SLR Magic Cine E-mount: 25/1.4 for $299, 35/1.2 for $300, 50/1.1 for $279, 75/1.4 for $299

Bright primes have their own cult following, after all, photography is all about the light! A number of SLR Magic Cine E-mount primes are now on sale as follows:

+ 25mm f1.4 for $299 at B&H Photo

+ 35mm f1.2 FE for $300 at B&H Photo

+ 50mm f1.1 for $279 at B&H Photo

+ 75mm f1.4 FE for $299 at B&H Photo

+ yes, it still doesn’t get old, a company named “SLR Magic” that mostly makes mirrorless gear 🙂