(ENDED) Saturday: 3 month prepaid Texture subscription for $7 total

This daily deal expired…

One of the day-long Gold Box lightning deals at Amazon ending at 3am ET on Sunday is a 3-Month Prepaid Texture subscription for $7 total. This is like a Netflix for magazines, while you are a paying member, you can read as many of the 200+ participating magazines that are available.

You can see the complete list of magazines. Of camera and photo interest, it includes Outdoor Photographer, Shutterbug, National Geographic, Consumer Reports, CNet, MacWorld, Pop Sci, Pop Mecha, PC Mag, PC World, Wired, and a variety of six degrees of separation (weddings, sports, fashion, nature, style, tech, etc).

NOTE however that you can only use tablets and phones to read this. It has apps for iOS, GooglePLAY, Amazon’s app store, and the Windows Store (poorly reviewed Metro app) but you cannot read in a web browser. This is an important restriction if you prefer to do things in a web browser.

This is in addition to the many camera and photo lightning deals making the rounds on Saturday.