Refurbished Nikon D7100 body for $600

Adorama is offering the manufacturer refurbished Nikon D7100 body only for $600 with free shipping, a 90 day Nikon USA warranty, and 2% promotional rewards (= $12).

For comparison, the new condition price is $800 with free extras at various Nikon dealers, for example, Adorama bundles it with free WU-1a wireless dongle, extra 3rd-party battery, 16GB Toshiba SD, and 2% promotional rewards. A similar bundle is offered by B&H Photo.

(ENDED) Woot Camera Sale (ends 9/30): Fuji S1, S8650, DSLRs T5i, D3200, Lenses 55-200, 55-250

This limited time offer expired…

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Refurbished Nikon SB-700 Speedlight for $240

Adorama is offering the manufacturer refurbished Nikon SB-700 Speedlight for $240 with free shipping and a 90 day Nikon USA warranty.

Refurbished Nikon D3200 w/18-55 VR & 55-200 non-VR & WU1a & Lowepro & Aftershot & PSP for $385

If you are between the Nikon D3200 and D3300 dSLRs, there are two refurbished bundles at similar prices bubbling around at the moment. We previously posted the D3300 with 18-55 & 55-200 (both VR) for $380.

Now Adorama has a similar bundle but for the refurbished D3200 but with a handful of practical accessories. For $385 with free shipping and 90 day warranty for the refurbished Nikon gear, you get the D3200 with 18-55 DX VR, 55-200 DX non-VR, Nikon WU-1a wireless thang, Lowepro Nova Sport 17L AW Shoulder Bag, and the Corel Digital Creativity software kit (includes Aftershot Pro 2 and Paintshop Pro X7 among others).

We blog, you decide :)

Refurbished Nikon Coolpix L840 (38x, AA) for $150

The superzoom parade continues, this time for Melisandre fans (red camera), the red Nikon Coolpix L840 (38x optical, 4 AA batteries) is offered in manufacturer refurbished condition for $150 with free shipping and a 90 day manufacturer warranty at Adorama.

Refurbished white Nikon AW1 with 11-27.5mm for $430

The white Nikon 1 AW1 Waterproof Camera with AW 11-27.5mm f3.5-5.6 Lens is currently available in manufacturer refurbished condition for $430 with free expedited shipping and 90 day manufacturer warranty at Adorama. The other colors are only available in new condition ($700 with free accessories).

Refurbished Nikon D3300 w/18-55 & 55-200 drops to $380

Among the trending eBay Deals, Beach Camera’s eBay store is offering two manufacturer refurbished Nikon D3330 bundles. The D3300 with 18-55 remains at $330 as when we previously posted about it, but the D3300 with 18-55 and 55-200mm dropped from $400 to $380. To see this, select it under “Lens bundle” below the “Time Left”, which is below the Item Condition, in the middle of the page, up top.

Based on the product pictures (especially #4 in the main gallery), both lenses are DX VR. They come with the usual 90 day Nikon USA warranty for refurbished products.

Refurbished Nikon Coolpix P530 (42x) for $160

Zoom-zoom at the eBay Deals where the BuyDig eBay store strikes again, offering the factory refurbished Nikon Coolpix P530 superzoom (42x optical) for $160 with free shipping and a 90 day Nikon USA warranty, with a limit of five per customer.

UPDATE: added the price in the blog-post title :)

(ENDED) Nikon S2 with 11-27.5mm (red only) for $170

As of a 9/20/15 recheck, this particular offer ended… For future action, check the eBay Deals

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Used Nikon L830 w/6mo warranty for $139, Refurbished w/1yr for $148

Picking a superzoom camera these days is no easy task, especially if you don’t have any requirements that automatically reduce the field to a manageable size. Which brings us to another superzoom, the Nikon Coolpix L830 (34x, AA powered) is offered in “Used – Like New” condition with a six month warranty from KEH, or $148 in refurbished condition with a one year warranty from Cameta. The warranties are offered by the aforementioned sellers, not by Nikon. Look for these two sellers in the Amazon Warehouse Deals listings.

(ENDED) Ends by Wedn 11:59pm ET: Nikon D5200 with 18-55 DX VR for $450

This daily deal expired… For more action, check the B&H Featured Deals

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Instant Savings round-up: Canon, Nikon, Sony

The latest situation in the world of Instant Savings is summarized at the following Adorama pages:

+ Canon cameras
+ Canon printers
+ Nikon cameras
+ Sony cameras

Featured Nikon DSLR Gear Sale on eBay Deals (224 options)

eBay Deals has launched a new featured Nikon DSLR Gear sales promotion with a total of 224 items featured, with free shipping included. Due to time constraints I cannot go through all 224 items, so this is a DIY YMMV adventure if you are interested… Be sure to check product condition, authorized dealer status, seller reputation, etc. It is eBay, anything and everything goes :)

Refurbished Nikon D3200 w/18-55 & WU-1a adapter & bag for $270

Back to the eBay Dailies where the BuyDig eBay store is offering the manufacturer refurbished Nikon D3200 with 18-55 bundle with Wu-1a wireless adapter and Nikon camera bag for $270 with free shipping with a limit of five per customer.

Refurbished Nikon D3300 w/18-55 DX VR for $330 {dropped!} [with 55-200 DX VR for $400]

UPDATE (9/3/15 PM): the refurbished D3300 with 18-55 kit dropped from $350 to $330… The two lens kit remains at $400…

More eBay Deals action where BuyDig’s eBay store has two options in their manufacturer refurbished Nikon D3300 listing. The default option is the D3300 with 18-55 DX VR for $330 (was $350). But if you change the option in the pull down menu [see annotated screenshot below], you can get it as a two lens kit with the 55-200 DX VR added for $400. (the picture in the gallery shows this as the 55-200 DX VR lens).


