Pet Photography Class Bundle for $180 (three classes)

If you are interested in Pet Photography classes, CreativeLIVE has created a Pet Photography Bundle for $180 that includes three classes: Family Pet Photography, Animal Photography and Lifestyle Family Photography. The bundle discount is half of what you’d pay if you bought these classes individually.

30% off Thirty CreativeLIVE courses

A new limited time promotion is now running at CreativeLIVE, you get 30% off 30 online courses offered on their website…

A number of their classes are available to watch for FREE exactly when they are broadcast live. For example, as of the time of writing, this Portrait Photography class is streaming LIVE for FREE.

You can find a list of upcoming free broadcasts (streams) at the their On-Air page.

5-year subscription to Polaroid University’s Mobile Photography Classes for $25

Stacksocial is back with another educational promotion, they are offering a prepaid 5-year subscription to the Polaroid University Video Classes for $25. This is a one-time payment that gets you five year access to their online classes, which you can watch via a web browser or their iPhone app. You can see details and previews at their website.

If you instead prefer a shorter term, a 1-year subscription is available as either a digital download or a gift-box delivered by mail for $20 through Amazon. Pay attention to the listing – download vs box.

99c HD Rental: “For the Love of Spock” (documentary on life of Leonard Nimoy)

The real Spock was also a photographer. It’s logical! A new documentary on the life of iconic Star Trek actor and photographer Leonard Nimoy has been produced by his son Adam Nimoy (111 mins, 2016) and it is now available for rental in HD (without ads) for $0.99 at Amazon Instant Video (or digital purchase for $5 in HD). This is part of a 99c Documentary Rental promotion. I haven’t seen this yet, so I don’t know if (or how much) it mentions his photography work.

Course bundle: “Become a Photoshop Pro” for $41

Stacksocial is currently offering a “Become a Photoshop Pro” course bundle for $41. This consists of seven online classes with 22+ hours of content. This includes Lifetime access to the courses, with instant digital redemption but there are no refunds. Each class is detailed (verb) over there. This is a larger size of the picture below:

(ENDED) Flash Sale: Code Black Drone with HD Camera for $44; Adobe Suite Mastery Course Package for $49

This flash sale expired…

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(ENDED) The Great Courses: National Geographic Masters of Photography DVD set for $41.50 [updated]

This Green Monday lightning expired…

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National Geographic Fundamentals of Photography for $60 per set [updated]

UPDATE 11/29/16 PM: the prices at National Geographic increases, but some of the options at Amazon (DVD or Instant Video) continue for $60.

ORIGINAL POST: Also among the latest National Geographic specials is a sale on the Great Courses DVD set of “Fundamentals of Photography” (with Joel Sartore; 24 episodes; 2012) for $60 with free shipping. NOTE: the price at National Geographic went up, but the paragraph below continues for $60.

Great Courses is also offering it for $60 through Amazon as a DVD set or as a Digital Video purchase.

IF you are not familiar with this, and want to get a feel for it before committing any money to it, you can start a 7-Day Free Trial to the Great Courses Signature Collection through Amazon Instant Video. This is an $8 per month monthly subscription, which you can cancel at any time. Cancel before the free trial expires if you want to avoid any charges. (NOTE: Video Subscriptions available for Prime members only).

In addition to Photography I, also on sale for the same price are these sets:

Cyber Monday: 50% off All Courses at Skillwise w/coupon

Skillwise is a spin-off of Stacksocial, focusing, as the name suggests, on online courses and learning, and their Cyber Monday special is 50% off all courses using coupon code CYBER50 over there. The sale is good for Cyber Monday. They feature the usual assortment of courses, search for things like Photoshop, DSLR, Adobe, Photography to see if there’s anything interesting.

PS: if you are not familiar with their website, they have not discovered “search box technology” yet, their search box expands when you click on the tiny magnifying glass icon. You may need an actual magnifying glass to see the magnifying glass icon 🙂

Course Bundle: The Complete Adobe Suite Mastery Package for $79

Stacksocial is offering the Complete Adobe Suite Mastery Package featuring 135 e-courses on a variety of Adobe products and topics for $79. These are offered by “eCourses4you” and are online classes. This is of general Adobe learning interest, not photographer-specific.

Also in progress at Stacksocial is the Black Friday Mac Bundle 2.0 featuring nine software titles for the Mac for $20 total as digital downloads, including Corel’s AfterShot 3 (not the PRO version).

