[DEAD] Europe: Sony RX100 IV for 599 euro, RX100 II for 399e

This limited time promotion expired…

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Used Sony RX100 Mark V rawsumer for $628 [updated]

UPDATE: this has been updated with the correct used links. I’ve gotten Amazon-rusty ^_^

As part of the 20% off in-shopping-cart (no coupon needed) Amazon Warehouse Deals sale, you can get the USED Sony RX100 Mark V for $628~ with free shipping. The price drops automatically after you add it to the shopping part from $786~. This is in “Used – Very Good” condition. Only the options sold by Amazon Warehouse Deals itself are eligible.

PS1: the link above shows only the used options sold by Amazon Warehouse itself which are eligible for the limited time 20% off in-cart discount. This link shows all the options…

PS2: a bit of a behind the scenes – in the excitement of it all, I accidentally ordered it while multi-tasking in dozens of open windows. Thankfully I noticed it before it was too late 🙂

PS3: You can find all our posts on Prime Day using the Prime Benefits category

16GB Sony SDHC for $9 [updated]

The 16GB Sony SDHC Class 10 (UHS-1, R40, up to 40MB/sec, model SF16UY/TQMN) goes for $9 at Amazon, however free shipping is with a $35+ order or for Prime members. Amazon’s limit is 30. The bang for the buck is for the 32/64 options, but some prefer lower storage per card for various reasons.

UPDATE: the eBay offer expired: On the single-figure shipped front at the eBay Deals, the BuyDig store is offering the new condition 16GB Sony SDHC Class 10 (UHS-1, R40, up to 40MB/sec, model SF16UY/TQMN) for $9 with free shipping. You can buy as many as 50 but even if you buy one, you still get free shipping.

Speaking of eBay, NewEgg’s very own eBay store is offering the manufacturer refurbished Roku 3 (first generation) for $65 with free shipping and a 90 day warranty. A good bang for the buck if you don’t need the voice search features of the second generation remote. A lot of camera apps are available for it, and if you have a much older Roku box, the speed difference is quite noticeable.