64GB Sandisk Ultra PLUS for $30 w/free S&H [non-PLUS for $22]

The Best Buy daily daily deal expired, but the 64GB Sandisk Ultra PLUS SDXC memory card continues for $30 with free shipping (instead of $28) by Best Buy on eBay.

This expired: One of the Tuesday Best Buy daily deals is a sale on the Sandisk Ultra PLUS SD cards with the 64GB going for $28 and the 32GB going for $18 with free shipping and store pickup. It’s easier to offer free shipping on a tiny little thing such as a memory card 🙂

The PLUS models are faster than the non-PLUS models according to the Sandisk website. The model numbers are different too. The 64GB Ultra PLUS is SDSDUSC-064G-AN6IN while the non-PLUS is SDSDUNC-064G-GN6IN. Visually you can tell the non-PLUS by the absence of the PLUS in the pictures (assuming the retailers use the correct pictures which is not always guaranteed; eg Best Buy on eBay linked in the first paragraph). If you don’t need the extra speed, the non-PLUS currently goes for $22 at Amazon by Amazon itself.

The Best Buy daily deal price ends Tuesday night. The Amazon price is an organic or price-match or dynamic market-driven price; to cut a long story short, I have no clue when that price will change 🙂