30% off Online Classes at Skillwise with coupon

Might as well get all the coupon offers grouped together in a cluster. Stacksocial launched a sister service called Skillwise that focuses specifically on online courses and as part of the launch coupon code SPF30 (yes, another coupon with a summer joke in it!) gets you 30% off the current prices over there. These are their photography-related courses. Coupon expires Wednesday 7/20/16.

Tuesday: Ultimate Adobe Photo Editing Bundle (41 hours of video classes) for $25.50 with coupon

Another potentially interesting offer for Tuesday 7/19/16, coupon code SUMMERSANTA drops the Ultimate Adobe Photo Editing Bundle from $30 to $25.50 (15% off). Eight courses are included with a runtime of around 41 hours. They cover Photoshop and Lightroom. There’s a slideshow there with details on each course.

Free Online Photography class at Stacksocial with Social Sharing

It’s freebie time at Stacksocial, but as with all their previous freebies, it requires social media activity. Namely you have to follow them on Twitter or Facebook or Google+ and share the offer on one of those places. This freebie is a 10-session Photography Class in a five week period. You can watch it LIVE or On-Demand later. Details on the class at Shaw Academy.

PhotoshopCAFE DVD: Lightroom 6/CC for Digital Photographers for $70

From the “Learnings of a Digital Photographer” department, the PhotoshopCafe DVD for Lightroom 6/CC, sixth edition, is on sale for a limited time for $70 with free expedited shipping at B&H Photo. This is a 13 hour tutorial by Colin Smith. The complete list of the 128 lessons is available at the aforelinked page. Exercise files and presets are also included on the disc.

NOTE: the Lightroom software is NOT included. This is a tutorial DVD.

(ENDED) Free Access to Consumer Reports (ends 5/20/16 8am ET)

This limited time “tear down the paywall” promotion ended, but if they did it once, it is possible they may do it again in the future…

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Free Photoshop Graphic Design course at Udemy with Coupon

It’s freebie time! Online course site Udemy is offering, for a limited time, the “Photoshop in Ease: Create World Amazing Graphic Designs” video course for FREE when you enter coupon code MASTERDESIGN over there. The course runs 3 hours long with 26 lectures. It offers lifetime access, and you can watch in a web browser or using their iOS and Android apps. You don’t have to enter a credit card or billing address unless you are going to pay for something.

If you are not familiar with Udemy, you have to enter the coupon code first, then add to the shopping cart. Annotated screenshot crop below:


Pay What You Want Photography Bundle: $1+ gets Two Courses, $20+ gets 11 Items

Stacksocial has a Pay What You Want Photography Bundle. If you pay $1 or higher, you get two photography courses, “The Ultimate Guide to Using Off-Camera Flash” and “Night Photography Unlocked”. If you meet or beat the average price (currently $19.50), you get nine more free items, seven more classes and two assets (reference photos and food photos). Annotated screenshot of all the items right below:


Among other Stacksocial offers in progress:
+ More Pay What You Want Offers including Mac Software (includes Aftershot), and Design and Software and more
+ HDR Projects 4 software for $29 (PC or Mac)
+ Pro Digital Photography & Photoshop Bundle for $29 (30 hours content)
+ DSLR Photography Course Bundle for $25
+ Corel AfterShot 2 Standard Edition for $10 (PC, Mac, Linux)

25% off Udemy courses with coupon

We have a little bit of an “educational” theme. If you are a fan of Udemy, coupon code 25PERCENTNOW gets you 25% off most online courses at Offer ends 5/1/16.

PS: many retailers are celebrating Passover, which is why we have fewer offers from many of the camera-centric retailers. Business will return to status quo on Monday 5/2/16.

Adobe Digital Photography Training Bundle for $29

Stacksocial is back with another Adobe-centered training course bundle. This one is offered by the “Live Photo Academy” and it is a four course Adobe Digital Photography Training Bundle going for $29 with instant digital redemption but no returns (all sales final). The four courses are Lightroom, Photoshop, Photography and Graphic Design and Creative Suite. They will be available live or you can watch them later on-demand. Details on the four courses over there.

Speaking of Stacksocial, their Spring 2016 Pay What You Want Apple MacOS bundle continues, with $1+ getting you the Emulsion App or if you beat the average $15.50+, you get 10 more software titles, including Corel’s Aftershot PRO 2.

