(ENDED) Five Magazines for $20 total for 1-Year (options include four Photography magazines) [Max 3 Years]

This weekend sale expired…

There is a nice deal this weekend at Discount Mags if you want to buy five different magazines. You select five from a choice of 100+ magazines, and pay $20 total for 1-year for all five magazines. You can pick any combination and topic from the available ones. There are four photography magazines available, Pop Photo, American Photo, Digital Photo Pro, and Digital Photo. You must buy five magazines to get this deal. There is a variety of six degrees of separation magazines (Wired, sports, nature, fashion, bridal, etc). This averages to $4 per magazine per year.

You can adjust the duration to 1 or 2 or 3 years for the whole bundle. You can’t select the duration of the subscription for each magazine individually. However, for each individual magazine, you can select whether it’s a New Subscription or a Renewal. There is also a Gift Option but it may be on the whole bundle (you’ll see that during the checkout process).

These are printed magazines delivered to USA addresses by mail. Offer ends on Sunday at 11:59pm Eastern.