(ENDED) Amazon too offers the E-M1 II with Grip for $1850 – Offer is STACKABLE with Many Other Olympus Lenses As Well

Argggh! The $1850 sale ended while I was in the middle of writing this… I’m getting too old for this 🙂

Amazon too is now offering the Olympus E-M1 II discount. You have to add the camera and the grip separately though but you still end up paying $1850 with free shipping when you reach the top right corner of the Amazon checkout page. You can either look for the “Add Both to Cart” option under the “Special Offers” section of the product page, or you can simply add the two items individually to your shopping cart. Both must be sold and shipped by Amazon itself. The links below point to Amazon’s own listings:

+ Olympus E-M1 II body only
+ the sale price was $1850, now it’s back to $2000

+ Olympus HLD-9 Battery Grip

But that’s not all! Under the “Special Offers” section they also have a variety of other combined purchase discounts if you want to buy the E-M1 II with other Olympus lenses as well. Here’s a heavily annotated screenshot:

You don’t have to click “Add Both to Cart”. You can also click on the individual lens(es) names and open them in new window/tab.


But wait, there’s more! The offer is also stackable with various other Olympus lenses that are eligible for this promotion. Simply look under the “Special Offers” section of the Olympus E-M1 II body only and add as many lenses as you are interested in. You can open in new tab or add them one by one and navigate back with the browser’s back button. If you “Add Both to Cart” on multiple listings, you’ll get multiple E-M1 II bodies in your cart, so make sure you adjust the quantity if you need one 🙂

In the annotated screenshot of the top right corner of the Amazon Checkout page below I added three different eligible Olympus lenses (12-40, 12-100, 14-42) along with the HLD-9 battery grip which is the $249 discount. The other three discounts are for the three eligible lenses…


Adding more than one E-M1 II body in the shopping cart does not yield additional discounts.

Having two units of the same lens in the shopping cart does not yield any additional discounts.

Having two battery grips does not yield additional discounts in the shopping cart.

In other words, you can get one discount per individual item. One discount for the E-M1 II, one for the HLD-, one for the 12-40, one for the 12-100, one for the 12-42 and so forth…