(ENDED) Expiring Tue Night: KEH, Rokinon AF FE, Coupons, Etc

These offers expired…

A number of offers expire on Tuesday night, so the time is right for an “Expire-a-palooza” round-up. Or to be more current, an Expireachella 🙂 These typically expire at 11:59pm in the timezone of each retailer, so the range is 11:59pm eastern to pacific…

+ 15% off select cameras at KEH Camera with coupon SDFC04A

+ 1-year of “Digital Photo” print magazine for $3.29 minus 15% off with coupon 150422 at “Best Deals Magazines”

+ B&H Daily Deal including the Rokinon 35mm f2.8 FE auto-focus lens for $259

+ $25 store credit (for future purchases) for every $100 purchased at Touch of Modern (maximum store credit earned $300; the “Iconic Collection” is NOT eligible for store credit earning)

+ $15 off orders of $75 at Monoprice.com with coupon TAX2018

+ 10% to 15% off coupons at Rakuten (actual discounts, not Rakuten Reward points)