New Irix 11mm f4 and 15mm f2.4 DSLR lenses begin shipping ($400 to $775) [C/N/P]

Pentax fans were not left out of these brand new third-party lenses. Some of the new Irix prime lenses are now in-stock and ready to ship at Adorama. Check each individual lens for availability on it. These are DSLR lenses available in the Canon, Nikon and Pentax K DSLR systems. There are two prime lenses, a 15mm f2.4 and a 11mm f4. Each lens comes in two variations, a Firefly, and a higher-quality Blackstone (costs $200 more than the Firefly equivalent). There is a table at the aforelinked page with the differences between the two lines.

The 15mm f2.4 goes for $400 in Firefly and $600 in Blackstone, while the 11mm f4 goes for $575 in Firefly and $775 in Blackstone. Another benefit of having two lines, is two opportunity for discounts instead of one 🙂

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