Panasonic G9 returns to Amazon

A few days ago the option to pre-order the Panasonic G9 at Amazon disappeared, but as of the time of writing, the option to pre-order this for $1700 has returned at Amazon. I have no clue why it disappeared. AI Bots Gone Wild? 🙂

You can see how it stacks up price-wise with other mirrorless camera in last week’s Mirrorless Price Chart. Its announcement came just as I was preparing the charts. If I was a day early, it wouldn’t have made it. So sometimes being late pays off 🙂

Speaking of Panasonic, a number of their M43rds cameras, lenses and fixed lens cameras are on sale. You can find them all under the Panasonic category, or under the Mirrorless section of the Black Friday 2017 Situation Room. It looks like mayhaps they are trying to steal a march on the other camera manufacturers by rolling out their sales earlier.