Wedn FREE to Watch at 1pm ET: Panasonic GH5S Live-Streaming Panel from B&H Photo

As we mentioned last week, starting at 1pm eastern time (10am pacific) today, B&H Photo will be hosting for FREE Panasonic GH5S LIVE Streaming Panel Discussion featuring a photographer, a cinematographer, a post production person, along with a Panasonic representative and a panel host. A party of five. I mean, a panel of five! As usual, it will be free to watch. You can ask questions using the Twitter hashtag #BHPhotoLive.

The latest estimate for the Panasonic GH5S release is Monday February 5 (2018) according to the B&H Photo Pre-Order page. Its starting price is $2500, versus $2000 for its GH5 predecessor.

This time they are using YouTube for the live-stream, so that gives you more flexibility. No need for Adobe Flash! You can also find the video YouTube-embedded below..,

I think they accidentally set the YouTube live stream start time to pacific instead of eastern, but the event will start at 1pm eastern…