Weekend Clearance at Adorama

Adorama has launched a Weekend Clearance sale featuring over 2700 items. This is a YMMV adventure, as I can’t fire up 2700 sub-processes and check everything on a dime. Sadly I’m dual-core 900 MHz Celeron, not IBM’s Watson 🙂

(ENDED) Sunday: 15% off Monoprice with coupon

This coupon expired…

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Groupon coupon: 10% off Goods, 20% off Local (where photo print offers reside)

The Groupon website has launched a new 2-day coupon, coupon code SALE3 gets you 10% off on Groupon Goods (physical products such as camera gear and electronics) and 20% off on Local Deals (which includes most of the photo print offers such as custom canvas prints, photo books, photo gifts, metal prints, etc). The coupon expires Saturday night.

The usual terms apply. The coupon discounts one unit per offer/deal. You can use the coupon on three different Goods, and three different Local Deals (also good on Getaways but I don’t think there’s anything photo-related there). The maximum discount is $50 per deal. Other restrictions may apply.

(ENDED) 8% eBay Bucks with no minimum amount (YMMV)

This offer ended but eBay Bucks promotions along with coupons are recurring themes at eBay these days…

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BorrowLenses: 10% to 30% off RENTALS coupon + FREE Memorial Day

BorrowLenses are celebrating their 10 years (time sure does fly, they’ve been around for ten years!) and to celebrate, they have a new coupon promotion that gets you 10% to 30% off gear rentals. The coupon percentage increases as the rental order price increases. Also, if your rental period includes Memorial Day (May 29), you will get that day for FREE automatically (their computer system will adjust it automatically).

Everything is explained in this annotated screenshot from their email. If I tried to explain it all with words, it would take ten paragraphs instead of three 🙂

(ENDED) 20% off select items on eBay (priced $25+; max discount $50)

This coupon promotion expired…

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(ENDED) 45% off items priced $399+ with Dell Refurbished coupon

These offers expired…

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Adorama 1-Day Sale (3000+ options)

Adorama has just launched another One Day Sale with over 3000 items participating. You can filter them using the various options on the left hand side of the page (by manufacturer, product category, price range, etc). It is hard for me to digest massive drops of this nature, so posting this is a compromise between waiting forever until I find time to go through it all or not post anything at all.

(ENDED) YMMV 10% eBay Bucks on $50+ items (ends Fri PM)

This promotion expired, but eBay has these on a recurring basis these days…

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Free shipping site-wide at Nat Geo (ends Wedn PM)

If you are looking to make any purchases at National Geographic that are typically below the free shipping minimum, good until Wednesday 11:59pm pacific, they are offering free shipping without a minimum purchase quantity at the National Geographic store. As usual, there are some restrictions and limitations (eg supersized items or items that require special handling/delivery). Their shopping cart will tell you if something doesn’t qualify.

(ENDED) Monday: 20% off a $300+ Monoprice order

This coupon expired… For Monday, coupon code FRESH20 gets you 20% off a purchase of $300+ at the Monoprice website. You can test the coupon and get a shipping estimate without logging in or signing up.

YMMV 8% eBay Bucks on $50+ items (ends Sun PM)

This is YMMV ~ I do not know if eBay offers this to everyone or a subset of their registered users. Good until Sunday night (5/7/17 at 11:59pm pacific), you earn 8% on $50+ items purchased during this promotional period. Some exclusions apply as usual and the maximum rewards you can earn is $100 per transaction, and $500 during the promotional period.

eBay could do a better job describing these promotions in the emails since they do not clearly outline the difference between a “$50+ item” and a “$50+ purchase”. The former is clear that it has to be reached with a single item. The latter is confusing since eBay now has a proper shopping cart and you can reach $50+ with 100 $0.50 widgets. I’m assuming this promotion is for the former (individual items priced $50+ individually).

A good place to look for ideas are the eBay Deals along with the Trending Deals (shows only 100 trending deals, less overwhelming to look at than their main deals page). There’s also a dedicated search box there that searches only the Deals, not everything else on eBay.

(ENDED) Sunday: 15% off Monoprice w/coupon

This coupon expired… For Sunday 5/7/17, coupon code TREAT15 gets you 15% off most items at the Monoprice website. You can test the coupon and get a shipping estimate without logging in or signing up.

Adorama Cinco de Mayo sale (7000+ sale)

Adorama has just dropped a brand new 1-Day Cinco de Mayo sale featuring 7000 products. Or you can get a Sigma ART Lens Sale summary featuring select Sigma lenses for the Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax and Sigma systems [CORRECTED confused paragraph]

Unfortunately I am not IBM’s Watson, so I can’t go through 7000+ items on the fly and digest them right away, but will try to go through them on a time permitting basis 🙂

10% off Stacksocial with coupon

To celebrate Cinqo de Mayo, limited time / limited redemption coupon code FIESTA10 gets you 10% off at Stacksocial. Most items are eligible but there are probably some exclusions. You can try it on the previously mentioned self-stirring cup or the various Adobe training classes or other photography-related items.

