Printer Ink Sale: Canon, HP, Epson, Brother, Lexmark [64 options; $14 to $45)

Now that Woot is offering free shipping for Prime members, some of their lower priced items they offer are put in a different deal perspective since you don’t have that extra +$5 ruining the deal.

In one of their longer running Woot Plus offers running until March 26 in 2018, they have a sale on lots and lots of printer inks from five different manufacturers as follows:

+ Brother: 10 options ($15 to $27)
+ Canon: 18 options ($15 to $41)
+ Epson: 9 options ($14 to $32)
+ HP: 14 options ($16 to $45)
+ Lexmark: 3 options ($24 to $27)
+ see them all at the Woot Plus Printer-Ink sale
+ note: some inks are new-condition others are factory-reconditioned

Remanufactured Epson Ink Sale (193 options)

Monoprice is having a Remanufactured Epson Ink Sale featuring 193 different options. The price you see is the price you pay. The sale prices are factored in. Free standard US shipping with orders over $50.

With the Supreme court slapping Lexmark with a wet inked hand for their practice of using patents to sue ink remanufacturers/refillers, we may see a more healthy ink market in the next few months.