(SOLD OUT) Eneloop Kit (4-slot charger, 10 AA, 4 AAA) for $26 {limit five kits}

As of a 11pm ET recheck, this sold out and is no longer available at this price…

If you go loopy for Eneloops, you can loop over to the Amazon Gold Box where one of the day-long deals is a sale on this Panasonic Eneloop Kit for $26, with a limit of five kits per customer.

This is the K-KJ17MZ104A power pack, with a 4-slot charger, 10 AA rechargeables and 4 AAA rechargebles. There are two different AA colors and two different AAA colors. They average 4.8 out of 5 based on 300+ customer reviews. Offer ends on Tuesday at 3am ET (or earlier if sold out).

PRO TIP: if you buy multiple kits, you can color code the battery colors and use them as “teams”, eg the “blue team” and the “cyan team”.