Canon 77D Body Only with BoatLoad of Free Accessories (Vivitar Flash, two converter lenses, Filter Kit, Spider Tripod, Canon bag, Etc) for $900

I just added the Canon 77D body only to the Stock Status Tracker and already we have the first promotion from an authorized dealer, BuyDig (on eBay) is offering the body only for the same $900 price as other authorized dealers, but BuyDig includes a handful of small accessories for free:

+ Vivitar SF3000 Bounce Zoom Slave Flash
+ Vivitar 2X Converter lens (58mm threading)
+ Vivitar 0.43X Converter lens (58mm threading)
+ Canon 100ES gadget bag
+ 64GB Gigastone SDXC C10 card
+ Vivitar Filter Kit (UV, CPL, ND8, case; 58mm)
+ Vivitar 12-inch Rubberized Spider Tripod, Large (Red)
+ Vivitar Universal Wireless Shutter Release Remote Control
+ various trinkety accessories (cleaning pen, air blower, microfiber cloth, USB card reader, tears of Nikon users)

PS: if you don’t need all of the extra accessories, you can give them to friends/family who may be beginners and don’t have a lot of accessories, or donate them to a local school or non-profit or church, or if you sell unwanted cameras on eBay you can add them to your listings to make it a bundle of sorts

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