Hide Your Wallets, The B&H Photo MEGA DEAL ZONE is BACK!

This is like an All-Star Game of Daily Deals! The B&H Photo Mega Deal Zone is back! This features almost all of their previous daily deals, there are hundreds of them. You can filter them by price-range OR by product category (eg the Photography sub-tab) or by Brand name. For example, there are ten Mitakon Zhongyi (it is going to be on the Photographer’s Spelling Bee contest!) prime lenses for various systems.

All the filtering happens in the widget, there are no separately links for sub-categories. Later on, on a time permitting basis I’ll try to highlight some.

OR you can look for them by painstakingly browsing through our previous daily deals posts which include B&H (but also other retailers). Mayhaps I need to create a B&H daily deals tag for future use 🙂