Nikon DSLR Combined Purchase Discounts return (one DSLR, multiple lenses)

The Nikon combined purchase DSLR + Lens discounts are back at Amazon. You can purchase one DSLR and multiple lenses in the same shopping cart transaction, and receive a discount for each eligible lens. You can see all options at the Amazon promotional page.

TIP #1: not every lens is eligible for every dSLR. This is mentioned on the aforelinked page, but to be on the safe side, add the items of interest and check and double-check the discounts on the top right corner of the Amazon Checkout page

TIP #2: some of the bundles with free accessories are also eligible for this promotion. For example, when looking at the D5300 options page, carefully peruse to find the color/kit combo with the free extras. The extras are typically an AmazonBasics DSLR bag and 32GB SD card.

TIP #3: the just announced Nikon D7200 shows this promotion on its product page, but when I add it to cart with various lenses there are no discounts. There are two possible explanations: 1) because the camera is not shipping yet, the discounts are not working or 2) the promotion has not yet been activated in the shopping cart, or 3) both or 4) something else

In case you haven’t seen or done one of these promotions in a while, here is an annotated screenshot shot of the top right corner of the Amazon Checkout page with one DSLR and a few lenses added to the shopping cart.