seven options, $60 to $100 (transmitters, receivers, various system options)

+ LumeCube Panel Go and Ball Head with Stand Bundle for $200

+ TeraDek RT Single-Axis Wireless Lens Control Kit for $2000
+ alternately, you can Join the BORG!

+ GlideCam Devin Graham Signature Series Handheld Stabilizer for $549
+ Graham Crackers NOT included 😉

+ Cecilia SD Memory Card Wallet (Black Leather), three options, $15 to $20
+ it camouflages the memory cards from the memory card thieves but opens it up (pun NOT intended) to the wallet thieves 😉

Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 CF ATX-i for $369 [C/N]

Busy day at the Monday daily deals, because it’s a LENZ DAY at the Adorama daily deals running until Tuesday 10/5/21 at 10am eastern [or earlier if sold out]:

+ Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 CF ATX-i for $369 in your choice of Canon EF or Nikon F

+ CLAR 204 Phantom Series Bi-Color On Camera LED Light for $35

Monday: Memory and Storage sale (23 options, $20 to $500, SD, microSD, Flash, external, etc)

The Storage Sale Parade continues at the Amazon USA Gold Box as one of their daily deals for 10/4/21 is a sale of 23 memory and storage options including Lexar, Toshiba, PNY, QNAP and Crucial with prices ranging from $20 to $500…

This includes Lexar SD cards, PNY microSD, external storage from Toshiba and Crucial, PNY flash drives (from 32GB to 1TB), internal SSDs, a 14TB Toshi NAS drive, a QNAP 2-bay, and more… Too many to list here individually…

PS: for the Beats-Apple fans, they have the Beats Studio3 Wireless Noise Cancelling Over-Ear Headphones on sale for $170 with up to three per customer…

Monday: Peak D, Lexar SD, GVM, Fovite, Bright Tangerine, Etc

Name-brand action at the Monday 10/4/21 B&H Photo daily deals running until 11:59pm ET (or earlier if sold out):

+ Peak Design Everyday Backpack (30L, Charcoal) for $150

+ Lexar SD memory cards, 64GB to 256GB, in 1667x and 2000x options
+ also 1TB PLAY microSDXC for $128

+ GVM Professional Video Aluminum Alloy Motorized Camera Slider (32″) for $219

+ FoviTec Bi-Color LED 19″ Ring Light and Light Stand Kit for $75

+ Bright Tangerine Misfit Atom 4 x 5.65″/4 x 4″ Ultra Lightweight 2-Stage Clip-On Matte Box for $264

Meanwhile the headliner of the Monday Best Buy dailies is the Apple TV 4K (32GB) going for $120…

The headliner of the Woot dailies is the HP Chromebook 14b (2021 model) going for $300, while “Electronics” features a Pyle podcasting kit for $60. The time is always right to start the podcast you always dreamed about! Follow your dreams and make them come true! Rainbows and Unicorns (Fineprint: as long as you are comfortable that you might be the only podcast listener 😉

Standing desk, 27″ Acer WQHD monitor, ASUS ROG, storage and more can be found at the NewEGG daily deals

Sunday: Billingham F8 Bag, B+W, Kingston, Nikon Aculon, Etc

Sun-DAY is here and if it’s not sunny, you can get your money back BUT you must request it in person at the Sun’s Customer Service Center, 30 Center of the Sun Avenue, Suite 5023 😉

We start with the B&H Photo daily deals good until Sun-Day 10/3/21 at 11:59pm ET (or earlier if sold out):

+ Billingham F8 Bag (Black FibreNyte/Black) for $100
+ I don’t think the F8 refers to how well the bag opens 😉

+ B+W Photo Clear Microfiber Cleansing Cloth (7.9 x 7.1″, Black) for $6~

+ AuRay 18-LED Desktop Gooseneck Light with USB Charger for $35

+ Apexel 4-in-1 Smartphone Lens with Tripod for $27
+ you know you can’t resist collecting little accessories left and right and then piling them up and never using them 😉

+ KanexPRO 3×1 HDMI Switcher with 4K Support for $17

+ Kingston DataTraveler Exodia Flash Drive USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type A
+ 32GB for $3.49, 64GB for $6
+ don’t let the name fool you, this is not a USB 2.0 model that was in use during the Exodus 😉

It’s a recurring Nikon at the Sunday BEst BUy DaiLeeZ, it’s the Nikon Aculon binoculars (8×21 or 10×21) for $40 per pair…

WD (as almost always), LG Gram laptop, dashcam, and 128GB Samsung BAR Plus metal USB 3.1 Type A flash stick for $16AC are among the Sunday NewEgG DaiLeeZ

Saturday: GE Smart Bulbs and More (30 options, $3 to $45)

Jealous of yesterday’s Sylvania daily deal, for Saturday 10/2/21 at the Amazon USA Gold Box, GE is having a Smart Bulbs and Smart Plugs sale featuring 30 products with prices ranging from $3 to $45.