Surprise discount at Stacksocial with coupon

Stacksocial has some Adobe related and other assorted tutorials, software and hardware items. They have a “surprise discount” coupon to celebrate tax season, coupon TAXES gets you a surprise (aka unknown) discount at Stacksocial. The coupon is good for this weekend. Some items may not be eligible for the discount.

Some items of potential interest:

+ Adobe KnowHow All-Inclusive Photography Bundle for $69 before coupon
+ Pro Digital Photography & Photoshop Bundle by “Courses for Success” for $29 before coupon
+ DSLR Photography Course Bundle by Ken Schultz for $25 before coupon
+ Hollywood Art Institute Photography Course & Certification for $25 before coupon
+ various WordPress theme bundles and courses (note some of the WP Themes are lifetime, others are 1-year subscriptions)

Adobe KnowHow All-Inclusive Photography Bundle for $69 (14 streaming courses with lifetime access)

If you are interested in learning more about Adobe’s various software products, Stacksocial has a 14-course Adobe KnowHow All-Inclusive Photography Bundle offered for $69. These courses stream online and you have lifetime access to them. You must redeem the promotion within 30 days of purchase. The bundle has three Lightroom*.* courses (Mastery, certification exam prep, Crash Course), general photography classes, specific photography classes (flash, studio, wedding, B&W, night), and more. You can watch them in any way and order as you like. All sales are final. You can redeem them right away.

NOTE: “Lightroom*.*” is my shorthand for all Lightrooms, CC and stand-alone. Although if I have to write a whole paragraph to explain the shorthand, perhaps the shorthand is no so good 🙂

On the other hand, if you want to pay less or get fewer courses, the Pay What You Want Bundle gets you two courses if you pay $1+ (night, off-camera flash), or if you meet/beat the average price (currently $19.50), you get 11 total courses and assets (the previous two plus a cornucopia of photo-related courses). Assets as in downloadable graphics and other related digital files.

Speaking of “Pay What You Want”, they also have a Design Bundle bundle that gets you eight different font sets if you meet or beat the current average price of $10.08.

Speaking of Stacksocial, if you want to learn about Linux or refresh or beef up your /learnings, there is a Linux Power User Bundle offered for $19. It includes five different courses. Sorry, no dedicated “vi” course though 🙂

Free B&H Photo Roku Channel/App with mostly camera and photo content (no login/sign-up)

If you have a Roku media streaming box, there’s a brand new free channel to add to your device from B&H Photo. This was launched a couple of days ago per the Roku channel info over there. You can easily find it by looking at the “New” section on your Roku device’s Channel store. Or you can send it to your Roku device by using the Roku website.

The channel is totally free and has no login/sign-up. You install it and start playing videos. Most of the content is camera and photo, but also features some other products B&H carries. However, photography has the lion’s share of the content. The videos are grouped in six categories: Hands-On, Wedding Photography Tips, Focus Ed (learning tips), Prospectives (photographers out in the “real world”), First-Look and Quick-Look videos. When you click on each category, you see the latest video in that category/playlist. To see the rest, select “Choose a different episode” or “play all” to go through them all.

PS: I am testing this on a Roku 3. Some of the earlier generation Roku channels may not be able to get it depending on their hardware/software. With my previous Roku (one of the early generations) only about half of the channels were compatible (and that was a year ago).

Pay What You Want Photography Bundle ($16.18+ gets you 11 courses)

The previously mentioned coupon offer won’t really help in the “Pay What You Want” offers since you decide your payment amount. They currently have a Pay What You Want Photography Bundle. You can pay any amount you like and get two free courses. Or if you meet or beat the average price ($16.18 as of the time of writing), you get a total of 11 courses. Topics include general purpose courses, black and white, off-camera flash, outdoor/nature, night photography, Lightroom 6, and more. 10% off your purchase amount goes to a children charity. You can check the details of each online course by expanding the “VIEW ALL PRODUCTS +” section.

