eBook: How to Make the Best Coffee at Home by James Hoffmann for $2

No, we are not turning into a coffee blog, but this is such a great deal if you are into coffee or want to learn more and take your skills to the next level or expand to different kinds of brewing methods!

For a limited time, Amazon is offering the Kindle e-book version of “How to make the best coffee at home” by James Hoffmann for $2. I just bought it enthusiastically!

This is 224-pages long, September 2022, Mitchell Beazley (publisher), averages 4.7 out of 5 based on 295 global ratings. “Look IN” and Kindle samples available.

If you are not familiar with the author, check his YouTube channel, many years of useful and fun coffee info!

Below you will find YouTube-embedded his video about his book.

PS: how is this on-topic you ask? Well, if you make better coffee, you will feel better, and will take better pictures and improve your Photoshopping 😉

PS2: if you feel like going on a coffee ebook buying spree, also for $2 and also about the same number of pages and review score is “The Coffee Book: Barista Tips * Recipes * Beans from Around the World” by Anette Moldvaer, from DK (August 2021). This was surfaced by the Amazon algorithm.