These include A19 and A21 light bulbs, motion sensor bulbs, dusk-to-dawn bulbs, color-changing, tunable “C by GE”, dimmers/switches, speaker light bulbs (because WHY NOT?) and more…

As usual, the B&H daily deals for Saturday are the same as those for Friday which we posted yesterday

UPDATE: the Adorama daily deal running until Sunday at 10am ET is the new condition CLAR FlexLite 12x12in / 25x122cm 50W Rollable Wireless Bicolor SMD LED Panel going for $200 with free US shipping…

Friday: Sylvania LED Light Bulbs (53 options, $3 to $136)

Consumer lighting is the headliner of the Amazon Gold Box for Friday October 1st in 2021, it’s two pages of Sylvania lighting options with prices ranging from $3 to $136… A total of 54 products are participating in the sale including:

+ LED light bulbs of different sizes, including plenty of A19

+ fashionable “TruWave” light bulbs

+ bluetooth light bulbs

+ flood, globe, chandelier, recessed/UFO lights, grow lights, etc

+ fluorescent, CFL, color temperature, strips and such options

UPDATE: audio is the theme of the current Adorama daily deals, running until Saturday at 10am ET (or earlier if sold out):

+ H&A AC60 Hypercardioid Dynamic Studio Broadcast Microphone for $150

+ H&A Broadcast Arm with Internal Springs for $80

+ Ultimate Support UA-ISO-100 Isolator Pad for Studio Monitor, Pair for $30
+ pad only; speakers NOT included!

GenAray OnC LED, Hoya UV Haze NXT, Induro Stealth Monopod, ONA, TriGyn, Etc

Fri-YAY is here and as usual the B&H Photo daily deals last until Saturday at 11:59pm ET but orders are not accepted Fri PM to Sat PM (as usual):

+ GenAray Ultra-Thin Bicolor 288 SMD LED On-Camera Light for $50

+ Hoya UV Haze NXT HMC Filters, from 43mm to 82mm, three options, $10 to $35

+ InDuro GIM304L Grand Stealth Series 3 Carbon Fiber Monopod for $100
+ you too can be a Monopod Jedi!

+ TriGyn 8″ Ring Light with Smartphone Holder and Desktop Tripod Stand for $35
+ a must-have accessory for all aspiring influencers!

+ ONA Presidio Camera Strap for $59 in three color options

+ CoreSWX Powerbase EDGE 49Wh 14.8V Cine V-Mount Battery Kit for BMPCC 6K Pro for $169

International Coffee Day arrives as the headliner of the Best Buy daily deals with the Keurig K-Latte maker for $59. This includes a K-Cup coffee brewer AND a Milk Frothing accessory whose base is built-into the K-Cup maker but can be removed for easier cleaning and such. So essentially you have two appliances, you can make K-Cup coffee, and froth milk, or you can combine them for lattes and such. It has a special “SHOT” mode that brews concentrated coffee if you are planning to make lattes or other coffee DJ mixes 🙂

Apart from the coffee, the Best Buy dailies include a 14TB WD external HDD (almost daily in the dailies these are) for $250, a Nimble (name brand, not description) 5-day portable charger (13K mAh, 18W PD) for $50, a dashcam, a webcam, and lots more…

The headliner of the Friday Woot daily deals is *SHOCK* not coffee related, but a VIVO office furniture sale ($48 to $210) of the standing type, while “Computers” features scratch-n-dent iPads (no, they are not scratched and dented for fashion like jeans) from $160 to $550…

Storage and memory, and then some more of that can be found at the NEWegg dailiez which also includes a 20,000 mAh AUKEY slim USB-C powerbank for $24 with free US shipping, a refurb Samsung Galaxy S10e for $179, and various other tech-ie things…