(SOLD OUT) Used Nikon D850 body only for $2835

As of a 6:10pm ET, the used Nikon D850 body for $2835 sold out at B&H and the used listing has been removed (redirects to the new condition when it sells out). Congratulations to the lucky winner(s) of the used Nikon D850 “lottery”. Hopefully one of our readers saw this and needed/wanted it and scooped up one…

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Original post after the break for historical reference only…

HOWEVER, if you are comfortable with used, it is available in USED – Condition 9 at B&H Photo! Screenshot at the bottom of the post to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating 🙂

NOTE that B&H Photo does not accept orders until 6pm eastern today (Saturday 12/30/17). Set your alarm clocks if interested, it may be a button masher for who gets it!!! Dust up the mechanical keyboards 🙂

When it says “Additional Comments: Box”, this means scroll further down the page over there. On the right hand side of the page (when looking with a desktop/laptop), there is a “In the Box” section that describes what’s included. It comes with a 90-day B&H Photo warranty.

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