New Offer for Nikon D750 kits: FREE MB-D16 Battery Grip, $80 Hiker Backpack and 128GB Samsung EVO microSD

Last night when I posted the Nikon D750 Free Battery Grip promotions, Amazon’s humans, hybrids, and bots were asleep and did not have their own offers running.

But as of this recheck, Amazon created its own bundle, it’s a nice one, you get a FREE $80 AmazonBasics Hiker Camera and Laptop Backpack (link is for reference only; you don’t add it to shopping cart separately), and a 128GB Samsung EVO Select microSD (with matching SD adapter included), along of course with the Nikon MB-D16 Multi Battery Power Pack/Grip for D750.

So the bundles are, the Nikon D750 body only with the MB-D16 battery grip, AB Hiker Backpack and 128GB Samsung EVO microSD for $1500 or the Nikon D750 with 24-120 with the same three freebies for $2000.

All items will be included in the shopping cart automatically and priced accordingly. Amazon finally figured out how to do consumer-friendly bundles 🙂

If you pay with an Amazon Chase Prime VISA credit card, or the Amazon house store credit card, you get 5% back as a statement credit, which is a pretty nice amount considering the price of the cameras, $75 for the body only or $100 for the “with 24-120”.

If you are not a Prime member, but you have the Amazon Chase VISA credit card, you get 3% back as a statement credit, still a solid $45 or $60. Or if you have a Discover credit card, they are running 5% caskback promotions for Q4 of 2017. Note however that the maximum is $1500 per credit card for the quarter (October 1st until December 31st).

I suppose that’s one of the benefits of Amazon having its own brands of products like AmazonBasics, they can bundle them up as they please.

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