128GB Lexar USB-C/USB-A Flash Drive Cable for $19 w/FS

If you have embraced USB-C, Adorama is offering for a limited time (as a “snapshot deal”) the new condition 128GB Lexar JumpDrive C20c for $19 with free shipping. You can buy as many as you like. One side is USB-C (obviously), the other size is full size USB. This is a storage cable, not just a flash stick, so you have a “3 in 1” type of a usage for it. It supports USB 3.1 and promises UP TO 150MB/s read and UP TO 60MB/s write speeds. No coupon, no rebate, just add to le shopping cart and proceed to checkout!

PS: there is a bit of red on it, so it could color-match a Chinese New Year gift bundle 🙂

PS2: speaking of Adorama, they are running a winter sale on various Canon C-series Cinema cameras