Pay $90, Get $100 Barnes and Noble Gift Card by MAIL w/free S&H

A good way to get an even better deal at Barnes and Noble is to combine sales and coupons and pay for the orders with a gift card which you purchased at a discount. For this adventure, we head on to the eBay Deals

… where eBay seller “SVM Gift Cards” is offering a $100 Barnes and Noble Gift Card for $90 with free shipping. This is plastic gift card delivered by mail. Limit up to three plastic cards per customer at the sale price. The math is easy on this one, it is a 10% off discount.

You can use the Barnes and Noble gift cards in-store or online, or if you use a Nook e-reader, you can use them as a balance to pay for your ebooks, so your credit card statement isn’t filled with small transactions.

Of camera and photo interest are the various photography books and camera guides. Of B&M store interest, in the clearance section, you may find some of those big coffee-book sized photo-books at significantly reduced prices. Clearance sections are of course YMMV.

Speaking of eBay and gift cards, PayPal Digital Gifts is offering a $75 GameSTOP Gift Card (by email) for $65. Limit five per customer. This is an email gift card. The math here requires a calculator, it is a 13.33% off discount.

Also from PayPal Digital Gifts, you can get a $150 Best Buy Gift Card by e-mail with a bonus $15 eBay Gift card by e-mail, all together for $150. Limit three sets per customer.