(ENDED) Used Amazon Warehouse Deals Coupon Situation Room

This coupon promotion expired as well, Prime Day 2016 is officially over…

Good until Prime Day 2016 (Tuesday July 12), Prime Members can get you 20% off purchase at Amazon Warehouse Deals using either coupon code WDEARLY20 or WDEARLY20 entered over there. Multiple eligible items in the same shopping cart can be discounted by the coupon. It may be one use per customer, I haven’t tried this part. There is also the possibility of this being YMMV, I only have one Prime account, so I can’t test this at a larger scale.

If you are NOT a PRIME member but you want to join the party, you can start a FREE 30-DAY TRIAL of THE PRIME.

Only used items sold and shipped by Amazon Warehouse Deals (Amazon’s Used items persona) are eligible. Used items sold by 3rd-party sellers at Warehouse Deals are NOT eligible. Amazon Warehouse Deals offers a 30-day return policy but makes no claims of manufacturer warranty included with these. I do not know if people had any luck trying to claim warranty service for AWD purchases.

Latest Update: Monday July 11 at 3:44pm ET ~ UPDATES HAPPENING NOW…

Potentially Interesting USED Deals

+ new additions appear first
+ prices below are after the coupon is factored in
+ compare prices to Used vs New vs Refurbished vs Imported

+ Ricoh GR II for $488 in “Used – Very Good” condition
+ there are many listings, so price may drop (assuming supply/demand)

+ Ricoh GXR Body Only for $113 in “Used – Acceptable” condition
+ Ricoh S10 module only for $52 in “Used – Very Good” condition

+ Pentax K-S1 DA L 18-55 for $278~ in “Used – Very Good” in black, a Frapuccino more in “Used – Like New” condition in white

+ Nikon D810 with 24-120mm f4 VR for $2448 in “Used – Very Good” condition OR $2588 in “Used – Like New”

+ Nikon D7200 w/18-140mm DX VR for $943 in “Used – Very Good”

+ Nikon D3 body as “Used – Acceptable” for $884~

+ Fuji X-PRO2 body for $1258 in “Used – Like New” condition

+ Sony RX10 (first generation) in “Used – Acceptable” condition for $494, or “Used – Very Good” for $560

+ Vivitar BG-E14 Battery Grip for Canon EOS 70D for $25~ in “Used – Very Good” condition

+ Don’t forget to check for Photography Books, check by favorite authors or use topics of interest, eg camera guides or landscape photography and such

+ red Nikon D5300 w/18-55 DX VR II for $415 (WAS $434) in “Used – Very Good” condition

+ Fuji X-T10 body only for $462 in “Used – Very Good” condition (repackaged)
+ Fuji X-T10 with 16-50mm for $630 in “Used – Very Good” condition
+ Fuji X-T10 with 18-55mm for $733 [WAS $698] in “Used – Like New” condition with multiple listings
+ KEEP IN MIND, the new condition Fuji X-T10 2-lens kit (16-50, 50-230) goes for $900

+ Nikon 50mm f1.8D for $87 or $92 depending on condition
+ adjusted link so it only shows Prime eligible (the eligible items had been buried past the first page of used listings)

+ Olympus E-520 with 14-42mm for $110 (old Four Thirds DSLR, not Mirrorless)

+ Olympus E-Volt E500 with 14-45mm f/3.5-5.6 & 40-150mm f/3.5-4.5 Zuiko Lenses for $178 (old Four Thirds DSLR, not Mirrorless)

SOLD OUT since posted
+ Pentax K-30 with 18-55 for $170 in “Used – Good” condition

*** YMMV ***


  1. S. W. Anderson says

    I checked through the warehouse photography offerings. Rarely have I seen such a lackluster assortment of dubious bargains. That $494 for a Sony RX10 in “acceptable” condition is a perfect example of obliviousness to a seller’s competitive position. Nothing about including anything but the camera itself — box, discs, manual, quick start guide, neck strap, battery and charger, whatever. And, you don’t get to see even one picture of the camera itself to get an idea of its actual condition. One person’s “acceptable” can easily be another person’s worst nightmare. There’s an RX10 listed on eBay right now (http://ebay.to/29sgIRX) by a seller with a 100 percent approval rating. Excellent photos of the camera being offered from every angle. The seller says it’s been used little and is in like-new condition. It looks to be exactly that. The seller includes a list of what comes with, as well. Buy it now price is $450, but a prospective buyer can make an offer. The difference between how big Amazon’s warehouse operates and what one small-scale seller elsewhere who treats prospective buyers the way I’m sure he wants to be treated as a prospective buyer is a perfect example of what’s wrong

    To take advantage of the 20% discount at Amazon Warehouse, one must buy an item offered by Amazon itself, with its abysmal 83%(!) approval rating. On eBay I won’t buy from a seller with less than a 98% approval rating, unless it’s a case where one who only sells something occasionally has had a couple of crank buyers slam him or her unreasonably/ (And I have seen cases of that).

    If Amazon is interested in operating a competitive used/clearance channel, the company needs to do a complete overhaul.

    By way of a disclaimer, I don’t know and have never dealt with the eBay seller I mentioned. His deal was the first that came up when I searched on “Sony RX10.” My rant isn’t meant to promote eBay or this particular seller or his camera, but rather as constructive criticism of a part of Amazon’s many businesses. I wouldn’t be dismayed, though, if my rant were to jog some prospective buyer(s) to shop around before committing to a deal. Just because an item is offered by an operation with “warehouse” in its name doesn’t make it a bargain.

    • The feedback percentages are not necessarily comparable. There’s a lot of seller “attention” on the eBay feedback scores by the bigger non-individual sellers. I don’t think anyone at Warehouse Deals cares and/or tries to pretty up their percentage (as far as I know). Assuming Warehouse Deals is not run by computers and warehouse robots 🙂

      When these rare 20% off coupons come out, Warehouse Deals often gets picked off of a lot of items that are coupon eligible. The increased interest in itself can sometimes cause prices to go up as things start to run out.

      They don’t offer any warranty, but the 30-day return policy can be handy if one does not want to have to convince or fight someone if they have to return something or deal with a complicated RMA process.

      Of the nine things I bought from Warehouse Deals the last few years, most of them looked better than excepted. I returned only one and that was because of a product design issue, not its condition.

      But it is a crapshoot every time one buys something from Warehouse Deals, so there’s definitely a risk there.