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20% off everything at DXO (Birthday Party)

We have a birthday party! DXO is sale-a-brating their twenty years of life with a 20% off sale at their website. The sale price is factored in over there, no coupon code is needed. This includes the DXo software and the Nik Collection software. The sale runs for 20 days because… 20 years 🙂

Wednesday: Day #2 of B&H Mega Deal Zone

Day 2 of the B&H Photo MEGA DEAL zone is here and we “lost” nine items from yesterday, we now have 1506 participating. “Lost” as in they have sold-out an became un-orderable.

As a brief recap of yesterday’s post, here are some pre-filled views into the 1506 offerings:

+ sorted by BEST SELLERS

+ sorted by Biggest Percentage DISCOUNT

+ sorted by LOWEST PRICE

MEANwhile starting on Wednesday at 12pm ET at Creative LIVE ON AiR there’s a “using layers in photoshop” class along with a type design in photoshop, embroidery, becoming a better presenter (not a bitter presenter!) and such.

Pre-order the New hype Pentax 17 film camera for $499

Film Nostalgia but don’t want a cheapo P&S film camera or an old film SLR? Fear not, Pentax comes to the rescue with the first fruits of the labor of their two year old film project. It’s a brand new film camera! It’s the Pentax 17 and it is available for pre-ordering for $500 at B&H Photo. This is a 35mm half frame (not full frame) camera and as such, it takes regular 35mm film but puts two half/vertical exposures on each frame. So you get to shoot twice as many pictures per roll.

This is a fixed lens camera with a glued-on 25mm f3.5 lens. All the work into the Ricoh GR series did not go to waste 🙂

You can learn more about in the TLDR 5 minute B&H video, followed by a 35 minute (35mm pun intended?) panel discussion between two Pentax representatives and B&H. YouTube-embedded below for your convenience. No, I won’t embed them in half-frame 😉