Costco Members Only: Pentax K-S2 w/18-50 & 50-200 for $450

Costco’s camera & photo offers, just like many other products they carry, vary depending on whether they can get good volume discounts. One such good volume discount they have now, restricted to Costco members only, is this Pentax K-S2 two lens kit (18-50, 50-200, case, 32GB SD) for $450, with a limit of three bundles per customer.

With memberships going for $55, depending on whether you need this particular kit right now or not, it may be worth to sign up for a 1-year membership just for the discount of this particular offer.

Some offers can be purchased by non-members with a 5% surcharge. However, other offers are marked as Members Only and can only purchased by actual members. This is a members-only offer.

The price of this kit at online authorized dealers is $650+, such as B&H Photo and Adorama and Amazon.

For general Costco action, there’s the Costco Insider website.

Pre-order new Pentax HD FA 24-70mm f2.8ED SDM WR for $1300

Pentax fans, it is your turn to make your wallet cry constant-aperture tears. Pentax has now revealed the new Pentax-D HD FA 24-70mm f2.8ED SDM WR lens and it is available for pre-order for $1300 at B&H Photo where you can find detailed specs of said lens. Release estimate is late October 2015.

The lens has been added to the New Lenses of 2015 tracking page (if you page up on that page, you will also see the new cameras of 2015).

Pentax K-3 with 50mm f1.8 and AF-200FG and 4% rewards for $650

With the Pentax K-3 II being the latest model at $850, there is room for discounting on the previous model, the K-3 (first generation, first of its name).

You can get the Pentax K-3 body only, along with the 50mm f1.8 lens, and the Pentax AF-200FG Shoe Mount Flash along with $26 rewards (4%) for $650 at Adorama. Just add to cart and proceed to checkout, no coupons/rebates. The offer is good while you see it mentioned on the product page (annotated screenshot crop of that right below:)


Pentax K-50 body only for $295 with freebies

If you need a Pentax DSLR body but have no use for the standard 18-55 kit lens, you can get the K50 body only in various colors for $295 to $300 with free shipping, with some of the colors even coming with some freebies. Here’s the current situation:

+ black $295 at B&H Photo (4% rewards, 16GB Sandisk Extreme) and Adorama (4% rewards) and Amazon

+ red $295 at Amazon (one year free cloud photo storage) and

+ white $300 at B&H Photo (4% rewards, 16GB Sandisk Extreme) and Adorama (4% rewards) and Amazon (one year free cloud photo storage)

Pentax Floating Wrist Strap for $5 w/free s&h

We haven’t forgotten the “$5 Gadget” posts! The bright yellow Pentax Floating Wrist Strap is currently on sale for $5 with free shipping (even if you buy only one) at B&H Photo… Speaking of floating, but without unconditional free shipping, you can get the Intova Camera Floatation Strap for $4 (free shipping with $49+ order).

Save $1200 when Buy Pentax 645Z _and_ One Lens From Choice of 15 [two options are FREE after combo discount]

If you are interested in getting the Pentax 645Z medium format digital camera, Adorama has an “optical encouragement” for you. If you purchase the Pentax 645Z body only kit TOGETHER with ONE LENS from a list of 15 eligible 645 lenses, you will save $1200 on the total purchase amount. No coupon, no rebate, just add one of the lenses to the bundle and add the bundle to the shopping. You can only add ONE lens to this promotion – you cannot turn it into a money-maker fatwallet-style :)

There are two lenses in the lot that go for $1200 (or less), essentially making the lenses FREE (55/2.8, 200/4). The discount cannot be bigger than the price of the lens, so the $1100 lens is only a $1100 discount. The next lowest price lens of the lot is the 45mm f2.8 (645) which goes for $1300, so with the combined purchase discount, you are essentially getting it for $100.

This is a screenshot crop of the right side of the Adorama shopping cart after you add the 645Z and the 55/2.8 lens. You still have to press the green Add Bundle to Cart to proceed with the order…


Pentax 55-300mm f4-5.8 DA HD ED WR for $320

The Pentax 55-300mm f4-5.8 DA HD ED WR lens is currently on sale for $320 with free expedited shipping at B&H Photo.

