Starts 12pm ET (FREE to Watch): Business of Commercial Photography: The Survival Guide (WORLD PREMIERE)

We have a world premiere starting at 12pm eastern today at the CreativeLIVE On-AIR. This class will stream for Thursday and Friday for FREE, it is The Business of Commercial Photography: The Survival Guide with John Keatley. This is a two-day class. Today is day #1. It records live in front of a studio audience in Seattle between 12pm and 7pm eastern (9 to 4 pacific). They do take a lunch break as most humans do.

+ CONTINUES: Adobe Photoshop CC Bootcamp until April 6
+ MAR-23: Business of Commercial Photography (second day)
+ MAR-24: Premiere PRO CC Starter Kit
+ MAR-25: Another Look with Art Wolfe
+ MAR-26: Lightroom CC Photo Editing: the Complete Guide
+ MAR-27: Fine Art Photography: the Complete Guide
+ MAR-28: 28 Days of Portrait Photography
+ MAR-29: Flash for Dramatic Images (WORLD PREMIERE)
+ MAR-29: Flash for Beauty Images (WORLD PREMIERE)
+ MAR-29: Understanding Light with Mark Wallace
+ MAR-30: Flash for Children/Family Images (WORLD PREMIERE)
+ APR-03: Lightning and Posing for Wedding Photographers (WORLD PREMIERE)
+ APR-04: Business of Wedding Photography
+ APR-05: The Wedding Story (WORLD PREMIERE)
+ APR-09: Lightroom Classic: The Complete Guide (WORLD PREMIERE)
+ APR-23: Powerful Portraits using Body Language and Lightning
+ the above is just a sampling, see them all at the CREATIVE LIVE On-AIR Schedule