I don’t know if it works on the Pay What You Want bundles since you can already pay what you want.

eBay coupon: 20% off purchase of $25+ (max discount $50)

eBay has launched another limited time coupon, coupon code PERFECTSTART gets you 20% off on purchases of $25+. The maximum discount is $50, other words, if the price is over $250, you get a flat $50 discount instead of 20%. Coupon expires May 4th in 2017.

A good place to look for ideas are the eBay Deals along with the Trending Deals (shows only 100 trending deals, less overwhelming to look at than their main deals page). There’s also a dedicated search box there that searches only the Deals, not everything else on eBay.

(ENDED) Monday: 20% off $300+ Monoprice orders

This coupon expired…

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(ENDED) Sunday: 15% off Monoprice coupon

This coupon expired… Sunday is here and so is another Monoprice coupon, Promo Code MONTH15 gets you 15% off most items at the Monoprice website. The usual restrictions apply. Good for Sunday only.

20% off A4C with coupon

If you feel like fishing for deals on refurbished gear and/or used and/or clearance, coupon code APRIL20 gets you 20% off at the All 4 Cellular website (aka a4c.com). Some items are excluded from the coupon discount (such as the daily deals). This is a limited time and limited redemption type of offer.

A4C offers free shipping on everything on their website, even $2 trinkets. No membership needed for free shipping 🙂

(ENDED) Friday Monoprice coupons: $5/$25+ or $20/$100+

This coupon expired…

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(ENDED) Ends 9pm ET: $15 off $75+ eBay flash coupon

This very limited time coupon expired…

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50% off BorrowLenses memberships w/coupon

Good until 5/8/17, BorrowLenses is offering 50% off on their three membership plans with the coupon code shown below in the self-explanatory screenshot below:

Annual memberships existed for a long time, with Costco, Sam’s Club, Price Club and others offering them through the years, but the emergence of Amazon Prime made memberships sexy again, with more retailers joining the party including NewEgg, Adorama, Walmart (pre-Jet), and even services like ShopRunner (you may be eligible for a free membership for this through your AMEX credit card). So depending on how much and how you often you rent from BL, this offer maybe beneficial. Of course the free shipping will likely have the Prime-effect, where you will be more likely to borrow things because of the free shipping. That new tilt-shift lens looks tempting 🙂

(ENDED) Monday: 20% off a $300+ Monoprice order

This coupon expired…

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Ends Tonight: eBay Coupon: 20% off select $25+ items (max discount $50)

eBay is getting more and more fond of coupons these days. Coupon code PSHOPTECH417 gets you 20% off select technology/electronics items priced $25 or higher, from select sellers. The maximum discount with the coupon is $50, which means items over $250 will get a flat $50 off discount.

There are 36 camera and photo items participating from a pot-pouri of sellers and in various conditions, so scrutinize each listing, do not make assumptions about the condition or the seller. It is eBay after all 🙂

Coupon expires 4/19/17. One time use per customer.

YMMV automatic 20% off discount on some Warehouse Deals items

Over 24,000 used items offered at Amazon’s Used websites (aka, “Amazon Warehouse Deals”) are participating in an Earth Day promotion that automatically gets you 20% off their current prices. Only select items are eligible, and only those that Amazon itself (in this case, Warehouse Deals itself) is the seller. Things offered by 3rd-party sellers are not eligible. No coupon code needed, eligible items are discounted automatically and they show a 20% off marker when you look at the individual listings. Since this is an Earth Day promotion, it should end after Earth Day or so.

20% off rentals at BL with coupon

To celebrate Earth Day, Borrow Lenses has a new coupon, 20% off rentals of camera gear with the following deadlines as shown in the screenshot below that explains it better and faster than I could with words ~ because one I go past a single sentence, then posts get longer and longer and longer as I add more and more text as disambiguations or parallels or other tidbits or attempts at joking or other meta commentary 🙂

(ENDED) Woot-OFF In Progress (started Tue 1am ET)

This Woot-OFF ended after 24 hours on Wednesday at 1am ET…

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(ENDED) Monday: 20% off a $300+ Monoprice order

Monday is over and so are its coupons… It’s a repeat of the Friday discount, coupon code MONDAY20 gets you 20% off orders of $300+ at the Monoprice website for Monday 4/17/17. Some brands and some sale items and some newly released items are excluded. You can test coupon and get S&H fee estimates without logging-in or creating an account. These should not work with the $50 off Computer Monitor coupon.

(ENDED) $15 off $40+ coupon if you start new PrimeStudent Free Trial

This promotion expired…

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(ENDED) Thursday: 20% off $300+ Monoprice order w/coupon

This coupon expired…

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