20% off Online Photography Courses with coupon at Stacksocial

We have a coupon price war. Earlier on we mentioned Groupon’s coupon for e-Learning, now it’s Stacksocial’s turn to offer 20% off the current prices of various Online Courses with coupon code LEARN20 which expires on 1/27/16 at 4am ET (unless extended). Of camera and photography interest they have:

+ Hollywood Art Institute Photography Course & Certification for $25 before coupon
+ Photography Training Bundle for $29 before coupon
+ be sure to check the terms, conditions and restrictions of each offer, some courses offer lifetime access, others only offer access for a limited time

Online Photography Courses for $13~ with coupon

For Monday 1/25/16. Groupon coupon code LEARN30 gets you 30% off the current prices of various online courses. This includes classes from Neeva Photography (four different classes for $19 each, or all four of them for $38). The price is before the coupon. With the coupon, the prices drop to $13.30 per class or $26.60 for all four. This offers access to the courses for one year, not lifetime access… For the same after coupon price of $13.30~ there is an eLearnPhotoshop Course on Adobe software. The product description is not very detailed on this one…

As usual, be sure to check the terms, conditions, deadlines and restrictions for these offers… This coupon can be used for one unit per offer, with a maximum of two different offers per customer, with maximum savings of $50 during this promotional period… This coupon expires at the end of day on 1/25/16 unless it gets extended…

PhotoPro Expo 2016 for $129 with coupon

Good until Sunday 12/27/15, coupon code PPEDPT16 allows you to register for the Photo PRO Expo 2016 for $129 instead of the regular price of $179 (with previous coupon) or $279 without any coupons… For more trade shows, check our 2016 Trade Show Calendar

Drone Photography & Video Course for $25

Drone photography has different challenges than grounded photography. If you are interested in a class in video format, Bruce Geddes through Udemy has a Drone Photography & Video Course, currently available for $25 through StackCommerce (formerly known as StackSocial – the “social” hype is wearing off!). All sales final. Instant digital redemption. This is video course available for Web and/or Mobile video-streaming. Lifetime access. You must redeem this promotion within 30 days after purchasing.

Free CreativeLive Online Conference

CreativeLIVE is having a FREE online conference running between September 18-25 in 2015. A variety of classes are planned. You can see the schedule by day over there.

Photoshop 2-course bundle by GoSkills for $39

This offer expires soon (unless renewed), so it can’t wait for the upcoming round-up. At Stacksocial, you can get the Photoshop 2-Course Bundle by GoSkills for $39. This provides 12 months of streaming access to the courses. Internet access is required to watch the courses. Instant redemption. All sales final.

Some may remain: $5 Groupon Offers: $5 online fashion photography class, $5 20-page 8×8 photo books PLUS Shipping [updated]

UPDATE: some of the offers remain at $5, others expired. Some of them were created specifically for this promotion while others were $5 anyway and they got tagged along…

[Read more…]

Free 1yr Adobe CC Photography software and KelbyTraining with purchase of Canon 6D or 7D II or 5D III

If you are planning to get the Canon 5D Mark III, or 6D Mark I, or 7D Mark II, there is a new (stackable with other offers) promotion at B&H Photo that gets you one year of free Adobe Creative Cloud Photography (Photoshop CC and Lightroom CC, not everything in the Creative Cloud), along with one year access to the Kelby One online training courses for Photoshop CC and Lightroom CC.

To locate this offer on eligible cameras, take a deep breath, and locate the tiny “Rebates Available” link on the individual product page. Click on that, and a small box will appear. Click on the PDF link of this offer to see more details. Don’t let the PDF scare you – this is NOT a mail-in rebate, but it is redeemed online by registering with Canon, Adobe and Kelby. Here’s a screenshot crop of what to look for, using the 7D II body only as our guinea pig:


To redeem this offer, you go to and register, and receive an email with redemption codes you can use to activate your one year memberships at the Adobe Empire and the Kelby Empire 🙂

This offer is stackable with any other offers available, whether they are free accessories or prepaid Pixma mailin rebate offers or promotional rewards or anything else.

The Big Deal Photo Software Education & Membership Bundle for $100

UPDATE: this bundle is also offered through

Good until June 25 in 2015, B&H Photo is offering an electronic download bundle for $100, the The Big Deal Photo Software Education & Membership Bundle. This is delivered electronically, 1-3 business days after purchase. It includes a variety of training courses (100 hours of videos), eBooks (12 of them), presets and actions (836) and one-year memberships (six of them). A lot of familiar names are participating, Kelby, Ziser, EyeFi, Sammon, and more. This was just launched, so there are no customer reviews of it yet.