Lens Instant Savings at B&H: Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, Sigma

More B&H action, this is a round-up of the current Lens Instant Savings promotions running:

+ Canon SLR Lenses and flashes (21 lenses, 2 flashes)
+ Nikon SLR Lenses (8 lenses)
+ Sony SLR and Mirrorless Lenses (many options)
+ Pentax SLR Lenses (36 options)
+ Sigma SLR Lenses (186 options) – use coupon code PSWBH15 at checkout for more discounting for the Sigmas

Pentax DSLR Lens Specials (36 options)

B&H Photo currently has a sale on 36 DSLR Lenses. This is a straight up sale, no mail-in rebates. Free expedited shipping.

PS: B&H just launched a barrage of Photoshop World specials. I will start “digesting” them after lunch and post various individual posts throughout the day. If you can’t wait, some of them have been added to their Featured Deals page

Pentax K50 w/18-55 & 50-200 & Flash & Eyefi for $400

Pentax makes a rare appearance in the featured eBay Deals. The seller is BuyDig (of House Beach Camera) offering in new condition, in either the olive or blue color schemes a Pentax K-50 bundle that consists of the K50, 18-55 WR and 50-200 WR lenses, an external Pentax flash and a 4GB Eyefi SD card. Limit five per buyer.

The eBay Bucks offer ended: TIP: if you are a member of eBay Bucks and you received the 4X Extra Bucks offer and you manually OPTED IN to the offer, and you buy this before 3am ET on Thursday 8/6/15, you can earn $32 in eBay Bucks rewards on this purchase (8% of $400).

Pentax K-3 body with 50mm f1.8 and AF-200FG for $750

An old school SLR photography bundle with a camera, a 50mm prime and a flash! Adorama is offering this Pentax K-3 bundle that consists of the K-3 body only kit, the 50mm f1.8 DA lens, and the AF-200FG flash for $750 with free shipping. Add bundle to cart. No rebates/coupons. Offer ends by 8/15/15 or earlier if sold out. Annotated screenshot below:


Pentax 645D body only for $4000

If you want to take the jump into 645 digital, B&H Photo has further discounted the Pentax 645D body only, now going for $4000 with free expedited shipping. This has a 40mp CCD sensor and supports both PEF and DNG.

Pentax XG-1 superzoom (52x optical) for $150

Zoom-zoom on the Pentax front as well, the black Pentax XG-1 (52x optical) is currently on sale for $150 with free shipping at Adorama.

Imported Pentax K-3 II body only for $900

If you are comfortable with imported cameras without Pentax USA warranty, there’s rare Pentax DSLR action at the eBay Deals, eBay seller “Photo4Less” (99.8%) is offering the new condition Pentax K-3 II body only for $900 with free shipping and a limit of five per buyer. The price at authorized dealers such as Adorama and B&H Photo is $1000.

Pentax Q-S1 body only for $300

Adorama is offering the Pentax Q-S1 body only for $300 with free shipping and 4% promotional rewards (= $12~). UPDATE: all four colors go for $300 with 4% rewards.

Pentax K-50 body with AF-200FG flash & extras for $350

The black Pentax K-50 body only with a bonus Pentax AF-200FG flash and some more extras is going for $350 with free shipping. At B&H Photo you also get a 32GB Sandisk Ultra SDHC, while at Adorama you get a 32GB Monster SDHC card but also 4% promotional rewards (= $7). Both places automatically include the AF-200FG flash.

If you also need lenses, there are many other options as well. You may need a spreadsheet or a dry-erase board to sort out all the different options!

Pre-order new Pentax K-3 II BO for $1100

New Pentax DSLR action, the K-3, second of its name (aka K-3 II) is now available for pre-order in the body only configuration for $1100 with free shipping at Adorama and B&H Photo.

PS: we are keeping track of the interesting/unusual new cameras and lenses of 2015 in this spartan tracking post at the main blog.

Pentax K-3 w/50mm f1.8 and BG-5 grip for $950

K-temptations at B&H Photo, where this Pentax K-3 bundle is offered for $950 with free shipping as part of their WPPI specials. It includes the K-3 body only kit, the 50mm f1.8 prime lens, and the BG-5 battery grip.

Pentax 645Z with 55mm f2.8, 3yr Spills/Drops for $8500

Digital medium format is more affordable these days. If you are a fan of the Pentax 645, the 40mp Pentax 645D currently sells for $4500 with 4% promotional rewards (= $180) at Adorama and B&H Photo.

