Sigma 135mm f1.8 ART for $1097 (Nikon) or $1140 (Canon)

When the Amazon Price Bots play their game of thrones, you win sometimes because Amazon’s own price drops to match some of the 3rd-party sellers. Such is the case at the moment for the new condition Sigma 135mm f1.8 ART lens. You can get it for $1097 with free shipping in the Nikon F system and $1140 in the Canon EF system. These links point to Amazon’s own listing. Other 3rd-party sellers offer them there for less, but they don’t look like authorized dealers or recognizable names.

Limit three of each per customer. As this is a random Price Bot price-match, the price can change at any point in time. Amazon’s price bots work in mysterious ways 🙂