USED Zeiss 135mm f2 (Canon EF) for $900+

The sale of the new condition is also good news if you are interested in buying USED lenses from reputable dealers. The used version of the Zeiss 135mm f/2 Apo Sonnar T* ZE (Canon EF) is available for as low as $900 with free shipping in USED Condition 8+ at B&H Photo.

If you are not familiar with B&H Used pages, each individual listing page has detailed on the Condition, and further down the page, on the right side, under “In The Box” shows what’s included. Here’s an example, the aforementioned lens. Used items sold by B&H come with a 90-day warranty covered by B&H (not the manufacturer). Given some spotty service by some manufacturers on some products, this may actually be a plus 🙂

PS: the Nikon version is nowhere near as low, it starts at $1200+…