Archives for July 13, 2019

15 Classes for $29 (or less) each at CreativeLIVE

For a limited time (as usual), Creative Live is running another flash sale, the theme this time around is 15 classes for $29 [or less] each and the list includes:

+ Photographing National Parks with Shive for $24

+ Commercial Portraiture with Joey L

+ Nature and Landscape photography with John Greengo

+ Fine Art portraits with Brooke Shade

+ and eleven more including fine-art portraits, volume sports, lighting, photoshop (or fauxtoshop as haters like to call it), flower photography and mo(i)re…

If any of the above are not of interest, fear not, they also have a 50% off site-wide sale. This too is a limited time offer, no coupon code is needed: when the sale ends, the price will change…

Speaking of educational matters, and totally unrelated to the above, for a limited time Amazon is offering the Kindle version of the The Reluctant Healer by Andrew D. Hemmell for $0.99 (315 pages, October 2018)…