Amazon Prime Day is Tuesday July 12 in 2016

It’s like Black Friday in July for Amazon Prime members. Amazon officially announced Tuesday 7/12/16 as this year’s Prime Day. They even have Prime Day Teaser page. The offers will work more or less like their regular deals but will be (hopefully) next-level good.

If you are not currently a Prime member, you can join the party by signing up for a FREE 30 Day Prime Trial, which will easily cover July 12. You can easily cancel the free trial from the Amazon account pages. You don’t have to contact customer service, you just go to the page and click click click and it is cancelled.

Other things equal, I am planning to do wall to wall coverage on that day. If nothing else, it’s practice for Black Friday which is less than five months away 🙂


  1. S. W. Anderson says

    Looks interesting. But in some corner of my mind, in the photographic category, there’s visions of Amazon offering deals truckloads of tripods and ballheads, and shiploads of supplementary lenses for smartphones. You know, the ones that yield really disappointing images if that add-on lens is even 0.2mm off center, yet virtually impossible to center perfectly. Oh, and whole container-ship convoys of GoPro’s and their hundreds (thousands?) of Brand A-Z knockoffs. To be accompanied, of course, by enough GoPro-type accessory gadgets and gizmos to fill the Grand Canyon twice over — necessary because a GoPro-type action cam by itself is about as much fun as a lead tennis ball.

    I also wonder if this occasion could bring with it a debut of the much-rumored Kindle Matchhead, a nifty 3.5-inch tablette that comes with a free set of Amazon Basics 20X magnifying eyeglasses for those with poorer than 20/15 vision. “War and Peace,” anyone? 🙂

    • Yeah, it will be interesting to see what they do with camera/photo items. Since all manufacturers went MAP, the random deals of yesteryears have disappeared, except for some older models that are occasionally taken off price control.