But if you want the latest model, the 645Z, Adorama has created a special 645Z bundle for WPPI that goes for $8500, the standard price of the body only. Adorama is including the following extras: 55mm f2.8 lens, 3 year New Leaf Spills and Drops warranty for the Camera, and a similar warranty for the Lens, and a ProOptic filter kit.

Pentax K-50 two lens kit with either $50GC or Flash for $527

There are many Pentax K-50 colors and kits around. At the lowest point, $367 gets you the red K-50 body only with bonus AF-200FG flash and 32SD and 4% promotional rewards (= $14.xx~).

The bang for the buck is the black K-50 two lens kit with the 18-55 WR and 55-200 WR lenses and AF-200FG flash and 4% rewards (= $21~) going for $527 at B&H Photo and Adorama.

However, if you don’t want/need the flash, Adorama has another bundle that substitutes the flash with a $50 Adorama gift certificate for the same $527 total price.

If you prefer other body colors or kit combinations, Adorama has a total of 18 different kits to ponder over. You can try sorting by price (low/high or high/low) or other factors to get a better handle of the many and more options.

Pentax K-3 with 50mm f1.8 and D-BG5 grip and 4% rewards for $1134

This Pentax K-3 bundle (K3 body only, 50mm f1.8 prime, D-BG5 battery grip) and 4% promotional rewards are offered all together in one add-to-cart bundle for $1134 at Adorama. They also have various other K-3 bundles with variations on a theme.

UPDATE: speaking of Pentax, a number of Pentax binoculars are on sale at Woot Plus (expires by 2/23/15 at 12am Central).

Pre-order new Pentax K-S2, 18-50mm lens, AF201G flash, WG-5 P&S

Pentax launched a second wave of DSLR gear in 2015 [see Interesting Cameras & Lenses of 2015 reference page (no swimsuit edition I’m afraid), headlined by the new K-S2 dSLR, with a 20mp APS-C sensor shying away from the anti-aliasing status quo. The camera starts at $700 body only, goes $800 with the new 18-50mm f4-5.6 WR DC DA RE AX GI ZO ER kit lens, and $900 with the 18-50 and 55-200 lenses. Also coming along is a new weather-friendly AF-201G flash ($150), and a new WG-5 elementproof P&S camera under the Ricoh brand ($380).

The K-S2 is available for pre-order at Adorama and Amazon et al at the aforementioned prices.

The 18-50mm f4-5.6 lens (which is the new kit lens included with the K-S2 bundles above) goes for $300 on its own at Adorama and B&H Photo.

The new AF-201G weather-friendly flash pre-orders for $150 at Adorama and B&H Photo.

The new Ricoh branded WG-5 elementproof P&S pre-orders for $380 at Adorama and B&H Photo.

Preorder new Pentax 70-200/2.8 and 150-450/4.5-5.6 lenses

Pentax wants to empty your K-wallet with just two lenses. Announced this week are two high-end lenses. First up, it is the 70-200mm f2.8 HD D FA* ED DC AW with a pre-order price of $2300 at Adorama and B&H Photo. Next up, it is the 150-450mm f4.5-5.6 HD D FA DC AW with a pre-order price of $2500 at Adorama and B&H Photo.

Note: the “DC” in the model names is for the Direct Current (DC) autofocus motor, not to be confused with the Sigma-speak “DC” for APS-C lenses.

Demo Open-Box Pentax WG2 elementproof for $126

The eBay action continues with the New (Other Condition) – that’s eBay’s term – red/black waterproof/elementproof Pentax Optio WG-2 offered for $126 with free shipping by Roberts Camera on eBay with a limit of five per buyer. The description says “100% NEW product, open box / store demo”. It comes with a six months warranty from Roberts Camera, not Pentax.

Speaking of this segment, the Woot Electronics deal of the day ending by 1am ET on Thursday is a sale on various GearPro action cameras. Note these are GearPro, NOT GoPro.

Pentax K-5 body only for $479

If of all the K-mount DSLR it is the Pentax K-5 body only the one that you want, it is going for $479 with free shipping, with a limit of two per customer, at Amazon by Amazon herself. This is the K-5 first generation, not the K-5 II/IIs. This is part of their Camera and Photo Outlet clearance/sale.