Fuji X System: three Zeiss Touit Primes (12/2.8, 32/1.8, 50/2.8) for $2018 after $700 MIR (prepaid Gift Card)

If you like Touit lenses and the Fuji X system and don’t mind mail-in rebates and prepaid gift cards, the X-System trio of Zeiss Touit lenses (12/2.8, 32/1.8, 50/2.8) is bundled together for $2018 after a $700 mail-in rebate (prepaid gift card) at Adorama (with free filters and cleaning kits).

NOTE #1: this is currently “Temporarily On Backorder”, there is no shipping estimate

NOTE #2: the PDF of the rebate form (available at the aforelinked page) says that your rebate form must be postmarked within 30 days of purchase. Since the shipment date is an unknown, if you are planning to do the mail-in rebate, you may want to wait until it is back in-stock before buying it!

NOTE #3: the PDF rebate says “prepaid gift card” but does not specify which one. VISA? Mastercard? AMEX? Store Gift Card? It certainly won’t be a cashable check.