$5 per year: Digital Photo Pro, OP, PP, DP

DiscountMags has a Weekend Magazine Sale featuring 100 different magazines for $5 per year. Among them, four are photography magazines, Digital Photo Pro, Outdoor Photographer, Popular Photography and Digital Photo. The usual terms apply. You can subscribe for up to three years at the $5/year rate. The offer is good for new subscribers or renewals or gift subscriptions. All subscriptions from DiscountMags are without auto-renewal (they only renew if you personally renew them). US addresses only. No coupon code needed. The photography magazines are towards the bottom of the page (or use the “More” option in the grey menu at the top over there). Other semi-related magazines participating: Wired, Videomaker, Pop Sci, Discover, and various special-interest subjects with lots of photography (sports, nature, fashion, travel, etc). Offer ends at 11:59pm ET on Sunday 2/8/15.

Auto-renewal photo magazines for $5 per year: American or Pop Photo

If you are a fan of magazines with auto-renewal (they renew automatically unless you manually change it or cancel them), Amazon has a couple of photography magazines for $5 per year, American Photo and Pop Photo. Only the auto-renewal options are discounted at Amazon.

If you are not fond of auto-renewals, fear not. DiscountMags has recurring photography and other magazine specials without auto-renewals.

Speaking of Amazon, if you are fond of astrophotography, the Blu-Ray of Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey with Neil deGrasse Tyson is on sale for $22 per set, with a limit of three sets per customer. A great combination of learnings and entertainment, and a way to get younger people interested in the sciences.

Speaking of speaking of Amazon, if you are interested in the new Kindle Voyage, the wait is finally over for the Wifi without Special Offers. It is in-stock and ready to ship for $220 as of the time of writing. Also in-stock is the Wifi plus 3G with Special Offers for $270. The other two combinations have a February 6 in-stock estimate.

(ENDED) Tue only: Popular Photography for $5 per year

This daily deal expired…
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(ENDED) Sunday: Photography magazines for $5 per year (four options)

This limited time promotion ended…
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(ENDED) Photography Magazines for $5 per year (Ends Sun 11:59pm ET)

This weekend promotion expired…
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(ENDED) Photography Magazine Multi-Year Sale (the longer duration, the lower the price)

This limited time offer expired…

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(ENDED) Ends Tue 11:59pm ET: Photography Magazine sale (buy 3 or more) [bundles]

This Cyber Monday promotion now ended for real. It lasted 48 hours instead of 24 hours. But fear not, DiscountMags offers are recurring, so it will return in the future…

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(ENDED) Ends 11/30 11:59pm ET: Photography Magazines for $4 per year (no auto-renewal)

This limited time offer expired, however, if you missed it, fear not. Magazine specials are recurring offers at DiscountMags… Expired offers after the break…

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(SURPASSED) Pop Photo for $5 for one year with auto-renewal

As of a 9:33pm ET, we spotted a $4/year no auto-renewal offer for the whole weekend at DiscountMags. So this offer has been “defeated”. I am not sure what descriptor to use, so I went with “Surpassed”. Please feel free to suggest better ones 🙂

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(ENDED) Ends Fri 11:59pm ET: Pop Photo Magazine for $5 per year with coupon

This limited time offer but if you missed it, fear not, these are recurring offers…
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(ENDED) Ends Sun 11:59pm ET: Four different Photography Magazines for $5 per year per magazine

This limited time offer expired. If you missed it however, fear not! These are recurring offers that return every few weeks… Expired details after the break…

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(OLDER POST) Heads Up: Photography magazine specials going live tonight

This was an older post… This is a heads-up! Four printed photography magazine specials, for $5 per year per magazine will go live tonight at the date-change time period (12:01am Eastern Time on Saturday). A new blog-post will go live at that time. No auto-renewals! You can use them for yourself or gift subscriptions for other photo-people. Details on Sat at 12:01am ET. The promotion will be good for Saturday and Sunday.

(ENDED) Ends Fri 11:59pm ET: Popular Photography for $5 per year [up to 3 years]

This 24 hour offer ended but these are recurring offers – if you missed it, it will return in a few weeks…

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