Starts Thur 12pm ET (FREE to Stream): “Food Photography” class (Available Light, Real Food only, 14 hours long)

If you are interested in food photography, real photography, not smartphone-food-bloggies, and available light photography at that, using real food, not props and such, using manual exposure for everything, starting on Thursday 4/9/20 at 12pm eastern at the Creative LIVE ON-AIR they will be streaming the “Food Photography” with photographer Penny De Los Santos.

If you can’t wait to get started, Lesson #4 is streaming for FREE all the time as part of the class’s promotional material. Lesson #4 is 43 minutes long and it is titled “Principles of Food Photography” and it will give you a very good idea whether you would be interested in watching the class in full…

NOTE: this is a 14-hour class, so it will only air once in full during the 24-hour streaming window. Its second airing will begin around 2am ET but there’s only 10 hours until the next rotation, so the second airing will be incomplete. If you like it well enough, it is on sale for $39.

PS: the photographer, Penny de los Santos has already co-authored a number of published print cookbooks

UPDATE: another solid class will be offered on Thursday starting at 12pm ET, if you are interested in music mastering, there is a nine hour DIY Mastering class with Jesse Cannon [not Nikkon] 😉