1-Year Photo Magazines for under $5 per magazine per year (Out Pho, Digi Pho)

Another week somehow flew by and a new weekend sale is up at Discount Mags. The theme this time is “Employee Discount” offered to everyone. Of camera and photo interest, they offer 1-year of “Digital Photo” for $4.83, 1-year of “Outdoor Photographer” for $4.86, and 1-year of “Digital Photo PRO” for $6.83. These three are printed magazines, delivered physically to USA addresses.

They have a variety of other magazines, some may include a digital subscription as well, while others may be digital only. Check the box of each magazine for details. The three photography magazines mentioned here are print only. The usual terms apply. Good for new subscribers or renewals or gifts for other people. These do not auto-renew. Unless you renew manually, the subscriptions will expire.