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Monday: 13.3″ MacBook, Manfrotto Nitro, Tether Tools, Polaroid Originals, DJI Osmo 3-Axis, 128GB Samsung Endurance microSDXC, Etc

Never fear, Monday is here to sap your energy get you started on a fresh new week full of adventures and excitement and with-it it-brings four new B&H daily deals good until 11:59pm ET [or earlier if sold out] as follows:

+ Apple 13.3″ MacBook Pro with Touch Bar (Mid 2019, Space Gray) for $1149 in two color options
+ 1.4 GHz i5 Quad, 8GB LPDDR3, 256GB PCIe SSD, 13.3″ 2560 x 1600 Retina, Intel Iris Plus Graphics 645, etc
+ note that going forward Apple is moving away from Intel processors; this has a 2-year transition plan and the Intel Apple PCs will not be abandoned per Apple

+ Manfrotto 608 Nitrotech Fluid Video Head and Carbon Fiber Twin Leg Tripod with Middle Spreader for $850

+ Tether Tools Case Air Wireless Tethering System for $110
+ marketing lesson learned: keep company names versatile, otherwise you tether with air 😉

+ Senal CL6 Miniature 4mm Omni Lavalier Mic with 3.5mm Connector for Sennheiser EW or Senal AWS-2000 Transmitters for $49

It’s hipster time at the Best Buy deals du jour where one of the offerings is the Polaroid Originals OneStep 2 VF Analog Instant Film Camera for $60 in two color schemes… Also there,further down the pile of daily deals you will find a sale of budget Sandisk flash drives ($7.50 to $27). The 3-pack of colorful 16GB flash drives could be of interest when handing off to clients but it is USB 2.0…

And for those shopping in the European Onion [more accurate name of the current “State of the European Brexit Union], the headliner of the Amazon Chermany deals du jour is the DJI Osmo 3-Axis Smartphone Stabiliser going for 79 euro-dollars with up to three per customer at the sale price…

Starting at 3am ET is a new round of NewEGG dailies and in addition to the usual assortment of computery/tech, there’s a 250GB Samsung 860 EVO internal SSD for $58 and a 128GB Samsung Endurace PRO microSDXC card for $29 and eligible for free US shipping [we will find out when the deal goes live because often times daily deals get free shipping even if they don’t do so regularly]… Personally, these days, Samsung are my go-to microSDXC cards, along with Sandisk of course. But at the same/similar price I’d go for Samsuck 🙂

UPDATE: this post is getting long but for post economy [I don’t want to post a whole new post for a one-liner], NewEGG is currently running another variant of their Semi-Annual Clearance sale. Cameras are “hiding” under Electronics and it’s just one page, mostly the “camera with accessories” bundles…

Gitzo Aluminum L-Bracket [for Sony a7r III and a9] for $100

The current Adorama daily deal is of interest to select Sony full frame E-system photographers, namely a7R III & a9 shooters, because this Gitzo Aluminum L-Bracket is made for them and it is on sale for $100 with free US shipping until Monday at 10am eastern [or earlier if sold out]… It comes with a 2-year warranty but optionally you can get extended to a 5-year warranty by registering the product online…

$5 per magazine per year includes Digital Photo PRO and Videomaker

The theme at the latest DiscountMags sale is $5 pr magazine per year and this includes “Digital Photo PRO” (whose “default” sale price is $8/yr) and “Videomaker” (whose “default” sale price is $7/yr). “Outdoor Photographer” goes for $5 per year as well but that’s its “default” sale price…

As usual, these are printed magazines, to USA addresses only, no auto-renewal. You can get new subscriptions or renewals or gift subscriptions. Duration goes from 1 to 3-4 years, adjustable per individual magazine. The sales typically end Monday night if I recall correctly…

Big Sales at Creative LIVE including Photoshop classes [most Camera Guides (Fast Start Classes) for $8 each

Big sales are happening right now at Creative LIVE. They have a sale on all their photography classes with 940+ options, their Photoshop tutorials (220+ classes!!!), and their Catalog in general (1800+ classes). Obviously too many to list here individually 🙂

But wait, there’s more! For all you gearheads or gear-learners, the sale includes their Fast Start Camera Guides with John Greengo. Each class goes for $8 and it includes all-star cameras like the Canon 5D Mark IV, Fuji X-T3, Nikon D850, the Canon and Nikon mirrorless full-framers, Sony’s a-full-framers, and many and more cameras of different makes including some Olympus and Panasonic and Leica…

And if you want a class to help you get started with the Nikon autofocus system, Mike Hagan has a 2.5 hour class on “Using the Nikon Autofocus System” for $14…

And for you lensaholics out there, there’s a 11.5 hour class by John Greengo on Nikon Lenses – The Complete Guide [CORRECTED LINK] on sale for $14. Two chapters are available to watch for free at any time or you can watch the whole class when it streams for free starting at 12pm ET on Thursday July 2nd…

Canon photographers have their class on sale for $14 as well, Canon Lenses – The Complete Guide also with John Greengo. The Canon class lasts about ten minutes longer than the Nikon class 🙂

The only other company that has a lens guide is the Olympus Lens Guide which goes for $8 BUT it only lasts for 2 hours and 20 minutes.

FREE Streaming at CreativeLIVE This Week

If you prefer to spend exactly $0 but want to listen and watch and learn about photography and other related creative fields, CreativeLIVE continues with their ON-AIR free-streaming classes. These begin free-streaming at 12pm eastern each day and run for 24 hours. IF the class is under 24 hours, it begins re-running immediately until the 24 hours are done.

So here are some potentially interesting classes:

+ Sunday: Vision-Driven Photography with David DuChemin (12~ hours)

+ Monday: Storytelling with Mobile Photography, WordPress, etc

+ Tuesday: Choosing the Right Lens with John Greengo (4 hours and 17 minutes), Street Photography, Logic PRO, Doing Less, etc

+ Wednesday: Stock photography, Lightroom for scrapbooking, etc

+ Thursday: Nikon Lenses – the Complete Guide with John Greengo, live-recording of the weekly CL “We Are Photographers” podcast

+ Friday: Skin 101, for photographers, not for cosmetics 🙂

+ Saturday: getting started with HD-DSLR cinema with Vincent LaForet

+ Sunday: Experimental Portraiture with Jeremy Cowart

Sunday: $13 B&H smartphone kit, Etc

Sunday is here with a new set of B&H daily deals, good until 11:59pm ET tonight [or earlier for anything that may manage to sellout ahead of its designated time slot):

+ B&H Basic Photo/Video Kit for Smartphones for $13
+ includes flexible tripod, daylight balanced LED light and smartphone mount with three standard threaded tripod holes

+ Celestron Lenspen Optical Cleaning Tool for $6

+ Meade Green Laser Pointer for $25

+ Pelican 1920 Gen.3 MityLite LED Flashlight for $16

+ audio systems from JBL and Yamaha