Refurbished Canon D-Rebel T6i w/18-55 IS STM and BG-E18 Battery Grip and LP-E17 Battery and 1-Year Warranty for $570

Both Canon and Nikon have a large number of APS-C DSLR options in the market, especially if you are also willing to consider open-box and refurbished and used, so deciding which one to get can be more complicated than it appears. One such option adding to the complications is this manufacturer refurbished Canon D-Rebel T6i w/18-55 IS STM bundle at the official Canon USA store for $580 with free shipping that includes two freebies, the Canon BG-E18 Battery Grip and the Battery Pack LP-E17. You can find this offer mentioned in small red print on the product page (screenshot below):

This kit is the only one of the refurbished Canon DSLR kits that have a free battery grip promotion on them that are currently in-stock. The rest are out of stock (and cannot be ordered while they are out of stock). To see them all, use your browser’s in-page search function to search for “battery grip” over there after you increase “Items per page” to 72.

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