Deal Follow-Up: the $2 Phone Tripod from Jan-2018 still hasn’t shipped

This is a deal follow-up! In late January 2018 there was a $2 doorbuster sale on a mobile/smartphone tripod for $2, sold and shipped by Amazon. As of this recheck, this has not yet shipped and it does not have a shipping estimate. So why hasn’t it shipped even though it’s offered for sale at

That’s because it’s a different seller. The $2 doorbuster was offered by Amazon itself, while the current listing over there is offered by a 3rd-party sellers. Items purchased on Amazon are from an individual, specific seller, so if that seller doesn’t have it, they can’t force other sellers to ship it you and honor their prices [imagine if you sell your camera, you wouldn’t want Amazon to force you to sell it for a crazy price].

I am cancelling my order, so I won’t have any future updates for it. Three months is more than a reasonable time to wait for it 🙂