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Shopping News: Internet Sales Tax Collection Case Heads to the Supreme Court

If you make online purchases from out of state retailers that don’t collect sales tax, this may change depending on what happens after the Supreme Court hears a counter-case. The vast majority of States (when you consider that some don’t collect sales tax) are behind this push that will allow them to force online retailers (without a physical presence in the state) to collect sales tax anyway.

In other words, if the Supreme Court agrees with the states, your purchases from NewEgg or B&H Photo or Monoprice or Adorama will have sales tax included regardless of which state you live in (if that states collects sales tax).

This will also affect some purchases at Amazon. The article above from the Associated Press (hosted at ABC) incorrectly states that Amazon is not affected. Right now, purchases from Amazon itself have sales tax charged, however, purchases from 3rd-party sellers are left to the 3rd-party sellers, and as far as I can tell, the majority of 3rd-party sellers that do not have to collect sales tax, do not collect sales tax. So if the Supreme Court agrees with the states, Amazon purchases from 3rd-party sellers will also be collecting sales tax.

The article above estimates that arguments on the case will be made in April, so this is not an imminent change, nor a guarantee that something will change. After all, the whole MAP/price-fixing thing survived the Supreme Court. More on this from various websites and blogs as it develops are collected at the always useful Techmeme

Dell Refurbished Coupons: 50% off $500+ items, 40% off $400+

Time flies when you are having fun, or when the fabric of the universe is accelerated, which means today is Friday, which in turn it means that another set of weekend coupons from Dell Refurbished are here, running until Monday 1/15/18 at 11:59pm central time. Free ground shipping. Coupons cannot be used on clearance or combined with other offers.

+ 50% off any item priced $500 & up with Coupon code: DELL50DEAL

+ 40% off any item priced $400 – $499 with Coupon code: DELL40DEAL

+ 30% off any item priced $100 – $399 (excludes E7240 models) with Coupon code: DELL30DEAL

Pre-order new Nikon 180-400 f4E TC1.4 FL ED VR for $12,400

Nikon revealed their first lens of 2018 at CES 2018, but decidedly not a consumer lens 🙂 It is the new Nikon NIKKOR 180-400mm f/4E TC1.4 FL ED VR AF-S available for pre-order for the price of a well used Honda Accord ($12,400) att Adorama and by Amazon itself and at B&H Photo.

This has been added to our new Cameras and Lenses of 2018 Tracker

New PermaPost: New Cameras & Lenses of 2018

CES 2018 is here, and with it we had the first wave of official new product announcements. So the time was right today to launch our New Cameras and Lenses of 2018 Tracker. As with the previous installments, we only track serious/interesting cameras, we no longer chase every single P&S camera or $50 lens clone 🙂

For reference, these are the trackers for the previous years:

+ the New Cameras of 2017
+ the New Cameras of 2016
+ the New Cameras of 2015

A Feast Of Coupons at AdoramaPIX

Printing is fun-da-mental, and AdoramaPIX is back with a feast of coupons! Here they are:

+ coupon PXCALEM is 30% off Photo Calendars until 1/15/18 PM

+ coupon PXPRTEM is 25% off Photo Prints of all sizes until 1/13/18 PM

+ coupon PX15EM is 15% off Everything until 1/13/18 PM

+ the coupons expire at 11:59pm pacific time on the expiration day

Impact Astral Extreme AS-X-400 Monolight with FREE Remote Kit for $300

The new condition Impact Astral Extreme AS-X-400 Monolight is bundled with a FREE Impact ControlSync 16 Transmitter and Receiver Kit included automatically by B&H at the moment, for $300 with free expedited shipping.

If you want to save more, you can get the monolight (without the free remote) starting at $180 (in Condition 8) with free expedited shipping from B&H Photo Used

House brands are another increasing trend on the interwebs, and B&H Photo too has its own house brands. And at the moment they have a Lighting Gear sale of their various house brands with a total of 57 Impact products featured with more options when you click on the brand names on the left hand side of the page over there.

Circuit City returning again on February 15

Circuit City is planning yet another comeback (attempt). The new plan calls for a new experiential (not experimental) website launching the day after Valentine’s Day (February 15), to be followed with kiosks, stores within stores and even their very own stores if all goes to plan. Imaging will be one of their areas of interest. Details from TWICE at CES 2018.

Zoom H1 Handy Portable Digital Recorder for $70

If you need a handheld audio recorder that can record up to 320 kbps mp3s and broadcast WAVs, handy also for “Captain’s Log” recordings when you are out and about in your photographic adventures, the new condition Zoom H1 Handy Portable Digital Recorder is on sale at Musician’s Friend for $70 with free shipping and handling.

Or if you prefer to buy things on eBay, their sister site Music 123 has it on sale as well. Or if you prefer to buy things on Amazon, it has been price-matched by Amazon itself (limit ten per customer).

(ENDED) Sunday: FeiyuTech, Terramaster, Etc

These offers expired BUT for more Gold Box posts here, follow the Yellow Brick Road of Gold-Box tagged posts

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(ENDED) Lightning Deals: Mactrem MT21 Mini Tripod for $22, PT55 Travel Camera Tripod for $32

These lightning deals expired…

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