Bag the Bags: Undfind, Sirui, Manfrotto, Tamrac

A trio of Tamrac convertible backpacks are on sale for $50 to $70 among the Thursday B&H daily deals but if they are not your cup of convertible tea, B&H Photo has a few more bags on sale as part of their Under $500 Holiday Sale:

+ a trio of color schemes of the UNDFIND The Waist Shooter Set for $35 AND a UNDFIND FishBomb Lens Filter and Accessory Case

+ Sirui MyStory Mini Camera Bag Version 1 for $40 in the Indigo Blue and Dark Tan #1 color schemes

+ Manfrotto Essential DSLR Camera Backpack for $40

Speaking of Manfrotto, continuing at Adorama is the Manfrotto NX Shoulder Bag + Manfrotto PIXI Aluminum Mini Tripod for $20 with free shipping.

Bag The Bags: Ape, Kelly Moore, Ruggard, Undfind (49 options) + 27 Spider Camera Holsters

And now another installment of the new reality TV series, Bag The (Camera) Bags. This time the sales are at B&H Photo as follows:

+ Ape Camera Cases (4 options, all come with free Ape Case TD140 Monopod included automatically by B&H while the promotion is running)
+ Kelly Moore bags (22 options)
+ Ruggard bags (11 options)
+ Undfind Camera Bags (12 options)

Not camera bags, but I didn’t want to create an extra post for it, Spider Camera Holsters sale, 27 options, use coupon code PSWBH15 which expires 8/16/15 or so.