Used Zeiss 135mm f2 for $1100 (C)

If you are comfortable with used lenses, and don’t want to pay $1499 for the new condition, fear not, B&H Photo also has used options for you. The Zeiss 135mm f2 Sonnar T* in the Canon EF mount (ZE) is available in “USED – Condition 8+” for $1100 at B&H Photo, while the prices start at $1200 in “USED – Condition 9” in the Nikon F mount (ZF.2).

Used items carry a 90-day warranty covered by B&H Photo. For all their used options, look under the “In The Box” section (right hand side, further down the page over there) to see what’s included.

As usual, it is up to you to decide where to draw the price vs risk lines on new vs refurbished vs used.