Refurbished Nikon A for $300 (Big Sensor Prime)

If you are looking for the good old Nikon Coolpix A big-sensor-prime, you can get it for $300 with free shipping in manufacturer refurbished condition with a 90 day Nikon USA warranty by Adorama on eBay and Adorama directly.

New round of Nikon DSLR/Lens Combo Purchase Instant Savings (ends 10/3/15)

A new round of Nikon DSLR cameras and lenses combined purchase discounts is up and running, with this iteration good until 10/3/15. No coupons, no rebates, just add the eligible items to the shopping cart. Most Nikon DSLRs are eligible (D4s, Df, D810, D750, D7200, D7100, D610, D5500, D5300, D5200, D3300, D3200), along with a variety of lenses from the Nikon line-up. You can find all these nicely organized at B&H Photo.

Some items also come with free accessories promotions of their own, those too will be included automatically by B&H. For example, the D3200 has four freebies (battery, SD, bag, wireless) of its own plus 2% promotional rewards, regardless of the combined purchase offer.

Imported Nikon 18-140mm f3.5-5.6G DX VR for $250

The new condition price of the Nikon 18-140mm f3.5-5.6G DX VR at authorized Nikon USA dealers of $500 is out of touch with reality – partly because this lens is bundled with select DSLR kits, and the prices want to nudge buyers towards the kits. Regardless, if you are comfortable with imported grey-market camera gear without a Nikon USA warranty…

… among the latest eBay Deals you can get the new condition grey-market imported Nikon 18-140mm f3.5-5.6G DX VR for $250 with free shipping with a limit of five per buyer from eBay seller “Peach Photo” (99.9%).

Imported Nikon 50mm f1.8G for $184

Back to the eBay Deals with another grey-market imported prime. This time it is the Nikon 50mm f1.8G SLR lens offered for $184 with free shipping by eBay seller “Peach Photo” (99.9%). Limit five per customer.

At authorized dealers, this lens goes for $220 with free lens accessories at places such as Beach Camera upon Amazon and Adorama and B&H Photo. The last two also offer 2% promotional rewards (= $4.xx)

Imported grey-market Nikon D810 body only for $2100

And now some imported grey-market action at the eBay Deals… According to the listing subtitle there, this offer expires by 8/31/15… it is the new condition imported grey-market Nikon D810 body only offered for $2100 with free shipping by eBay seller “Get It Digital” with a limit of five per customer…

This comes with a 1yr warranty from the seller, not Nikon USA… The eBay listing says:

“Direct Import Item 1yr US Warranty via Seller
Warranty Provider: Trained Professionals at Authorized Repair Center”

In comparison, at authorized Nikon dealers, the D810 body only goes for $3000 with various free accessories included at B&H Photo and Adorama and Amazon.

Refurbished Nikon D7000 with 18-55 non-VR for $450

We haven’t forgotten about the eBay Deals! Back there we go, where the Buydig eBay store is offering the manufacturer refurbished Nikon D7000 with 18-55mm non-VR for $450 with free shipping, with a limit of five per customer… There are many Nikon DSLR options out there in this price range, so you have many choices to consider considering…

Nikon SLR Lens Instant Savings expire 8/29/15 (8 options)

The current iteration of the Nikon SLR Lens instant Savings are set to expire on 8/29/15. Eight lenses are participating. These are straight up discounts on the lenses, you don’t need to buy a camera body or sing or dance to get them. You can find the nicely organized at B&H Photo

Nikon S2 with 11-27.5mm for $170 (1-System)

The action never stops at the eBay Deals where BuyDig’s eBay store (authorized Nikon dealer) is offering the new condition, in a choice of four different colors, and with a limit of five per customer Nikon J2 with 11-27.5mm for $170 with free shipping. That’s a 1-inch iLC with a lens for $170. Our 2005 selves would probably argue vehemently against such low prices (and new camera system) being realistic in the 2005 forums 😉

Refurbished Nikon S9900 compact-zoom for $230

The Nikon Coolpix S9900 is offered manufacturer refurbished with a 90 day Nikon USA warranty for $230 with free shipping at Groupon Goods. Before I give you the spoiler, take a closer look at that listing. Spoiler in the next paragraph, stop reading if you don’t want to be spoiled :)

The spoiler is… the picture is of a Sony superzoom camera, but everything in the listing is about the Nikon S9900 which may perhaps explain why they only sold one, even though it’s a good price, when you consider the new condition is $300 at Amazon and Best Buy upon eBay et al. The Groupon listing for the new condition Coolpix S9900 has the correct picture.

Imported (grey market) Nikon D4S body only for $4000

More eBay action, this time of the imported grey-market variety, without a Nikon USA warranty but with a seller one year warranty. eBay seller Get It Digital (99.7%) is offering the new condition grey-market imported Nikon D4S body only for $4000 with free shipping with a limit of five per customer. It does not come with a Nikon USA warranty instead the seller provides a one year warranty (parallel in features to the manufacturer warranty), with the “Item Specifics” on the eBay listing saying: “Trained Professionals at Authorized Repair Center”.

If you are not comfortable with imported grey-market items, you can get it manufacturer refurbished with a 90 day Nikon USA warranty for $5000 at Adorama.

The new condition price, at authorized Nikon dealers is $6000 with some offering free accessories, such as B&H Photo (32GB Extreme, extra battery, shutter release, shoulder bag) and Adorama (2% rewards and extra accessories or free Audio-Technica AT8024 camera-mount mic) or Amazon (64GB Lexar, camera bag). One benefit of buying new-condition from an authorized dealer is that you can take advantage of the Combined Purchase DSLR-Lenses promotions.