Video courses: Train Simple Creative Cloud Mastery Bundle for $50

On the training front, Stacksocial has a Train Simple Creative Cloud Mastery Bundle for $50. It includes eight courses that include a Photoshop CC Fundamentals course. This comes with lifetime access to the online courses with instant redemption but all sales are final.

Elsewhere at Stacksocial, their Summer Mac Essentials Bundle features nine software titles for $20, including the Noiseless app by MacPhun that as the name suggests, tackles image noise. The other eight are utilitarian utilities of potential Mac interest. This is a digital download, all sales final, resale of licenses not allowed.

And on the “pay what you want front”, if you meet or beat the average price (currently $6.38), you can get a Mobile-First Developer’s Bundle that features 10 courses with a 70+ hour runtime covering HTML5, Swift (Apple’s now open-sourced language), Lollipop, WordPress, iOS8, and more). Digital redemption, all sales final, lifetime access. Compatibility varies by item, so check the individual listings there if you are interested in something specific.

On the online front, there’s a lifetime subscription to VPN Unlimited for $40 (up to five devices activated, updates included).

And if you have gone down the WordPress Theme rapid rabid rabbit hole like I have, they offer a variety of WordPress Theme bundles, including a “pay what you want” bundle.

Adobe Photoshop CC Training Bundle for $55 (by Train Simple)

Stacksocial has launched a new Adobe Photoshop CC Training Bundle from Train Simple offered for $55. This bundle contains eight different courses. It offers instant digital redemption. It comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

DSLR Photography Course Bundle for $25

At Stacksocial, there is a DSLR Photography Course Bundle by Ken Schultz on sale for $25. This offers unlimited online access to the courses and instant redemption. No refunds.

Adobe KnowHow Photography Skills Course Bundle for $50

Stacksocial is back with another photography course bundle. This bundle is called the Adobe KnowHow Photography Skills Course Bundle for $50, sold by Adobe KnowHow. The terms state this is an instant digital redemption and all sales are final. It includes the following nine photography courses:

+ Lightroom 5 Fundamentals, Adobe Lightroom Crash Course, Adobe Photoshop CS6 Course, Adobe Photoshop CC Mastery Course
+ Night Photography, Black & White Photography, Art of Travel Photography
+ EasyDSLR Beginner, EasyDSLR Advanced

Click on the “Read More” of each course at the Stacksocial listing for more details.

Photographer Course Bundle for $49 (seven courses)

Seven is the magic number at Stacksocial, they are offering a Photographer Seven Course Bundle for $49. The seven courses are from six different Udemy instructors: DSLR, HDR, iPhone, Black and White, Portraiture, Travel and Photo Restoration. Click on the “Read More” of each course to see more details. They offer unlimited access to the courses once purchased. This offer has a 30-day money back guarantee.

Videographer Course Bundle for $39 (seven courses from Udemy)

More action at Stacksocial, this time Udemy is offering a seven course Videographer bundle for $39. The seven courses cover general topics and software specific topics. You can find a detailed list of the courses and their contents over there. Note that all sales are final for this offer. Once purchased, the courses are access through Udemy.

Ken Schultz Digital Photography Video Course for $25

Stacksocial is offering this Ken Schultz Digital Photography Video Course bundle for $25. It includes two courses, a Beginner’s and an Advanced course, with a total run time of 10 hours. This offers unlimited online access to the courses for this one-time fee. This offer includes a 15-day money back guarantee if it does not turn out to your liking. A couple of sample videos from the course are embedded at the aforelinked page (click on the “Read More” gray buttons to reveal them.

Over 5000 Adobe Training videos with lifetime access for $79

Stackosocial is offering this bundle of over 5,000 Adobe Training Videos with lifetime access for $79. The bundle is offered by “Train Simple”. No refunds. You must redeem within 60 days after purchase. To access the videos, per the page over there, Web browser, Flash Player, iOS device, or Android device is needed. Please note this covers all Adobe products, not just Photoshop/Lightroom.

Free w/social media actions: 20% off sitewide coupon and free Design Bundle at Stacksocial

Stacksocial has a new freebie promotion. This is a two for one. You receive a 20% off sitewide coupon code AND their Epic Design bundle for free, which includes a couple of Photoshop tutorials (poster, watercolors) and various design assets. The catch for the freebie is that you have to follow Stacksocial on social media (Twitter or Facebook) and tweet/post this promotion on your social media account. Check the promotion and details at Stacksocial. They have a comments section at the bottom and Stacksocial employees respond to most answerable questions.

