1-Year of CreativeLIVE streaming of almost everything for $299

CreativeLIVE typically sells individual classes on by one, or sells them in bundles (eg the Photoshop Week bundles). But they also offer on occasion streaming options. For a one-time payment of $299, you get to stream almost every class they offer as much as you want for one year (365 days). This is called the Creator Pass.

They have an FAQ page for this streaming bundle, and they also list individually the Excluded classes. Over 1500 classes are including in the streaming package, and this includes new [future] classes added to the service during your subscription year.

If you are viewing at the Creative LIVE website, you can only stream. But if you use their iOS (iPhone/iPad) app, then you can also download some of the subscription classes through the iOS app for later untethered viewing. Note that they don’t currently have an Android app!