Petcube Bites Wifi Pet Camera for $100 (Treasure Truck)

Amazon has a million different ways of shopping these days. If you want to chase around town Amazon’s Treasure Truck, its current offer is the Petcube Bites Wifi Pet Camera for $100. You can only get to this from the official Amazon app, not their website. Then reserve it and claim it from the treasure truck. Eventually the treasure truck offers will also move to Whole Foods stores, much easier to find and they rarely move 🙂

Treasure Trucks are only available in select cities, the app will tell you. This goes for $200+ at the Amazon website (if you want to read reviews, description, answered questions, etc).

Petcube Camera for $78 [Prime members only!]

You are a photographer and have your arsenal of camera gear but what of your pets? If you are a Prime member, you can get a $20 off discount on the Petcube Camera. Simply add to cart (while logged on to your Prime account) and the price will automatically drop from $98 to $78 by the time you get to the Checkout page. Screenshot of that below:

Exclusive discounts on select products is one of the many and ever-growing list of Prime benefits.