(ENDED) Ends Sun 3am ET: Cosmos (Neil deGrasse Tyson) for $20 (DVD) or $23 (BluRay)

This offer ended… Ending by 3am ET on Sunday 11/2/14, the Bonus Gold Box deal du jour at Amazonia is the Cosmos Documentary Series with Neil deGrasse Tyson. The BluRay goes for $22.50 while the DVD set goes for $20. Lots of astrophotography and digital imaging of all sorts. Needless to say, this is something you can watch and rewatch and rewatch and learn more each time.

Now shipping: Photography: The Definitive Visual History by Tom Ang (480 pages, DK Adult)

Forgot to post an “in-stock alert” about this one. Tom Ang is back with another book, this one is under the “DK Adult” line that specializes in larger visual books (this one 12.4 x 10.3 x 1.4 inches). This 480 pager is “Photography: The Definitive Visual History”, released September 29 in 2014. It is available for purchase for $31 to $37 (shipping and tax vary depending on retailer and location) at’s eBay store and Powell’s via BN and Rakuten itself and Barnes and Noble and Amazon itself. This is a very visual book, it’s not available in ebook format… Speaking of ebooks, if you have a Kindle Unlimited e-book subscription, we put together a partial list of participating camera and photography related ebooks at the main blog…

Free shipping at National Geographic store (almost everything)

National Geographic fans, the National Geographic store has a site-wide free ground shipping promotion good until October 23 at 11:59pm pacific time. No coupon code needed. There are some restrictions:

“Offer excludes framed maps, CafePress merchandise, Genographic Kits, Around the World in 125 Years – 3-Volume Collector’s Edition Book from TASCHEN, mounted maps, and globes. U.S. standard delivery only. Additional charges apply for expedited and non-U.S. shipping. Cannot be combined with other offers; not valid on previous orders. Applicable for online orders only. Prices not valid in the National Geographic UK Online Store or Road Less Traveled Store.”

In a separate promotion, if you spend $100 or more, you can buy the Best of National Geographic Channel 8-DVD Collection, Volume 5 (660 minute runtime) for $20. No coupon code needed. No expiration date mentioned.

Their prices can be all over the place, so if you are not familiar with a particular product’s prices, you may want to price check at Amazon or other price search engines.

Photography Course bundle from AdobeKnowHow for $30

A brand new photography course bundle has gone live at Stacksocial for $30. It is offered by a company by the name of “Adobe KnowHow” and includes these four lessons:

+ Night Photography Unlocked Video Course (4 hours)
+ Mastering Adobe Photoshop CC: A Definitive Course (13 hours)
+ EasyDSLR Beginners Photography Course (4 hours)
+ The Art Of Black & White Photography (6.5 hours)
+ 30 day refund policy
+ unlimited access to courses forever
+ licensed on a per user basis

Speaking of Stacksocial, if you are looking to host a blog/website/etc, they are offering one year of JustHost web hosting for $30 total. This gets you 12 months of service. JustHost offers only one shared web hosting plan, so it can’t scale up if you are planning to produce viral content and such. The usual caveats of using shared web hosting apply.

Seven Photography Classes Bundle by Udemy for $49 total

Stacksocial is offering the Seven Photography Classes by Udemy for $49 total. This offers lifetime access to the seven courses included in this bundle. You can watch on a computer, iPad or iPhone. It is licensed on a per user basis. You also get a 30 day money back guarantee if you don’t like them. The seven courses included are:

  • EasyDSLR Digital Photography Course: Advanced
  • Learn To Creating Stunning HDR Photos
  • iPhone Photography Secrets
  • The Art of Black and White Photography
  • Portrait Photography With Simple Gear
  • The Art of Travel Photography
  • Photo Restoration with Photoshop Tutorial
  • offer ends around 13 days from blog-posting date

DSLR Photography courses for $29 each (Basic or Advanced) [or $39 for both]

AmazonLocal is offering online photography courses from DSLR Pro Academy in this fashion: each course is good for 12 months, it does not have lifetime access. They have two courses for $29 each: “Basic DSLR Photography” and “Advanced DSLR Photography”. Or for $39 you can buy both. Again, keep in mind, you only have 12 months with these courses, not lifetime access. Check the terms/conditions for all the details before buying.