In-Stock Now: Panasonic GH5 body for $2000 [or USED for $1848]

Good news for all of you looking to find the Panasonic GH5 body only in-stock! As of the time of writing the camera is in-stock for its starting price of $2000 at Adorama and by a trio of recognizable eBay sellers, Samy’s Camera (eBay) (Southern California) and Kenmore Camera (eBay) (Washington, the Apple state) and Pixel Connection (eBay) (Ohio).

Meanwhile the estimate at B&H Photo is May 16, 2017, so if you are a B&H fan or have gift cards or rewards or store credit, that’s an option too. Keep in mind the “May 16” is an estimate and can change at any time as the estimates depend on various factors.

On the other hand, if you are a fan of buying used, you can get it for $1848~ in “Used – Like New” condition by Amazon Warehouse Deals itself. The listing says damaged original packaging, no cosmetic imperfections, and it has been tested and fully functional (not sure by who, and not sure how much the AWD camera testers know about customers). Amazon offers a 30-day return policy but makes no promise of a manufacturer warranty.

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